How To Perform Pile Squats Jumps To Get Stronger Thighs

Squats exercises are always good, as it gives strength to the lower part of the body, it you want to loose the weight from the thighs or to gain weight in both the cases squats are useful, pile squat is a type of the squat by which we can make our thighs more stronger, it is just like a normal jumping exercise but we add many things in it and make it more productive, pile squats make our hips in shape and also it removes the fat from the body, but there is a proper technique to do this exercise, because this exercise can cause serious injury to the back bone also, here is step by step process by which you can do this exercise at home without any harmful effect on the body.

1. Warm Up Of The Body

When your going to perform any exercise, then the first thing is that your body should not be tight, it should be loose and all the muscles are active, for this we do the proper warm up before doing any exercise, pile squats jumps engage almost all the muscle parts, so we should the skipping, running on trade mill, this will charge our muscles and the joints easily.

2. Proper Starting Posture

The most important things about the pile squat jump exercise is the proper starting posture, wrong posture will give impact on the back bone and there can be injuries in it, now you need to take the mat, wear proper shoes and then stand on the mat, spread your legs and then make 45 degree angle in between them.

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3. Position Of Upper body

Now you need keep your upper body straight and the face should face the ceiling, now place your hands to the waist and hold it tightly, your elbows should be bend to the outwards directions, you need to squeeze the tummy, when you do down you have to take the breathe and release the breathe while jumping.

4. Lowering The Body

As you get the position, now slowly bend, make sure that the knees should bend to the forward, your back should make an arch with the body and your hips should move back ward, here you need to make sure that your hips should not go down to the line of the body and the whole upper body should be in line, bend so the thighs should have the 90 degree angle to the ground, while going down, you need to hold the position for 3 counts, your hand will sliding to the thighs and will get locked at they reach to the knees.

5. Start Squats Jump

As your body is coming to the initial position, the hand should slowly go up and try to touch the ceiling with the palm facing to each other, now you need to raise yourself to the to the toe and then jump, you need to jump so that the body will leave the ground to the height only of about 8 inches, here you should not bend your knees and the whole body should be in line while jumping and then you need to land on the toe again, then come to the standing position and then your hand will come back to the waist and get locked again, now you need to do this exercise till your limit, you need to do the 4 sets of it.

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