Step By Step Tutorial For The Bridal Eye Makeup

Marriage ceremony is the most important part of your life, everyone wants to save this memory, make up is the most important things especially for the bride, each part of the face should be given proper makeup, but most of the important part are the eyes, as you need to makeup it in a right way, a small mistake can ruin the whole makeup, also the product you use should not react with the skin.

Here Is The Step By Step Complete Process For Bridal Eye Makeup:

1. Clean Your Face Properly

The most important thing about the makeup is that our face should be properly cleaned, you need to take a mild face cleanser and clean your face with it, now make it completely dry, if your face is oily, then use oil clear face wash.

2. Highlighter On Eyebrow Bone

We should first take the brush, add some of the foundation to it, now apply the foundation to the lower part of the eyebrows especially to eyebrow bone, blend it gently to get the proper finish, you need to coat both the eyebrows about 4 times and the thickness should be of the thickness of the brush.

3. Nude Shade On Eye Lid

Now take the brush, add the nude shade to it, now brush the whole upper part of the eyelid, you need to use the soft hand and apply the nude shade in the circular direction, blends it gently, so that the color should be even, now take the slightly higher shade and make the darken eye crease with the brush.

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4. Apply The Eyeliner

Now take the eyeliner whether it is a pencil or gel, first you need to start it from the inner part of the eyes and then move outward, make sure the color should be in line and it should be glides smoothly on the eyes, apply 4 to 5 times on the eye lash line, to get the desired thickness of the eyeliner.

5. Apply The Mascara

Now you need to apply the mascara, now this you need to take the eyelashes curler machine, place the lashes on it and curl it up by pressing it, so that the eyelashes will be curled up, you can do this by using your clean fingers. Now take out the mascara applicator and apply around the 2 coats on the eyelashes, carefully apply the mascara to the lower eyelashes, make sure all the eyelashes should be properly covered with the dark black color.

6. Comb The Eyelashes

As the mascara is quite thick and there are chances that the eyelashes may stick to each other, take the eyelash comb and comb the eyelashes very slowly, check out if any eyelash remains stick.

7. Apply The Eye Shadow

Take the eye shadow brush, hold the brush with the close grips, now take the concealers, take out small amount of it to the eyelid, now blend the concealer to make an even base, now take the eye shadow light shade to the brush, now apply it to the lower part of the eyebrows, apply little amount of the color to the corners of the eyes and make it dark while coming to the outer part, now take the dark color to the brush and then again apply it to the middle of the eyes and make a sharp edge to the corner, your bridal eye makeup is ready.

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