Simple Steps Of Using Hair Straightener Safely At Home

We all want a good growth of the hair and we have the different types of the hair. Straight hair is loved by most of the women, because it suits on every occasion, if you are a working professional then you can manage it easily and also you can try many different styles of the hair, we go to the parlor and spend huge amount of money in making our hair straight, they use the hair straightening machine to straighten your hair, but if you have less time and do not want to spend much money, then you can use hair straightener by your own also, here is the simple and the easy to way of using the hair straightener.

1. Clean Your Hair

If you want to straighten your hair, then you need to clean your hair first, because girt and grease stick to the hair and make it frizzy, so it not easy to comb it, also it damages the hair while using the hair straightener, just take the good shampoo, clean you hair nicely, then apply a good conditioner on it, now clean your hair and then make it completely dry, use can use the towel or you can use the hair blower also.

2. Select The Hair Straightener

This the most important thing that you should select the right hair straightener, for this you need to select a straightener which has the option to select the range of the temperature and also the hot plate should of ceramic, so that it will not damage the hair, make sure the body is made up of the plastic, these are the things you should be careful while selecting the hair straightener.

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3. Heat Protection Spray

We apply the heat from the hair straighter and direct contact with the heat can cause our hair, so there are many spray are there in the market, you can choose it from there, now you need to comb your hair, apply the spray on one fourth of the length of the hair, then you need to comb your hair, now again apply the spray on the hair and comb it, repeat the process for 2 times and make sure all the hair should have double coating of the spray.

4. Prepare Your Hair

As you have applied the heat protection spray on the hair, then you need to separate the layers of the hair, this will ease the process of the hair straightening as you can focus to the particular area and the strand of the hair, if it is possible then you need to tie each part of the hair, this will give an even application to the hair, now you need to set the temperature of the hair straightener according to the user manual.

5. Apply The Machine

Now you need remove the knot of one strand, hold it firmly at the end, now leave at least 1 inch from the scalp, now place the hair in between the ceramic plates of the hair straightener machine, now slowly slide the machine to the lower end, now again do it, make sure that if steam coming out, then you should immediately stop as and dry you hair again, now you need to remove all the knots and the use the machine on the hair as all the hair get straighten then you need to comb it one two times. Your frizzy hair will be straighten at home.

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