Here are some of the coolest Neon Bright Summer Nail art ideas! Check out these pastel and colorful nail ideas to try.

Neon is THE definition of summer. Period. And if you haven’t had neon nails before, now is the time. Here are some inspiring nail art ideas for you to try at home right away.

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Neon Bright Summer Nails 2022

Color me neon

neon summer nails 2022
Source: Instagram

Neon works on every nail shape and size. If you have short nails then draw inspiration from this ombre rainbow summer nails that will make you shine bright like a star. Color-coordinate each hand so that the fingernail, on one hand, is the same as the same fingernail on the other hand. Or have each nail say its story by painting it a different color!

Neon fire

neon green nails
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Lime green neon is on fire! Or should we say it is the fire? Keep it chic yet classic by painting your nails with clear polish and painting the tips black. Then using a nail art tool, draw flames with lime green neon polish. A fiery start to summer! These summer nails are just fiery hot and you can pair them with any outfit making them a versatile nail look.


neon nail designs
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Show some love for fruits by painting them on your nails like this artist here! Neon nail paints don’t have to be plain. Bring them to life by painting fruits that we love eating during summer. Get some inspo from here by painting your nails in neon orange and then giving detail with white nail paint. A classy act indeed!

Neon collage

Source: Instagram

Let every nail be the talking point when you step out in the sun during summer. Rather than paint it all, just paint the tips using a sponge with all your favorite neon shades. It can be done in a jiffy and it looks absolutely stunning. To add a feather to the cap, add little white dots that make the neon pop even more on your neutral nail paint.

Bejeweled pink neon

neon rainbow french tip nails
Source: Instagram

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this neon combo is proof of that. Paint your nails with bright pink nail paint then add some sparkly accessories. You can add rhinestones, gems, and whatever else you can get your hands on because nothing is off-limits when it comes to creativity. Adding a bit of shimmer like this artist here will elevate the look even more.

It’s all about the waves

neon green nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

Enthrall people with some wave magic! Paint your nails in neon shades and then use a darker shade of that color to make wavy patterns on top. There is something mysterious about such designs that are just irresistible, especially during summer. The best part? It works on every nail type, even shorter ones.

The future is bright with neon!

rainbow neon nails
Source: Instagram

This summer, paint your nails so unique that people have no option but to admire your beautiful nails. Let some of your nails be painted in nudes with colorful lines on them while others are simply in neon. Neon is so powerful that it stands tall without any other design on it! Then use rhinestones on the other nails for a fabulous nail makeover.

3D neon magic

Source: Instagram

Ombre works for every season because it is a super versatile style. The base will be an ombre nail paint that starts midway through your nails. Take it up a notch by creating 3D styles with your nail art tool or brush on top of the base. Just have fun and you will see how your creativity will bring out your inner artist.

Neon splashes

rainbow neon ombre nails
Source: Instagram

Ramp up your neon game with this neon splash on every nail. Mix up your neon nail paints so that it looks like little neon clouds are floating on your nails. Then add some gems if you wish to bring it out even more. It is a summery style that you will wear during other seasons as well. Aren’t you excited to try this style?

Neon with mandala art

neon rainbow acrylic nails
Source: Instagram

Transfer the love for mandala art onto your nails. Paint your nails with some of your favorite neons then add detail using a nail art tool and fill them with other neons. A statement piece of art that you will be obsessed with in no time. If you are feeling up for it, try different neon styles on every nail to show everyone who’s the boss.

Dot me up

neon rainbow french nails
Source: Instagram

The world of dots is so adorable and mixing it with neon is a must-try combo! This super-trendy nail art look is inspired by people’s love for polka dots. You can start with the base which has your favorite neon shades. Then use a lighter or darker shade neon color and put dots all over the place; either in a pattern or at random.

Glittery world of neon

neon rainbow nails coffin
Source: Instagram

It’s official, glitter makes the world a better place! And adding it to your nails will make your nails feel even more summery than they already are with some fancy neons. Take some inspo from here where glitter is added to the area near the cuticle thereby allowing the neon and glitter to have their moment.

Neon leopard print nails

bright neon rainbow nails
Source: Instagram

Showcase your wild side with these leopard-print-inspired nails. Rather than splatter them all across your nails, you can keep it simple yet wild by having them in a line at the center of your line. Make sure you put a nice line below it of your favorite green neon color. A white base works wonders as it makes the design pop.

Pop-art neon nails

neon rainbow smoke nails
Source: Instagram

Pop art has been taking the world by storm and there is no stopping this art form! Paint your nails with purple neon and outline them with black as shown. Then add little lines at the sides and a darker shade near it to make it appear 3D. A simple yet ravishing nail art style that every nail art lover must try.

Check alert!

neon acrylic nail ideas
Source: Instagram

If you are a fan of checkered shirts and skirts then get this check alert neon nail paint. With a pink neon base, apply lime green and blue neon shades to mark the checks. Then add a dotted tool for adding tiny dots as shown here. The result is a perfect blend of colors and lines that are simply mesmerizing.

Golden neon

how much are acrylic nails at rainbow nails
Source: Instagram

We get that gold flakes are a big deal. But we also know that they make for some pretty presentation when it comes to nails. Gold flakes go so well with neon colors; whether it is green, purple, or orange. Simply add some gold flakes after you have painted your nails with your favorite neon or use a nail art tool to add gold paint on top. Just brilliant!

Double-neon power

neon green acrylic nail ideas
Source: Instagram

Get this V-shaped design with two amazing neon colors. A twist to the French mani, have the two lines that start from the edge and go towards the center. Don’t forget that light and neutral shade such as pink nude nail paint looks best for this so the neon colors stand out. A breathtaking take on neon summer nails.

Holiday neon cheer

neon nail color ideas
Source: Instagram

Just because you are enjoying your summer doesn’t mean you don’t have the holiday spirit in you. Try these 3D nails and you will be hooked in no time.

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Paint each nail with a different neon nail paint while also adding holiday-related designs with a nail art brush or tool. Be it snowflakes or Santa, you can add designs that your heart desires.

Painted on neon

acrylic nails with rainbow tips
Source: Instagram

Take a bright neon nail polish and paint your nails for a base coat. Then using a nail art brush, design your favorite anime characters onto it. This one is for all the artists out there who love to put time and effort into their nails. But we bet that the effort is going to be worth it! Just take a look at this nail artist.

Who can say no to strawberries?

Source: Instagram

Strawberry nails are a thing. And we recommend you try them simply because they are too cute to pass for the summer. You need two nail paints, a green and a pink to get the look. Then just add some gems for the perfect fruity nails. Have shorter nails? No problem because this style works for every nail type.

Floral neon nails

Neon Nail Art coffin nails
Source: Instagram

Summer is about flowers, so why not add them to your nails? You can get stickers to add to your nails or paint flowers then add a gem at the center of the flowers just like you can see here. If you want the nails to pop then add a nude base while making sure each flower is a different shade of neon. Doing this to just one nail while keeping others simple is also a great idea as visible here.

Abstract it!

Neon Nail Art almond nails
Source: Instagram

Abstract art is outstanding and you can get these nails with a few basic tools. In fact, all you need are some of your favourite neon nail paints and a nail art tool to make the designs. This sky-inspired abstract nail art gives a summery feeling like no other. Add everything you love about summer and you will be surprised how well your nail art came out to be.

I hope I curated a good blend of neon-bright summer nails for you to choose from! Which neon nails do you think you will try this summer?

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