Look 10 Years Younger With These 10 Hairstyles

Are you struggling to look younger with your anti-ageing creams and other treatments? Ladies, I have good news for you all. You can look 10 years younger in few minutes. Shocked? It’s not a joke. Now let me break the ice. It can happen with a great hairstyle or haircut. Hairstyle defines the jawline, enriches cheekbones, and most importantly shifts the attention of people from fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Yes, your hairstyle can do the magic. We have brought a list of top 10 hairstyles that can help you look ten years younger. Without much ado, rush to your salon and ask the hairstylist to style your hair in any of the following hairstyles.

Here Are The 10 Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Year Younger:

1. Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Do you flaunt your long and healthy hair? Now cut them up to shoulder length and show off your new look. Short shoulder length haircuts make women look much younger. Ask your hair stylist to give you a choppy bob looks with soft ends. You can keep it curly or straighten it with a blow-dryer. It looks good both ways.

Shoulder-length hairstyles

2. Bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to take off at least year from your look. This is a clever way to hide your forehead wrinkles and highlight your beautiful eyes. Ask your hairstylist to cut down your bangs at your brows or just below them if you are going for swingy or blunt bangs. Remember to keep your bangs longer on the sides and smaller in the middle.


3. Pin-Straight Hair

This look is not for everyone. Women with square or round faces can go for this look. If will have to get your hair straightened even if you have straight hair to get this look. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair with a middle partition and get it flat ironed. Ironing your hair every day is a bad idea; so, get it ironed permanently by a professional hairstylist.

Pin-Straight Hair

4. Choppy Layers

Choppy layers have multiple short layers that create volume and fullness. If you have a bit thinner hair, then this hairstyle can do wonders for you. Long, thin hair stays flat and shows the scalp. But, these choppy layers throughout can cover up the thinness. Remember, the length of your hair must not cross the middle of your neck.

Choppy Layers

5. Long Layers

These soft, subtly graduated layers look amazing on women and can help them look younger. If you have thin hair, then ask the hairstylist to cut the front layers not shorter than your chin. If you have thick hair, then ask the stylist to give you face-framing layers that graze your cheek and get longer gradually.

Long Layers

6. Romantic Waves

If you have curly hair let them go natural. Keep your irons at bay and forget about hair straightening treatment. The right way to show off your curls is to get them cut perfectly. Growing curls is not at all a good idea as they can tangle and result in a huge mess. Chopping your curls too short can make them pouf up. Get your curls cut to a middle length and enjoy the younger look.

Romantic Waves

7. Super Short Pixie

Super short pixie hairstyle is the best hairstyle to show off your gorgeous face. Women over 40 tend to lose their confidence and look older than their age. This hairstyle is a daring cut that helps women feel more confident.

Super Short Pixie

8. Bangs On Long Bob

If you don’t like too short bob hairstyle, then grow it a bit and add bangs. Bangs look cute on long bob hairstyle and help women achieve a sense of fullness. Bangs, as we discussed, can take off at least ten years from your look. When added with long bob hairstyle, bangs can do wonders. Bangs on long bob is a great idea to give a special kick to your look.

Bangs on Long Bob

9. Side-Swept Bangs

You think your long layers are making you look older? We have got a solution for your problem. Pair your long layers with side-swept bangs to look younger. You won’t have to make much effort to get this look as its just wash and go look. After your hair dries, scrunch your hair to get a perfect look.

Side-swept bangs

10. Beach Waves

Soft beach waves are perfect for diverting attention from the uneven texture or tone of your skin. They are amazing for women with long hair. All you need to do is give soft curls to your long hair. Avoid structured, shellacked and tight curls as they can make your features appear harsh and sharper.

Beach Waves

The above mentioned hairstyles are easy to make and carry. What else you want if some hairstyles make you look younger. Try them out!