Long-Term Weight Loss Plan You Can Follow Everyday

It is often said that the slow and steady wins the race! Losing weight fast by crash diets and strong burst of exercise is not the healthiest way always since the body likes changes to set in slowly and gradually. It’s important to keep in mind that all the energy is derived from energy and excess of the same is stored as fat. Thus to reduce the fat levels and conversion of the food to energy, an individual either needs to reduce calorie intake or increase levels of activity. However this needs to be done a phased and gradual process. There are various steps which an individual needs to do to lose weight fast but in an extremely healthy manner.

Here Are The Long-Term Weight Loss Plan You Can Follow Everyday:

1. Make Small But Effective Dietary Changes

Small changes need to be introduced in a gradual way. For instance, switching from full fat milk to skimmed milk or reduction of that one biscuit from a meal, these small changes to food habits should be a lifestyle change. Another solution here is opting for whole wheat pastas and breads instead of white ones, which are made from refined flour. You can also try having whole-meal alternatives.

2. Eat Less Calories Than What You Burn

People are always concerned of how to lose weight fast. Possibly the most important step to be undertaken is to reduce calorie intake: This might be difficult initially but can be made easy if followed in a systematic fashion. If you burn 2,000 calories a day (including exercises), then eat a diet of 1800 calories. This way the 200 calorie reduction will help you to lose weight.

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3. Keep Challenging And Alternating Your Exercise Regime

A lot of people complain that they are not losing weight, in spite of exercising regularly. The thing is that your body gets accustomed to a certain pattern of exercises. So, after a few months, these exercises stop showing results. What you should do is either intensify the exercise regime that you follow or switch over to something new. For example, if you were walking switch over to yoga or aerobics for a few days. You can also try a blend of both.

4. Be Active All Day Through To Increase Activity Levels

Along with regular exercising, activity levels need to be increased. In case if there is no change in calorie intake but increase in exercising levels a person is bound to lose weight fast. Each time the level of activities increase there is a greater burning of fat. Apart from the regular activities which an individual undertakes, there needs to be an increase in movement of the body.

5. Do More Cardio In Short Intervals

For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the grocery store instead of taking the car, maybe consider an exercise cycle which can be used while watching television etc. An individual can resort to any form of exercise which they enjoy, whether it is walking, running, swimming, aerobics sports etc.

6. Keep A Track

This is one of the most vital parts of maintaining or following a weight loss regime. It is important to plan the week in terms of food, activity levels. Weight should be taken say once a week to keep track of the progress. However, there is no benchmark as to how much weight should I lose. It is important to lose the extra calories and look fit and good, which is the most important factor. Remember that even if you lose a couple of pounds over a week, this is some reward. Not keeping a track will not only get you de-motivated, it also means that you are doing something wrong in the weight loss plan!

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7. Don’t Go For Fad Diets

Lastly it is important to be patient, perseverant and an individual is sure to be successful when it comes to nutrition. It is essential to lose weight fast but in the healthiest way an individual is sure to be the winner in the long run! Remember that you may shed off 5-6 pounds by going for a crash diet, but for how long can you pursue the same? 1 month? 3 months at a max? Then, you go back to eating the foods that you missed so much! The end result is you get back to square one – if not weighing more.

8. Eat Smaller Meals

Think of having smaller meals that make you 80% full but not completely full. This way you are giving nutrition to your body and also ensuring that your metabolism is working. But by keeping a little extra space, you are still losing weight. So opt for these healthy and gradual ways of losing weight and maintain it for life too!

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