14 Must Know Makeup Myths For Proper Makeup Application

Makeup covers up for all our imperfections and makes our skin flawless. It helps us get a desired face contour, illuminate the specific area we want to highlight, and get fuller lips without having the need to undergo expensive cosmetic procedures. It is one amazing temporary fix that gives us a permanent solution to flaunt a spotless skin daily. However, not all that you have been told about makeup are facts, some of it is fictitious too. We have handpicked 14 such surprising myths about makeup that will reform your makeup habits for good.

1. Primers Are Just For Face

First of all, priming the eyes and lips is as important as priming the face. And second, you cannot and should not use your face primer to prime your lips or eyes. Against the beliefs of many women that primers are just for face, primers are also available for lips and skin. The eye and face skin is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your face. The primer that suits your face may actually end up drying your eyes and darkening and chapping your lips.

2. Alcoholic Toners Work Better

No, that’s untrue. Most women think that actually alcohol based toners shrink the pores perfectly, but they are harsh for the skin. And that they should be using a non alcoholic toner, despite it wouldn’t be as efficient as an alcohol based toner, just because it is safe for the skin. But no, a non alcoholic toner works equally well and shrinks the pores perfectly.

3. Concealer And Primer Are Same

Concealer and primer both have different works to do. While a primer brightens up your makeup and offers a smooth surface by filling enlarged pores and fine lines, a concealer actually hides blemishes. And hiding scars and blemishes, and pores and fine lines are two very different things.

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4. Spot Corrector And Colour Corrector Are Same

This is one of the biggest makeup myths that needs to be busted. While a spot corrector is actually a concealer, a colour corrector fixes discolouration. If you have a lot of redness on your face due to acne inflammation, a green colour corrector will hide the redness and make that area look like the rest of your face. Similarly, a lavender colour corrector is meant for yellowish skin that looks swollen, and so on.

5. Dark Lipstick Suits Fair Women

Contrary to this belief, actually dark lipsticks like maroon and burgundy work better for dark women. In fact, people would often say that red lipsticks are for fair skin, but different shades of red look equally pretty on dusky women too.

6. Lining Lips Give Unnatural Fuller Look

It isn’t necessary to line your lips as long as you are fine with thinner lips. But if you want fuller lips without using lip fillers or applying a lip plumper, using a lip liner is the best option for you. Many people say that it looks artificial and the natural lip line is actually visible all the time. But if you use a deep pigmented waterproof sketch based lip liner and prime the entire area, the lips would look fuller as well as natural. You can opt for airbrush lip makeup as well.

7. Bronzer Looks Natural After Blush

If you use a bronzer to make your face look thinner/slimmer/fuller, it wouldn’t be necessary to use a blush to make it look natural. Blush and bronzer are two different products serving two entirely different tasks. In fact, a blush has to be blended and smudged with the bronzer so that it doesn’t looks unnatural. So, not using a blush will also work well for your contoured face.

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8. Compact Powder Results In Acne

All that you need to be sure about is the fact that your compact powder is a non comedogenic product. Other than that, nothing will break you out or dry your face. Just use a compact according to your skin type.

9. Makeup Spray Would Dry The Face

The makeup spray works only on the upper level to seal your makeup. It has nothing to do with drying the skin as long as it is non alcoholic. It would neither dry the skin, nor break you out or lead to rashes and irritation.

10. Matte Crayons Always Crack

It actually isn’t the crayon that cracks, it is actually your dry and chappy lines on the lips that crack the crayon. Just use a lip primer over a moisturizing lip balm, before you apply the crayon. The crayon colour wouldn’t crack or fade then for as long as you remove it. Also, wearing a crayon directly on top of a lip balm doesn’t offer opaque coverage. Always use a lip primer for durability and crisp finish.

11. Concealer Should Be Lighter Than Foundation

Well, the concealer and the foundation, both should be as close to your real skin colour as possible. A lighter concealer under a darker foundation, and a darker foundation under a much darker skin wouldn’t make the makeup brighter, it will actually give a cakey and ghost white look. Also, you will have to make your own true match concealer and foundation by mixing two or three different colours.

12. Highlighter Is Worn Over The Foundation

The highlighter is used to illuminate and add glow to your t-zone and cheeks. But there’s this one makeup hack that you must know. If you want your entire face to look brighter rather than just one part, wear a highlighter under your foundation/primer. It will bring the better out of the rest of your makeup and it will illuminate, giving you an unmatched glow.

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13. SPF Moisturizer And Sunscreen Are Same

While a moisturizing sunscreen can be a moisturizer replacement, but a moisturizer with SPF can never be a sunscreen’s replacement. You shouldn’t even skip your sunscreen if both, your moisturizer and makeup products are SPF based. Only a broad spectrum sunscreen can sun proof your skin from UV damage.

14. Wearing Makeup Daily Makes You Age Faster

Well, if true, all the leading divas should have gotten dull and older before time. This is one of the biggest makeup bloopers. Makeup actually works as a barrier between your skin against dust, pollution and sun. The only thing that you need to be worried about is your makeup’s quality.

And the above listed 14 makeup myths disguised as facts shouldn’t be believed in any more. You’re all good as long as you don’t forget to clean your makeup before sleeping each night.

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