6 Simple Preventive Methods For Women To Avoid Fungal Infections During The Rains

All of us have experience of having fungal infections during the rains. Actually in this season the humidity in the air goes so high so that wet skin does not get easily dry. And wet skin often results in skin fungus. There are several home remedies that are available for prevention of fungal infections during monsoon. You should take some essential preventive measures to get rid of fungal infections.

Preventive Measures To Get Rid Of Fungal Infections:

1. Keep Your Skin Dry

Try to keep your skin dry in monsoon. It is very common that your feet get wet during the rains. And it finally results in skin infection in feet as the bacterial attack is most on the wet skin. So, when your feet get wet try to wash it properly with clean water and then wipe it with a dry towel to wipe the water. Also do the same things with your hands. Wipe them with a dry cotton towel every time your hands get wet due to house hold jobs.

2. Apply Talc In Your Feet

In the rainy season our feet get wet due to rain water but it also get hydrated due to sweating also. When we wear closed shoes we also experience sweating in our feet which increases the effectiveness of bacteria which causes different type of skin infections. So, when ever you wear shoes just sprinkle talcum powder on your feet and also in your shoes. This talcum powder absorbs sweats and keeps your feet free from skin infections.

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3. Wear Water Proof Shoes In Rains

Try to wear water proof shoes in rainy seasons. This type of shoes makes your skin free from infections. You can wear shoes made with PVC materials which is also washable and keeps your feet free from water. If you wish you can wear open shoes which keep your feet free from sweating and skin infections.

4. Use Tea Tree Oil To Avoid Skin Infections

Tea tree oil is an essential ingredient to cure skin infections. Apply tea tree oil in the place of skin

infections and it heals it in few applications. Use it carefully on your infections to cure it.

5. Get Rid Of Fungal Infections With Baking Powder

Baking powder is another great remedy for treating your skin infections. Make a paste with water and baking soda. Now apply this paste on your skin infections and leave it to dry. Then wash of with plain water and pat dry. This remedy will cure skin infections in few applications.

6. Use Vinegar To Keep A Healthy Skin In Rains

Apply vinegar on your fungal infections and it effectively works on your skin infections. Vinegar absorbs the moisture from the skin infections and keeps it dry. First keeps your wound dry and cures your skin infection in a natural way.

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