Step By Step Make Up Tutorial To Get Fuller 3D Lips

No two faces are same, we have different eyes, nose, skin color, design of the face. Lips are most of the beautiful part of the face, now a days everyone wants to make pout for the selfie and for this they want fuller lips, if you have fuller lips, then your makeup also suits you much better. We cannot do anything if we have thin lips, but we can make the lips to the 3D by which our lips will look full and thicker, all you need to have the lip pencil, concealer and lip gloss, here is the step by step complete process by which we will give our lips a 3D look.

1. Clean Your Lips Properly

There are girt is easily trapped to the lips and can darken your pink lips, so you need to take the toothbrush, you can apply the tooth paste on it, now slowly rub it on the lips with the soft hands, take the lukewarm water and clean the foam, tap the lips with the tissue paper and make it completely dry, so that the lip color will not get smudged.

2. Apply Cream Lip Stain On Lips

Take the cream lip stain, you can choose the color as you want, apply generous amount of the color to the applicator, now you need to apply the lip cream on the lips, here you need to make sure that the outer line of the lips should be covered properly by the color and the lip cream should be smooth on the lips, the color should be in line and it should not spread to the face, remove any uneven coloring by the wet cotton ball, leave it for few seconds.

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3. Apply The Pencil To Edges

Now you need to take the pencil, sharpen it with the sharpener, make sure the tip should not be pointed, it should be just blunt end, now you need to apply the pencil to the outer of the lips, you should dark the edges of the lips with the pencil, this will give you a thick outer line to the thin lips and it will also give the extra darkness to the outer lines of the lips.

4. Apply The Concealer

Concealer gives you the real 3D lips, you need to open your concealer, apply it to the finger tip, now rub it the center of the lips, make sure that you should apply it to the both upper and lower lips, if you want more thickness, you can apply the more concealer, make sure that the concealer should not spread to the edges as it will damage the whole process, you should also make sure that the color of the concealer should be of the same as the skin tone or the applied makeup.

5. Apply Lip Gloss

Now you need to apply the lip gloss, take out the gloss and apply it just at the center of both the lips, now you need to touch your lips and spread the gloss to the center of the lips just by the movement of the lips, make sure you should not apply the gloss to the outer line of the lips, because you need all the attention to the center of the lips, as the center of the lips are eye catching, if they are glossing. Check your lips in the mirror, your 3D lips are ready.

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