8 Amazing Mountain Climbers Exercises To Tone Your Body

The mountain climbers are one of the most trending workout options nowadays. People are crazy about this super cool workout option due to all the benefits it has on the body. Mountain climbers are high intensity workouts which can help in losing weight quickly, building muscles, building strength and endurance etc. people follow this workout and spend hours and hours to attain a stunning body. If you are too looking forward to try this workout, you need to know about the rocking benefits of its different variations. These variations are as beneficial as the casual mountain climbers and would help in sculpting your body! Try any of this variation and make your body adorable toned!

1. Mountain Climber Using Exercise Ball

The medicine ball workouts are trending and so is this amazing variation of mountain climbers. This variation would help you to strengthen your core and make it more flexible. For arms, core, back and legs, this variation is the idea one to try! Place your hands on the medicine ball, stretch your toes upwards, and raise your left and right knees towards the chest and release. Perform this variation and make your body rock solid!

2. Simple And Basic Mountain Climber

This is the most simple and basic mountain climber workout. You can try this without any elevation and rock the session. Get on your toes and arms, set up into a pushup position and stretch your toes forward. Also feel the stretch on your entire body and hold tight. No raise your left knee towards your chest and repeat this for the second leg!

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3. Perform Mountain Climber With Boxing And Kicking

If you want a high impact outcome of the mountain climbers, you can perform it with the boxing and kicking workouts. You can use it as an interval training session where at a timing of 2 minutes, you can switch workouts and perform them rigorously. This would have many benefits on your body and significantly help in losing weight. Build strength with this awesome variation of mountain climbers and stay healthy!

4. Feet Elevated Step Up Mountain Climber

Elevated mountain climbers have a very unique and cool benefit. It can not only help in toning the lower body but would also help in reducing belly fat. Generally, you don’t elevate your feet while performing mountain climbers but when you try a feet elevated climber, you need a tool or chair for elevation. Get into the reverse plank position with your legs on the chair and arms on the floor. Perform the mountain climbers and reduce fat while building strength!

5. Cross Body Mountain Climber

The pattern of mountain climber is using the same leg for the same side. But if you want multiple benefits such as toning your legs, thighs, hips, belly, shoulder muscles etc, you need to try this iconic variation! Get into the plank position and perform the climbers but, us the alternate or cross leg for bending your knees. This would help in reducing belly fat issues and make you super healthy!

6. Mountain Climber With Leg Lift

Lifting the leg is one of the options and possibilities which you can try. You can try this mountain climber while lying on your back. Just lie down and keep your legs straight. Now raise your one leg in the air and perform it the same way you perform the normal climbers and relax. Perform it for the second leg and repeat. This is a very simple and amazing transformation which can work miracles your lower body!

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7. Mountain Climber With Slow Leg Moments

If you do not want to rush and want to perform the climbers with easy and smooth movements, hers is an awesome variation which you can try. In this case, you need to with your positions and transit smoothly. Once you get into the plank position, lift your toes forward and bend your knees. Now slowly stretch it back into the actual position and perform with another leg. These stretchy and slow movements would make our legs stronger and your core solid as ever!

8. Army Crawls With Mountain Climber Exercise

The crawls are our favorite variation which would never fail to make your body tined and sculpted. If you are looking for a high impact climber variation, try this and you would never regret! Get into the plank position and raise your toes. Bend your knees but do not let them touch the floor and with the support of your hands and toes, crawl just like an army trainees. Move in the forward direction and perform the climbers!

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