5 Natural Tricks To Give Those Gorgeous Curls That Extra Bounce

It is a breathtaking sight to witness opulent shining locks surging down the back in an adorable manner. Curly hair requires that extra maintenance than the regular natural locks. However every penny and effort spent is worth it. The basic lesson people with curly hair need to understand is to accept the curls as it is and not fight with them to tame them and make them smooth. They must be reveling in its springs, letting it bounce and accentuating it. This is easy when people with curly hairs learn the easy tricks to maintain the curls without much effort.

Here Are Some Natural Tricks To Give Those Gorgeous Curls That Extra Bounce:

1. Flaxseeds Tames The Frizz

Frizziness comes along with curly hairs. Take quarter cup of water and add half a cup of flax seeds to it. Heat this mixture till it turns put frothy. Cool the same till it reaches the room temperature adding any oil of your choice for fragrance. Storing this gel in a spray bottle apply it on wet air every time you take hair bath. For increased bounce scrunch the hair after gently massaging the gel on wet hair.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

To give that extra bounce to the natural curly hair, opt to go in completely sulphate-free and choose natural herbal products. The pH levels in Apple Cider Vinegar are close to that of the natural hair. Mixing equal amounts of Apple Cider Vinegar and water wash your hair which exfoliates the scalp in a gentle manner.


3. Mayonnaise Mask For Hair

When the hair is dry the Frizziness increases and when the hair is moist the curls bounce in an admirable manner. Whisk Mayonnaise which is rich in Protein thoroughly and apply completely on the scalp using a good brush for the purpose. Allow it to stay on the scalp for 15 to 20 minutes. Clean the hair with a gentle shampoo.


4. Drying The Hair Properly

Wet hair must be dried up with soft T-Shirt material so it retains its bounciness and curls. Drying wet hair with rough cloth will make the hair frizzy and damaged. Scrunching out the hair after drying it with a soft T-Shirt will keep the hair bouncy and curly for a long period of time.


5. Pin The Hair Up

Pinning the hair as frequently as possible will keep the curls in good shape. Spraying water on the frizzy hair curls it with your fingers and pin them up for some time. When the water dries out remove the pins and experience the extra bouncy hair curls.