8 Awesome Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

We all have heard the stories of how important is water to our body.our body contains around 70% of water, but do we really care? Many say ‘no’. Why? Most of you say Water doesn’t taste good. However we can’t change water’s taste, but we can change the way we consume it and make it tasty and refreshing. Yes, you guessed it right. This article is on some awesome recipes of preparing infused water. Infused water is prepared generally by infusing it with some fruits and vegetables.

Frankly speaking, infused water is no big thing as it may sound. You can just add whatever fruit or veggie you like into water and wait for some time to infuse and enjoy drinking the flavored water, but not all combinations taste good.

So Here Are The Eight Awesome Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated This Summer.

1. Watermelon And Grapes Infused Water:

Watermelon and Grapes are very popular summer fruits. Both of the fruits have maximum water content and other important nutrients. Electrolytes in these fruits also help in maintaining the proper pH level in your body.


Take a liter of water into a jar. Add a cup of watermelon pieces which you need to do beforehand by removing seeds. Then add some grapes which are cut into half before hand. You may add crushed mint leaves for flavor. Store it in a refrigerator for the whole night and enjoy this refreshing infused water the next day.

2. Lime And Lemon Infused Water:

I can say this is the easiest infused water you can prepare. Everyone knows these citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c which is very good for your skin. In addition to that, they contain antioxidants which make our skin glow. This citrus-infused water can keep you refreshed.


Take a lime and lemon. Cut them into slices and add them to water. You may add crushed mint leaves into it. Keep them in the fridge for 4 hours and enjoy the refreshing infused water which keeps you hydrated.

Lime And Lemon Infused Water

3. Cucumber And Mint Infused Water

Cucumber is the undoubtedly your best friend in summer. It contains mostly water and it has vitamins which take care of your eyes and skin. It also has properties of flushing the toxins out of our body,


Take some cucumber and cut into slices. Add them into a jar of water. Add some crushed mint leaves to this. You may drink this immediately or after refrigerating it.

Cucumber And Mint

4. Pineapple And Coconut Infused Water:

Though it may sound a bit awkward, this one is really good. Pineapple has good anti – inflammatory properties and it has enzymes which help in digestion. Also, it has anti- cancer properties.


Take some pineapple slices cut them into pieces. Add some coconut chunks for flavor and filled with water on top of them. Have it immediately or after cooling it.

Pineapple And Coconut Infused Water

5. Strawberry And Mint Infused Water:

Who doesn’t like strawberries? But the calories it contains avoids you to have it regularly if you are on a diet. We have a solution for this. Yes, strawberry infused the water. This is very easy to prepare.


Slice some strawberries and add them to water in a jar. Add some crushed mint leaves to the solution. Mix it well and you are ready to enjoy this sweet refreshing infused water.

Strawberry And Mint Infused Water

6. Orange And Blueberry Infused Water:

Orange is one of those fruits which have almost no haters. This citrus fruit is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants which helps one get a glowing skin and prevents skin aging.


Cut orange into thin slices and mix it with blueberries and fill the jar with water on top of the. Add some mint if you wish to. Mix it well and have it refrigerated.

Orange And Blueberry Infused Water

7. Apple And Cinnamon Infused Water:

We all have grown listening to the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This amazing fruit contains a lot of minerals in it. Cinnamon can be used to flavor the contents.


Add some apple slices to water and add some cinnamon to it for flavor. Refrigerate it and have it chilled.

8. Peach And Ginger Infused Water:

We all know the health benefits of ginger. Also peach is one of those tastiest fruits in summer. Adding both to water make an awesome infused water


Add some thin slices of ginger to water. Also, add some slices of peach to it. Rest it for some time in a cool place and your Peach and Ginger Infused Water Is ready to server.

Peach And Ginger Infused Water