Is Dove Shampoo good for hair growth? If this question has ever crossed your mind before picking one from the store then I’ve got you. Here’s a full review on Dove Shampoo whether it promotes hair growth or not. Read further to know more.

Rich, lustrous, and voluminous hair is everyone’s dream. What if I tell you that just by choosing the right shampoo for your hair, you can achieve all of it? Well, it really sounds simple but when you go on looking for the ‘right’ shampoo there are plenty of fishes in the sea. It becomes quite a difficult task. 

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Choosing the right shampoo means looking for the right ingredients in your shampoo, the formula, texture and consistency, fragrance as well as price. It’s important to look for shampoos with the best quality ingredients, that have semi-liquid consistency and something that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Dove is a famous brand known to promote hair growth but is it so? I’ve been using Dove consistently for about 4 months now. I’ve studied the brand in and out to have a better idea about what its made up of, its pros, cons and so much more. 

So, if you wanna know if Dove shampoo promotes hair growth, will it be suitable for you and all the other deets. Stick with me till the end for I’ll tell you all about it below. Let’s go!

Is Dove Shampoo Good For Hair Growth

Who is Dove?

Dove is one of the well-known skincare, personal care, bodycare and hair care brands in India that’s owned by the parent company, Uniliver. The British multinational brand came into picture in 1957 by Vincent Lamberti. Dove is manufactured around the world and its products are sold in 150 countries as of 2022. 

Is Dove Shampoo Good For Hair Growth?

Dove’s main ingredients are synthetic surfactants, vegetable oils, and animal fat salts. It’s even derived from tallow in a few countries which is animal’s fat oil. The brand’s men range was launched in 2010 with Dove Men+ Care. Dove’s hair care line is extremely famous in the drugstore category.

Is Dove shampoo Sulfate-Free

The growing concern in today’s time is that the products that they use should be free from toxic ingredients. Toxic ingredients like sulphate, phthlates, parabens, silicones etc. aren’t suitable for hair. They’re known to destroy hair’s natural texture, strip off natural oil, dehydrrate and result in damage. 

Sulfates are nothing but synthetic surfactants that irritate the skin and scalp but have great cleansing properties. They’re widely present in soaps and shampoos. Sadly, sulfates are widely present in Dove shampoos in the common form of SLS (sodium lauryl sufate) and SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate). This ingredient is made with either petroleum or coconut or palm oil and has more harm than benefits. 

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However, Dove’s official website claims that the products are made with utmost care and don’t contain sulfates but the ingredients list on the back of the product speaks reality. However, they later clarified that only low quantities of SLS and SLES are used in their products as large quantities might trigger irritation.

 Dove’s Ingredients Review – Are They Good For Hair?

Dove is formulated with a variety of ingredients. There are both good and bad ingredients in their shampoo that have a direct effect on hair. Let’s look at the good ones below. 

  • Natural oils: Natural oils are essential for hair’s moisture, nourishment as well as growth. Natural oils like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil promote hair growth and strengthening.
  • Keratin: Keratin is one of the main ingredients that smoothens hair cells and reduces frizz. It’s a natural protein source that makes the hair shiny, and nourishes damaged hair. 
  • Plant extracts: Dove is curated with different types of plant extracts like white tea extracts, lotus, shikakai etc. that provide the hair with optimum vitamins and minerals. 
  • Humectants: This is present in the form of glycerin and gluconolactone that helps in providing moisture in the hair. Humectants are widely beneficial for dry hair. 
  • Amino acids: Some Dove shampoo varieties contain lysine and arginine that are made up of amino acids. These ingredients prevent drying out hair cuticles by moisturising them and holding the moisture intact in the cuticles. 

What makes a shampoo good for hair growth

A shampoo is one of the most used products that directly affects hair growth. If the formulation of your shampoo isn’t good, then using it is just like hitting a blind target. 

One advice that I’d like to give y’all is to always look at the back of your shampoo where the ingredients are specified. Look out for beneficial ingredients that promote hair growth like:

  • Essential oils: Essential oils like rosehip oil, rosemary, lavender, peppermint etc. have a lot of benefits on hair. They not only promote hair growth but also moisturises hair, soothes scalp and softens hair. 
  • Natural plant extracts: Onion extracts, shikakai, hibiscus extracts etc. are some of the ingredients that are great for hair growth. These extracts seep deep into the scalp to promote hair follicles to open. 
  • Caffeine: Caffeine can stop hairfall and stimulate hair growth. It’s a proven 2007 lab study that hair follicles start to grow after the use of caffeine. The ingredient results in longer and wider roots of hair. 
  • Biotin: This is also known as vitamin H and belongs to the vitamin B family. Biotin reduces hair breakage and increases volume. Most shampoos contain biotin nowadays. 
  • Niacin: It’s also known as vitamin B3 and is one of the best ingredients for hair fullness. Niacin increases blood flow and circulation in the scalp that promotes hair growth. 
  • Amino acids: Amino acids not only nourishes the hair but also protects it from UVA/UVB damage. Histadine is one such type of amino acid that takes away excess copper from hair. 
  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is used to treat hair loss and is now FDA (Food and Drugs Association) approved. It’s widely used in shampoos as a shield against hairfall and thinning. Minoxidil is also present in Dove shampoos.

Dove Shampoo Advantages and Disadvantages

Dove is a beauty brand that everyone has heard about. Let’s talk about how good it is and whether there are any disadvantages of the Dove shampoo or not. 

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  • Dove shampoo is one of the most affordable products in the market. A 20.4 fl oz bottle of shampoo costs just $8.67 which is a value for money as compared to other drugstore products. 
  • Dove shampoo comes with great packaging that makes it easy to use. I really like the bottle’s shape and its 
  • Dove contains ingredients like keratin, natural oils, amino acids, etc. that benefit the hair and help in growth. 
  • This shampoo is great to cleanse dirt and debris from the hair making them clean and shiny. 
  • I’m fond of Dove for its impeccable fragrance that the shampoos leave behind which lasts for about 2-3 days. 
  • It’s free from parabens, phthalates, and silicones that are considered as toxic ingredients and might trigger irritation on the scalp.
  • Dove shampoo comes in various sizes which makes them travel friendly. 
  • The shampoo suits all hair types and texture apart from sensitive scalp and skin types. 
  • The shampoo did make my hair very soft and silky so much that rubberbands were slipping off. If you’ve coarse hair types, Dove could be great for you. 


  • Dove shampoo is formulated with a lot of ingredients that aren’t great for the hair. SLS, SLES and perfum are a few ingredients to name. These ingredients dry out natural oils and cause irritation in the scalp.
  • The shampoo takes time to show results. It requires a continuous use of at least 4 months to reduce hairfall and bring fullness. 
  • It’s not suitable for people with colored hair as the ingredients in the shampoo might strip off color. 
  • The shampoo might cause buildup if you have dry scalp. You’ll notice tiny flakes on your hair if the product doesn’t suit you.
  • Dove shampoo is not a daily use product if you’re looking for one. Using it daily can cause your hair to lose its natural shine and increase hairfall. 
  • This shampoo can also weigh you down. If you already have thin hair, it’s not the best product to go for as your hair will look lifeless. 


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Dove is a wolrdwide known brand for hair care solutions and is really affordable. It works differently on different scalp and hair types but is not recommended for sensitive ones. This is because it might make your scalp worse by stripping natural oils, irritate the scalp and cause flakiness. 

The hair growth that you’re looking for from Dove shampoo is also subjective and depends upon suitability. Personally, it took me 4 months to see the difference but it can show early results in your case. You have to be patient and give time for it to show results but the difference is noticeable for sure. 

Do let us know how well Dove shampoo worked out for you in the comments below. 

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