5 Best L’Oreal Lipsticks And Swatches For Different Complexions

L’Oreal brand is an ideal woman beauty companion, since it launches various beauty products catering to specific needs of women having different undertones, skin types, texture and complexion. And their lipsticks are specifically popular amongst women globally, as they hydrate and nourish damaged lips instead of drying them further.

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The giant brand produces various matte, gloss based and shimmer based lipsticks with various shades, complementing various complexions. And today, we are specifically introducing you to 5 best L’Oreal lipsticks you would love to colour your lips with. Have a look at our list to find your ideal lip companion.

1. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick, Rambling Rose:

The rambling rose shade by L’Oreal Paris Infallible is a ravishing lipstick ideal for fair women. It gives an opaque coverage within 2 swatches. Since it is infused with natural traces of Vitamin E in bulk amount, it repairs chapped lips by moisturizing the shrunken dry cells. It doesn’t smudge or fade for over 8 hours. It can also be used for lip contouring to give them a fuller and plump appearance. It is non sticky, smudge proof and non runny, and doesn’t fade for about 5 hours.

2. L’Oreal Paris Rouge Magique, Mauve Petal Lipstick:

Mauve Petal, an intense and highly pigmented shade by Rogue Magique range of L’Oreal lipsticks, goes hand in hand with dark women as well as the ones with golden dusky complexion. This lipstick is non drying, despite it is matte. This is because, it is infused with conditioning elements like jojoba oil and honey. One swatch is more than needed to colour even gray and black lips with precision. It stays true to its colour for hours and doesn’t melt, fade or smudge. It doesn’t feel heavy on lips and doesn’t stick to cups and spoons shamelessly.

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3. L’Oreal Paris Rose Blossom Tint Caresse Lipstick, Red:

Rose Blossom shade by the Tint Caresse range of L’Oreal lipsticks is deep blood red colour that is ideal for all complexions. It brings out the best of looks, since it comes with an added technology of a precision brush. You can ideally carve a desired lip shape out of this lipstick before adding deep pigment to it. Needless to make a mention, that all you need with this lipstick is 1 swatch to flaunt fuller and juicy lips.

4. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Gold Obsession, Coral Gold Lipstick:

This one lipstick by L’Oreal is a perfect pocket fit companion for women who love to colour their lips with dark pigments loaded with shimmers. The specific coral gold shade ideally goes well with golden brown and dusky complexion. Though, it can actually work for all complexions. It is a full coverage lipstick with fine golden shimmers that don’t look unnatural. It lasts without cracking, smudging, fading or melting for more than 9 long hours.

5. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Star Secrets Lipcolour, Aishwarya’s Beige:

The Aishwarya’s Beige shade by the range of star collection Lipcolour by L’Oreal is creamy and has a hint of gloss to it. It looks ravishing on fair women and works wonders under lights. Infused with extracts of argan oil like Vitamin E and Omega 3, this lipstick is actually an age defying lipstick. It gently fills lip cracks and uplifts the dry patchy lip skin by making it smooth, supple, plump and hydrated.

The above listed 5 lipsticks by L’Oreal are unmatched, because they offers multiple benefits and are still quite affordable. You must own one shade according to your complexion and rule the hearts of many.

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