Wondering how to wear sweatpants for girls? Well, check out this fashion guide that will help you style your sweatpants in the best ways for all seasons and occasions. Read further to know more. 

Sweatpants are considered one of the best outfits that fulfill the dream of living a comfortable and fashionable life at the same time. 

This clothing piece can absolutely be paired with different multiple options and various amazing looks can be created that can suit different personalities altogether. 

Although there are a number of options available, it is very important to take a guide before you try them. It is important to keep in mind the color combination, patterns and sizes to choose when it is about sweatpants. 

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How to wear sweatpants for girls?

You can wear sweatpants with a lot of topwear to make a perfect outfit like a tank top, blazer, denim jacket, white printed top, pullover, leather jacket, sports bra, and floral print tops. You can wear shoes like transparent heels, shoes or flats. You can ramp up your look with jewelry.

Even celebrities get on the sweatpants trend!

Sweatpants are considered activewear but they can be used to create looks for parties, offices, casual daywear, and many others. 

If you are wondering how then do take a look at the below options and give these a try!  

Also, while keeping up with the trend, all these options are going to be super affordable with great quality as well. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create them. It is just the matter of choice that plays a very crucial role while pairing clothing pieces and creating mind-blowing outfits.

Let’s check out how to wear sweatpants for girls below:

How To Wear Sweatpants for Girls: Summary

How To Wear Sweatpants for GirlsBest ForAvailable On
Tank TopSport wear, party wear, weekend wearShein
Blazer CoatSemi-formal wearShein
Loose Fit Long Denim JacketCasual wear, weekend wearShein
Transparent heelsCasual wear, weekend wearAliExpress
White Printed T-shirtCasual wear, weekend wear, outdoor wearAliExpress
PulloverCasual wear, weekend wear, outdoor wearAliExpress
Crop Leather JacketWeekend wearAmazon
Sports BraSporty wearAmazon
Floral Print TopCasual wear, weekend wear, outdoor wearAmazon

How To Wear Sweatpants For Girls

Tank Top with Sweatpants

How To Wear Sweatpants For Girls

So, how to wear sweatpants for ladies? Let’s check out one of the very cool options, tank tops.

Sweatpants are one of the best go-to options of all time as they are absolutely comfortable and can make any outfit an amazing one. 

what to wear with grey sweatpants girl
Source: Instagram@keltielambert

Have a look at this tank top that is in crop top style. you can create a cool look by pairing this with the same colored sweatpants or a different color to play with color blocking. This is one of the best sweatpants outfit ideas for ladies.

It is going to fit your body perfectly and will shape it to look attractive and sexy. To achieve a sporty look, pair it with sports shoes, and do not forget to put on your big dial watch. This is also how to wear sweatpants for girls in summer.

Blazer Coat with Sweatpants

how to wear sweatpants to work

Have you ever thought of combining your sweatpants with a blazer? Well, if you haven’t done this yet, get ready to try this with the help of this yellow blazer. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls to work. 

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Here, we can create a formal as well as comfortable look with the help of these items by pairing them with basic black stilettos. 

The blazer is designed in a way to make the personality look smart and elegant. This will change the complete outlook while also keeping the comfort level intact. 

cute comfy outfits with sweatpants
Source: Instagram@jeswithreason

Skip your tight office pants and go for a sweatpant over them. Also, you do not have to worry about the material of the fabric as it is 100% polyester and will not at all lose its shape. This is one of the top ways of how to wear sweatpants for girls.  

Loose Fit Long Denim Jacket with Sweatpants

how to wear sweatpants for ladies,

Do you also love that pleasant weather where you want to keep yourself warm and cozy and also keep up with the trend? 

Here is one of the best options to try when you are in the middle of that weather confusion. This makes one of the very cute and comfy outfits with sweatpants. 

Pair your loose-fit sweatpants with this rugged denim jacket that will absolutely suit your personality and will even enhance it in a better way. When paired with sports shoes, it looks gorgeous. 

sweatpants outfits for school
Source: Instagram@amanda_mcgary

Under the denim shirt, it would be better to choose a lace crop top that would shape your body perfectly. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls in case you’re confused. 

Transparent Heels with Sweatpants

sweatpants outfits for ladies,

Do you know that pairing your sweatpants with heels, which have transparent straps, makes a perfect party look too? I tried this and trust me I literally bagged myself several compliments. Transparent heels is one of my favorite shoes to wear with sweatpants.

 I actually created a party look with slim-fit sweatpants while combining them with a bralette top and these gorgeous heels. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls if you don’t know what footwear will look good. 

I kept it simple and classy with straightened hair and minimal jewelry. Transparent heels made their name in the fashion industry a time ago and have clearly impressed a lot of people. I got myself a pair and flaunted it happily.

White Printed T-shirt with Sweatpants

how to wear sweatpants in summer,

If you are a college-going person and looking for comfortable all-day wear that looks casual as well as neat, then you can go with this t-shirt look without any doubt. 

Pair this t-shirt with your black sweatpants that are loose in fit and pair it with white sneakers or slip-on shoes. It creates a pretty casual yet comfortable look. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls if you’re looking to dress basic. 

what to wear with black sweatpants female
Source: Instagram@livingasnatalie

This t-shirt has an alphabetical letter printed on it and you can choose one of your choices. It is in spandex material which is lightweight and a perfect option for summers. Get this one right away!

Pullover with Sweatpants

cute comfy outfits with sweatpants,

Sweatpants paired with basic color pullovers are another best way to look fashionable. For winters, to keep it cozy and warm, this one is a suitable option. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls in winter. 

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 This look is perfect for cold days, gym, casual outings as well as college going regular wear. One combination and different amazing looks to create is such a good thing!

what to wear with black sweatpants female
Source: Instagram@shopfevhr

Regarding this pullover, it is in polyester fabric that fits perfectly and is also stretchable. The colors available in this type are somewhat warm and look absolutely perfect too. Get one of these for yourself and go for this amazing outfit.       

Crop Leather Jacket with Sweatpants

costumes with sweatpants,

A leather jacket with sweatpants is a very common look and the most opted one as well. It is a basic as well as effortless choice to make when you are out of options. You can try color blocking or just create a black-on-black look. 

Both of them look gorgeous. This cropped leather jacket looks sexy and is perfect for party wear looks. This jacket is in black color and the material is absolutely unquestionable while also something that will keep you warm and cozy too.  

 Sports Bra with Sweatpants

how to wear sweatpants to work,

Here is a perfect way to use your sweatpants for a yoga or gym look. All you have to do is get this neon color sports bra and pair it with good quality sweatpants. This is how to wear sweatpants for girls during workouts. 

This bra is in a good quality material such as a blend of spandex and polyester that keeps you comfortable and cool all the time. This is one of the costumes with sweatpants perfect for workouts. 

sweatpants outfit ideas winter
Source: Instagram@dearsummerboutique

The material is extremely stretchable and breathable, which is one of the best advantages you can enjoy while wearing this sports bra.

It is perfect for running, gyming, yoga, and other activities. It gives a perfect amount of support and makes your exercising sessions better and comfortable.  

Floral Print Top with Sweatpants

Shoes to wear with sweatpants,

Sweatpants are such a versatile piece of clothing that it goes perfectly with all types of outfits. Be that casual, formal, semi-formal, or even funky. 

You say it and it is created in minutes. Have a look at this floral printed top that is another best option to try when you have to rock in those comfortable sweatpants. With this top, pair dark-colored drawstring closure pants. 

To complete the look, you can go for casual flats or sneakers as per your choice. This top is of good quality fabric and has no stretch which keeps it away from deformation. 

You can try this look for regular wear as it is in mock neck style and has frill quarter sleeves which look really smart.     

FAQs about How to wear sweatpants fashionably

How to style your sweatpants? 

Using the right pieces of accessories to stylize your sweatpants can really make a huge difference. Here are some ways you can add accessories to complete your look:
Using a glamorous handbag can really change your entire look. Just carrying the bag on your shoulder or in your hands can help you create a polished look.
Another way to add an oomph factor to your sweatpants outfit is to add jewelry. Chicken either goes for lots of jewelry or just choose one standout piece. Just doing this can really make your outfit look very fancy. You can layer your necklaces or go for statement earrings. I also like wearing several rings when I am going out wearing sweatpants.

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How do you style baggy sweatpants for school?
Source: Instagram@lazieblueberry

Why should Sweatpants be a part of your wardrobe?

Sweatpants are all the rage, there is no denying that. For me, sweatpants really are an essential clothing item. 
I can practically go anywhere and everywhere wearing my sweatpants and styling them in different looks.
 Sweatpants are both comfortable and cool, which is why they are so popular. If you haven’t yet tried out this trend, I highly recommend that you do. Whether you are going on a hike, a brunch, or complete your look, a sweatpant will never leave you alone.

What should I wear with sweatpants?

When it comes to what to wear with sweatpants, the sky is the limit! This versatile clothing item can be dressed up or down, and co-ordinated with any ensemble. In terms of style, you can go for traditional pantsuits and skirts or opt for more relaxed pieces like tanks and tees.
When choosing what to wear with sweatpants, keep in mind that these are designed primarily for comfort rather than fashion. So don’t overthink it – just put on your comfiest clothes and enjoy being comfortable in your own skin!

The Sweatpant Fever

Did you know that you can try all these looks with a piece of sweatpants that are lying there in your wardrobe? You can take all your looks to the next level if your sole motive is to look good and perfectly dressed up. 

Be that a tank top or a leather jacket, it is okay to pair a sweatpant whenever you want. Another important thing you should keep in mind while you try these looks is how you accessorize and style yourself too.

So, if you’ve ever wondered or are confused about how to wear sweatpants for girls then I think you have gotten your answer in this fashion guide. 

Hope this article: How to wear sweatpants for girls helped you in styling yourself better.

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