How To Turn Your Eye Shadow Into An Amazing Eye Liner

Make up products in not easy to buy, now a days we have a product related to each part of the face and all of them are so expensive, we have eye shadows, eye liners, kohl, eye shadows, eyebrow gels, eyebrow powder and many other products just related to the eyes only, but there are certain products by which could be a good alternative of the other product, eye shadows are one of them, they comes in the different colors also, eye shadows can be a best alternative to the eye liner, so here is the step by step process to turn out eye shadow into an amazing eye liner.

1. Select The Color Of Eyeshadow For Eyeliner

First you need to select the eyeshadow, now here you need to be careful about the skin of the eyes, you need to pick up the eyeshadow accordingly, the eyeshadows should be pigmented and give matte look, there are many colors of the eye shadows also, so choose the color of the eyeshadow which suits to the outfits, make sure that the eye shadows should be in the powder form, if it is in the cake form, then you need to scratch it out with the sharp knife, just scratch it to get the powder from it.

2. Use Of Liquid Duraline For The Eye Liner

We should have the duraline, you can buy it easily in the market and it is easily available online also, it is a thick liquid which intensifies the color of the shadow and also it allows the eyeshadow color to glides on the eyes easily, it has the dropper in it to take out the required amount of the liquid from the bottle.

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3. Prepare The Eyeliner

As the eyeliner is quite pigmented and gives you the matte look, so we need to take the small bowl, you can also use the back side of the eye shadow bottle cap, now take out a little amount of the shadow from the eyeliner to the cap, take out 3 to 4 drops of the duranile liquid in it, take the thick brush and mix the whole things nicely, initially the color will not blend up with the liquid easily but slowly it will get blend up and you will get a nice color of the eyeshadow, if you want a glittering effect, then you can also add the shimmer in it, but the shimmers should be fine.

4. Clean The Eyes

Now You need to clean the eyes, if there is any dirt inside the eyes of on the eyelashes or the liner area, will give you irritation, if there are dirt particles, then your will not get the matte look and the shape of the liner also can be damaged, you need to a good eye drop and add it to the eyes, this will remove the girt the eyes, take the cotton ball, add water to it and slowly with the gentle hands clean the eye lashes and the eye liner area.

5. Apply The Liner

Before you are ready to apply the liner, first select the design of the liner, take the pointed brush, take little bit of the amount of the eye shadow color to the pointed tip of the brush, now you need to apply the liner to the upper eye lashes with the soft hand, if you want it pointed then you can make it, you can also draw the line to the lower eye lashes also.

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