In this article, I’ve listed out 6 tips to stain proof your skin against hair color and also given pointers on how to remove hair dye stains.

This is the era of style. Today, style is not only limited to dresses and makeup; it has extended itself to individuality.

Pampering yourself is the new style. Hair coloring is one of many facets of style.

More and more people are coloring their hair and owing to the demand, more and more hair coloring products are available in the market.

Now you can easily color your hair at home too.

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With the perks like power to choose your own color, time flexibility and cost-saving, hair coloring at home comes with a drawback too.

While self coloring your hair, you might end up with staining your skin with hair color.

No matter how much you may love the color you are using for your hair, you wouldn’t want your skin to be dyed too.

But, don’t worry, I am here with some easy ways to color proofing your skin.

How To Stain Proof Your Skin Against Hair Color

how to prevent hair dye from staining scalp and Stain Proof Your Skin Against Hair Color

1. Invest In A Barrier Cream

A barrier cream is a professional formulation used by hair stylists in salons. Owing to its name, it cats as a barrier between skin and hair color.

People who prefer salon trusted products can use these creams for preventing their skin from being dyed.

These are extensively available in market. However, I high suggest testing for skin allergies before using barrier creams, just as you would test for hair color before using.

2. Natural Body Oils Can Protect Your Skin

Our body produces natural oils by itself. These oils, which are generated through tiny pores on our body , act as a hindrance to coloring agents, hence preventing the skin from being stained.

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All you have to do is avoid coloring your hair on the day you wash it. Keep a gap of atleast one day between your hair wash and hair color application.

3. Apply a Layer of Petroleum Jelly

A product readily available in all homes is petroleum jelly. Its multiple benefits include stain proofing your skin.

Just rub your favorite petroleum jelly on forehead and areas around your hairline where you can stain your skin. You can also rub it on your scalp to prevent it from being colored along with your hair.

how to keep hair dye off skin without petroleum jelly

4. Use Headbands To Prevent Hair Color From Bleeding

Headbands are another way to avoid staining your skin while hair coloring. Headbands of all fabric are available in market.

You can choose any cotton headband and wear it around your hairline before coloring your hair. For stain proofing your ears, you can stuff some cotton around the area.

5. Use Moisturizer Or Cold Cream To Protect Skin

These are yet other common household entities. Rub the moisturizer or cold cream around the stain prone areas.

These products are usually formulated to provide hydration to the skin and hence acts a repeller to hair color. Dry skin beauties who have sensitive skin too, should definitely try this.

does vaseline remove hair dye from skin

6. You Can Use Your Lip Balms To Create A Barrier Too

Yes, you read it right. Lip balms can be used as anti staining products for your skin.

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That old lip balm, in the corner of your makeup kit, that you don’t use anymore but neither do you want to throw it out, because it is has hardly been used, yes that lip balm, can be put to a good use here.

Use a generous amount of lip balm around your hairline both on forehead and around the neck. It can also be applied to region behind and above the ears.

However, while stain proofing your skin, you should take special care to not apply these products on your hair, as it may prevent the hair from catching the color.

How To Remove Hair Dye From Scalp And Hair

So you’ve managed to get hair dye on your skin despite taking all these precautions? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you. Here are some easy tricks to removing hair dye that’s transferred to your skin.

how to remove hair dye stains from skin in just 2 minutes
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  • To remove dye stains from the scalp, use a scalp scrub that can exfoliate that area. This can help remove dye pigments
  • Create a mixture using equal parts of vinegar and baking soda. Now using a toothbrush rub your scalp, ears, or wherever the stains are present.
  • Dish soap or liquid laundry detergent contains harsh surfactants that can remove stains easily. Just be careful not to use it on sensitive areas.
  • Using your oil-based makeup remover can also help remove hair dye stains especially if it’s from temporary hair dye
  • If the stains are especially stubborn you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe the stains away. But be careful while using this technique as it can leave your skin dry.

Final Thoughts on Removing Hair Dye Stains From Hair

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Coloring your hair at home can be really fun and inexpensive. But there are certain challenges to it surely.

And one of these challenges is dealing with unwanted hair dye stains on skin, especially on areas such as forehead, behind your ears, sideburns, nape of your neck, etc.

So I hoped these tips helped you realize how to prevent these dye stains from getting on your skin.

I’ve also listed out some home remedies to remove these stains if you’ve managed to get it on there.

While in most cases these dyes are just an aesthetic nightmare, in some people with sensitive skin they can even lead to inflammation.

So I’d suggest you do all things possible to prevent getting hair dye stains on skin in the first place.

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