Are you wondering, is Shein legit? If you’re someone who’s wondered if Shein is a hoax or if it’s real then read further to know more about it. 

Shein is an awesome website that sells clothes, apparel, accessories as well as footwear for dirt cheap. The quality of the products might not be the best but definitely, the products are trendy, stylish and deserve to be bought. 

The website is a China-based website and mainly sells fast fashion clothes at dirt cheap prices which is sometimes too good to be true. It’s over 7 years old and has gained a lot of popularity and diligent customers in this time period. 

Is Shein Legit? 

Shein is an eCommerce website based in China. It sells clothes, apparel, and accessories at an affordable price. Yes, Shein is legit however, the website might create some suspicion because of its unconventional policies like paying with your own pocket for international return or exchange. 

I remember my first order from Shein. I just ordered one top because I was too skeptical about it. To my surprise, the top was of decent quality but extremely pretty and trendy. Looks-wise, it was 10/10 and was a really cheap top so I was extremely satisfied with it. 

But if you still have doubts and questions like is Shein legit or not then you should really read further to find out more about it. 

Is Shein Legit?

Is Shein legit? You probably have reached it on the web each time you’ve come across the website right? 

Shein is basically a Chinese website where you get all things fast fashion for a low price but the quality is not great. Shein replicates high-end fashion brands and produces a low-quality version of the same. 

It’s great for people who believe in quantity rather than quality as they can get a lot in their fixed budget. Shein has all the latest global trends in clothes, apparel, accessories as well as footwear. 

I love shopping on Shein and it is pretty legitimate from a personal point of view. The ordered item might not always look exactly the same as shown in the image but it does have all the current trends and fashionable stuff. 

is shein legit

If you’re too worried and thinking, “Is Shein Legit?” then you also have an option to pay your orders. An option of “cash on delivery” is available where you can order your stuff and pay later. This will ensure that the product is reached to you.

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Shein also shows order tracking where you can track how far your order has reached. This will let you know if the order is dispatched or not and can be tracked through the tracking ID on the site itself.

If you’re still wondering, is Shein legit or not? Let me tell you more about it. The delivery reaches in 12-15 days and also has an exchange and return policy in case you didn’t like the product or have any issue with it. 

You can raise a ticket on the website if you want to get the product exchanged or returned and there’s a complete procedure that is to be followed in order to return it. You’ll get a set of instructions to send the product back and you’ll receive the refund in 5-7 business days. 

Tips for Shopping from Shein 

Read the Product Reviews on Shein

Is Shein Legit? Well, Reading product reviews will really help you with the answers to this question. Well honestly, this is the best way to figure out if Shein is legit or not. You can check the reviews and if the reviews are positive then go ahead to purchase them. 

However, while you view the reviews, you should also check the comments on their sizing. People mention if the products are true to their size or not. A lot of times, cloth material is also commented upon. If the material is suitable or not. 

Colour and fit are other factors you should consider while looking at the products, this will give you an entire overview of the product. You can also look at the review images and compare them with the given product pictures.

I’d recommend you not to go for products that have fewer or zero reviews as it won’t give you a complete picture of the product. 

This will answer your questions, is Shein legit or not. The reviews are authentic and are from people around the world so don’t worry about it. 

Choose Trendy Pieces and Avoid Classics on Shein

Shein is a great place to buy all the trendy stuff. Want a ruched dress but don’t want to spend $45 and buy it from Zara or just get it at half the price on Shein. Since Shein is extremely reasonable, you should go for globally trending pieces that are of better quality. 

You can get normal-looking tops and tees in other places as well but you’ll hardly find exclusive clothes, jewelry, apparel, etc at such prices anywhere else. 

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You’d love how some fashionable pieces sell for a lot of money in the market at half the price (or even less) on this website.

Also, because these on-trend clothes and accessories will be on-demand and you’ll find more reviews on them which will make your selection process much easier and trustworthy. This way your question ‘is Shein Legit’ can be answered easily. 

Follow Shein Sizing and Measurements on Shein

This is one of the tips that you should always keep in mind while shopping from Shein – follow Shein sizing and measurements. Shein sizes are very different from the original ones. These sizes are based on Asian measurements and vary from dress to dress. 

Your XS might be S or even M here. Check each and every product’s size guide and refer to the model wearing them. Keep a measuring tape handy and consider checking your measurements each time you want to purchase a product. 

You can also refer to the review section where they talk about the size. There are 3 columns, large, small and true to its size. If it’s true to its size, go according to your measurements otherwise adjust the size accordingly. 

This doesn’t answer the question, is shein legit or not but it’s an extremely helpful tip while shopping from Shein. 

What to buy on Shein?

If you’re confused about what to buy on Shein to test the hype of the website or if you have questions like is Shein legit or not then you can get these things that you might like. They are: 

  • Wrap dresses
  • Graphic Tees and tops
  • Sweaters
  • Elastic banded skirts
  • Accessories
  • Jewerries
  • Footwear

These are some of the items that won’t disappoint you as much as others. These clothes and accessories are safe to buy and won’t have a lot of sizing issues and differences. You can go for these products to find out the answer to your question, is Shein legit. 

There are some items that you should avoid as they might have size and quality issues very easily and they are: 

  • Bodycon dresses
  • Zippers
  • Exposed stitched tops and dresses

Is Shein Legit?: FAQs

Why is Shein so Cheap? 

This is one of the most asked questions that also creates a lot of suspicion saying is Shein legit? Is Shein worth it? Is Shein a scam? Etc. Well, Shein is extremely cheap as compared to other fast fashion stores. 
Well, Shein inventories aren’t that cheap but it still sells its clothes at dirt cheap prices. Well to justify this, Shein clothing does come for its price as you can see so many complaints about the quality of the cloth.
Also, you’ll see customers also complain about the size, colour, fit and a lot of other things in the review section. It leaves a lot of customers unsatisfied with their product orders. 
Shein customer service is also extremely unresponsive. They don’t reply and resolve the issue for days and make it difficult for the buyers. But otherwise, Shein is a good site if you got the products as you wanted them to look. 

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Is Shein Reliable and Safe?

After answering is shein legit, let’s move to it’s reliability and safety. 
Shein is a good site and is as reliable as eBay, Flipkart or Amazon etc. and it’s also safe to order from Shein. You’d not be scammed here. Also, it’s safe to save your debit and credit card information on Shein. 
The only thing is you might be left a little disappointed in the future after receiving your product if you don’t like it. 

Is shein good quality?

Shein is known for trendy clothes, selling for low prices that are usually not of the best quality and includes more of fast fashion. Shein’s clothing quality is not good. Some cloth quality is average whereas others aren’t good. 

Is shein bad?

Shein uses unethical practices like child labor, sweatshops etc. It involves fast fashion and is rapidly growing. Shein’s fast fashion model is harmful to the environment.

Shein’s Legacy

Shein has been there for a good 7 years and has delivered products around the world. It’s a good website with affordable options. Is Shein legit? Well, yeah it is and you can buy lots of dirt-cheap clothes and accessories from there. 

Hope this article – Is Shein Legit helped you and you found out the answer you were looking for.

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