5 Effective Skin Bleaching Techniques At Home For Spotless Face

Bleaching is one of the expensive techniques that help to lighten our skin stone and removes any unwanted hair on face. Also, bleaching works effectively to reduce the appearance of blemishes and thereby helps in giving even tone to our complexion. Though, bleaching is very important to maintain the beauty and health of the skin, many often hesitate because of chemicals that are used in bleaching as they lead to irritations on the skin. Many of you might have experienced some sort of after-effects of bleaching creams on your skin’s health. If you are looking for the effective and natural ways for bleaching, then, this article is exclusively for you.

Here Are The Effective Bleaching Ingredients Straight From Your Kitchen:

1. Lemon Bleach

Lemon acts as a natural skin bleaching ingredient. Massaging lemon in circular motion on the face on regular basis helps in making your skin fairer in a month. This is possible as the lemon is rich n ingredients that are very effective in lightening the skin and acts as a bleaching agent. If you mix lemon with some amount of potato juice, you can forget commercially available bleaching products. These two ingredients act as effective bleaching agents and provide you the skin that is healthy and shiny.

Lemon Bleach

2. Papaya Bleach

Papaya is a delicious and naturally sweet fruit that is loaded with abundant health benefits. If you consider papaya for maintaining your beauty, you will be amazed with the beauty benefits of Papaya. These ingredients works well as a mild bleaching agent and ensures to give you a beautiful spotless skin. As you incorporate the use of papaya in your beauty routine, you are blessed with healthy skin that is free from blemishes and spots. All you have to do is to rub the papaya on your face for at least ten minutes. This method also helps in giving immediate glow to your face.

Papaya Bleach

3. Raw Potato Bleach

Potato is one of the effective bleaching agents that helps to lighten your skin and assures you with an even skin tone. Bleaching qualities of potato work wonders on your skin and removes the blemishes from face. You need to rub potato juice or rub with potato slice on your face for getting skin lightening effects. You can add few drops of rose water into the juice of potato for increasing the bleaching benefits of potato. You can also combine potato juice with few drops of lemon juice to enhance the benefits of this homemade bleaching solution.

Raw Potato Bleach

4. Tomato Bleach

Tomato is the wonderful ingredient that is enriched with abundant bleaching qualities. For preparing homemade bleaching cream with tomato, you also need a small amount of rosewater along with dried peel powder of oranges. Mix all these ingredients to make a fine paste. And this paste works comparatively faster than commercially available bleaching products. Apply this natural bleaching cream on your face for at least fifteen minutes. Later, wash off using cold water.

Tomato Bleach

5. Cucumber Bleach

Cucumber is the queen of natural bleaching ingredients as it is the first option that is considered by anyone whoever tries to incorporate the use of natural ingredients to enhance their beauty. Massaging your face with cucumber juice works effectively in lightening your skin tone. Cucumber juice helps in nourishing your skin and assuring you the healthy and radiant skin one.

Cucumber Bleach