Plyometric Exercises

8 Effective Plyometric Exercises To Develop Strength And Explosive Power

We curated a list of super-effective plyometric exercises you can try and the benefits of plyometric exercises. Check it out!

Plyometric exercise is the new way for fitness freaks to enhance speed, power, and energy. If you want to become the stunning bodybuilder, here is the key to tone your muscles and sculpt different parts of your body.

Keep in mind that plyometric is not for everyone. Many of us have ended up with injuries while doing difficult plyometric exercise. It is up to you what to choose and what not to choose.

If you have weak muscles then include these amazing plyometric exercise to strengthen your body. This basic plyometric exercise is essential for every athlete.

Plyometric Exercises To Develop Explosive Power

Box Jump

The box jump exercise can improve your blood circulation and make your abdomen slim and sexy.

If you’re looking to improve your explosive power, box jumps exercise should be your go to exercise. It improves your lower body strength and improves athletic performance.

How to do the box jump exercise the right way?

  • Step 1: Stand with a box or a short step in front of you. Stand with your feet at hip-width distance
  • Step 2: Bend your knees and throw your arms behind you gathering as much power as possible to jump up
  • Step 3: Use this momentum to jump up and swing your arms out and land on top of the box
  • Step 4: Jump or step down and repeat

Jump Squat

If you want to enjoy the full benefit of plyometric exercise to improve your stamina and boost up your freshness, jump squat is the ideal one for you.

This amazing exercise boosts your neuromuscular efficiency which assists you in improving muscular contract and thereby ensures all the unsaturated fats are burned out right away.

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Jump squat aims at burns fat, improve blood circulation and keep your fresh forever.

The jump squats benefits you as it recruits the hips, quads, glutes, and hamstrings and your heart muscles too increasing your heart rate.

Since jump squats puts pressure on your ankles, knees, and hips it’s important that you have healthy knees, hips, and ankles, otherwise you can get injured

How to do the jump squats?

  • Step 1: Get into the squat position, building tension in the thighs and pressure in the glutes
  • Step 2: Bring your hands in front of your face, your palms facing each other
  • Step 3: Now as you jump up throw your hands down and behind you, like your slicing the air to get momentum
  • Step 4: Land down to the original position

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are high impact workout which can get you quick results. The interesting thing about this workout is you need to hold your entire body weight in just four fingers. It sounds scary but will be quite easy in time.

Mountain climbers exercise is a compound and dynamic exercise working multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. This exercise also improves your mobility. Mountain climbers improve heart health and improve overall fitness

How to do the mountain climbers exercise?

  • Step 1: Get into the push up position, with your wrists right under your shoulders and a keeping straight and flat back
  • Step 2: Pull your right knee to your chest and back
  • Step 3: Pull your left knee to your chest and back

If you’re not use to this exercise you take it slow and easy and make sure that you maintain your form. Even if you’re used to this exercise, don’t do too fast because you might lose your form.

Scissor Jump

Scissor jump is the basic workout but more effective in glute muscle strength. This exercise targets to strengthen your calf muscles and ankles. It also elevates your heart rate promoting good hearth health.

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The scissor jump works your hamstrings, quads, and glutes to strengthen them and build endurance.

How to do the scissor jump?

  • Step 1: Stand straight with your legs hip width apart
  • Step 2: In a jumping movement, throw your right leg in front, your left leg in the back. At the same time, throw your right hand back and left hand in the front
  • Step 3: Now jump to simultaneously move your right leg to the back and left leg to the front. At the same time, throw your left hand back and right hand in the front
  • Keep switching so it’s a continuous movement and build a good flow of movement

Weighted Lateral Jump

Lateral Jump is one of the most refreshing and energetic workouts which has enormous benefit. The more area of the body that is activated, the more likely it is that you will get strong muscles and peaceful mind.

Your muscles will be toned and you will get the beautiful figure if you workout this exercise thrice a week.

  • Step 1: Hold dumbbells in your hands and stand straight
  • Step 2: Slightly bend your knees to build momentum and jump to your right and land on your toes
  • Step 3: Picking up that sam momentum jump to your left
  • Repeat by jumping side to side, make sure to land softly on your toes each time


Burpees are one of the popular workout exercises for women who are always dreaming about the flat tummy. It is easy to perform at any time no matter where are you.

Burpees is all rounder exercise cause it actually combines 4 exercises – a jump, squat, plank and push up. When done correctly, burpees will improve your overall body strength

  • Step 1: With knees wide, build momentum by bending your knees and jump up and land down into a nice squat with your back straight
  • Step 2: Place your palms on the floor facing down (hands in between your knees) and push your legs back to come into the push up position
  • Step 3: Now do a push up
  • Step 4: Now pull your legs back to step 2 and stand up straight
  • Repeat
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How to do burpees?

Skater Jump

Skater Jump is the easiest way to enhance your speed, power, and energy. There would be the good impact of skater jump on your muscles. It builds muscle strength and tones your body. It would flatten your tummy and strengthen your muscles if you perform this amazing workout on regular basis.

How to do skater jumps?


Skipping exercise is probably one of the old technique, but it is more effective at toning your muscles. In addition to this, it is the prominent exercise for the women who is day dreaming about flat tummy and strong muscles.

Skipping is the basic as well as suitable exercise for everyone. Aside from this, skipping is the easy exercise which would get you numerous benefits.

From abs to legs, from arms to waist, skipping would simply flush out the toxins from the body and ensures a healthy life.

If you want a flat tummy in short period then this is the perfect exercise you need for any while. Skipping is extremely easy for everyone.

Including this exercise in your daily life will ensures active and healthy life forever.

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