Want to try out the Ombre almond nails with glitter style? Check out this article for pink and white ombre nails with glitter, ombre nails with design and other popular styles. 

Ombre almond nails with glitter is a combo made in heaven. The different shades sprinkled (or sometimes drowned) in glitter have the perfect effect on the beautifully shaped almond nails. 

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further as we have plenty of nail styles you can try at home.

Ombre almond nails with glitter 2022

Wrap-it-up style

ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram@ WrapObsessedSRNailLove

Make a glittering statement with these nails that have a modern take on the mélange of colors. While this combo relies heavily on the colors used, you can go for a light color then dark then light color to create beautiful patterned nails that no one can ignore. This works well for short almond nails too so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity.

French ombre nails with glitter

french ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

These French manicure-inspired nails are classic and perfect for your wedding. They aren’t too flashy but their subtle ombre effect combined with a bit of glitter radiates oomph without being over-the-top.

You can use glitter polish on the tips to elevate this nail look or you can simply cover all the nails for the best glittery ombre effect.

Mix-n-match ombre nails

ombre nail designs 2022
Source: Instagram

Who says all nails have to be uniform? If you are tired of conventions like many are at present, then try this nail art of ombre goodness with glitter on almond nails. Every nail can show off a distinct style and you can try the leopard print on some with the natural nail color and black polish creating the ultimate ombre effect.

Mesmerizing holographic nails

holographic Ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

For those looking for a cheat, this is perfect! Get your hands on holographic nail polish and just paint your nails. 

Ombre, glitter, and all things beautiful in one! You can add more glitter of course but when you are getting the effect without too much effort, why bother? 

This is perfect for the ladies out there who want ombre almond nails with glitter but don’t have time to style them up.

Gold rush

ombre nails colors
Source: Instagram

Going from your natural nail color to the stunning glittering golden color is just so breathtaking and provides an ombre with minimal effort. To elevate it even further add stickers or gems to your nail tips and see how your nails become the talking point of the party! If your natural nail color is too light then you can apply a neutral-color nail polish.

Pastel fun

Ombre nail designs 2022
Source: Instagram

If you haven’t played around with pastels, now is the time to do so. Pastels are dreamy and this combo of a subtle pastel nail paint with blue glitter ombre is perfect for every occasion. Going to a party? Check. Going to your office? Check. Attending your BFF’s wedding? Check. You must try these at least once!

Green splash

Pink and white ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

A color that many wish to steer clear of is green. But look at how beautiful green can turn out when done right? 

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With French manicure nails, you can add a dash of green on top. Then instead of going for a simple glitter, choose to attach glitter flakes for more impact. 

As pictured here, you can do that for a few nails on each stand so every nail has something new to offer.

Vertical Ombre Nails With Design 

purple Ombre nails with design
Source: Instagram

Ombre isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach so try this vertical and diagonal ombre look. You can use dark and light colors for maximum contrast. Fill up the middle with some shimmering gold detailing using a nail art brush. 

You can use silver glitter polish too in addition to glitter galore. Add leaves and flowers and everything you love to make it your personal favorite.

Red delight

Ombre nails colors
Source: Instagram

Red is one of the most refreshing colors out there so why not try an ombre with it? This simple yet fascinating red ombre almond nails look is among the most loved for a reason. 

Once you have achieved the ombre layer using the sponge method, add the top glitter coat. Nail polish with tiny glitter is best so that the red is not clouded by the glitter.

Natural ombre with leaves

Beige ombre nails
Source: Instagram

Let your natural nails do the talking! When you have perfectly filed and shaped nails, you don’t need to put in much effort to get this look. 

Simply paint your nails with clear polish and then using a nail art brush, paint leaves with black polish as shown above. Add a bit of glitter near the leaves and you have a piece of art on your nails!

Fiery tips

Ombre nails nude with glitter
Source: Instagram

Ombre nail style can involve only the tips of your nails as you can see here. Rather than use a sponge or airbrushing technique, use the power of the nail art brush to create the ombre effect on the tips. 

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You can go for two contrasting colors such as purple and black or you can use shades that are close to each other to create a stylish ombre.

Glitter infusion

purple Ombre nails nude
Source: Instagram

Pink mauve and golden shimmer have never looked so good together! This ombre look is a definite must-try for all the ombre lovers out there. 

To top it off, apply a clear glitter polish that has small glitters for maximum effect. You will be making a statement without trying too hard. Or to make it even easier, try the ombre with two glitter polishes.

Contrasting ombre

two toned Ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

When you want your ombre to pop, use colors that contrast well like this orange and black combination here. 

You can create a patterned ombre effect to make it distinct and attractive like the trees in this case. An excellent example of a vertical ombre done right, try this cute mix of colors that are great for going out and making the statement you want to make.

Winter vibes

Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

This pale lilac and lavender fusion is a color combo that screams winter. This ombre almond nail look has glitter here and there because it is all about the color. 

You can take it up a notch by using a nail art brush to paint in details of snowflakes and everything amazing about winter! For more glitter, add dots of glitter polish in empty areas.  

Spark alert!

oval Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

Want to make a sparkling statement? Then try this nail polish that is a versatile look for every occasion. You can wear it anywhere you wish without feeling out of place.

Apply a neutral-color nail polish and then apply glitter polish leaving a bit of area from your cuticle. It gives the illusion of sprinkled sparkles and there is nothing more gorgeous than that!

Blue lagoon

blue Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

This ombre almond nails with glitter effect look takes inspiration from the beach. It utilizes clear nail polish to the full extent. Apply the blue nail paint with a nail art brush on the corners of your nails to make it look like the water is meeting the sand. Then using glitter-filled nail polish use the nail art brush to draw a line right where the blue polish line ends. Just perfection!

Power of the sunrise

red Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

Even if you are not an early bird, you can always try this sunrise-inspired nail art. This yellow, orange, and brown ombre effect looks ravishing with glitter splattered on top. 

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If you are up for it, add details by painting on top of your nails using the art brush as this person did on their middle finger. There is something warm and cinnamony about this nail art!

Fishnet pattern nails 

golden Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

Ombre with fishnet? A combination every nail art fanatic must try! When you are done with creating the ombre effect with bright colors such as orange and red or yellow and red, you want to add the fishnet pattern in a much darker color.

Using a brush, create the fishnet pattern on top then complete the look with a glitter polish for a mesmerizing shine.

White ombre combo 

pastel Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

For the daredevils out there, try out an ombre effect on white nail polish. White makes every color, whether light or dark, stand out and be recognized. 

Switch it up by having the color near the cuticle in one nail and then near the tip in the next nail. It will be a feast to the eyes like no other! Add a simple glitter polish to complete the look.

Christmas nails

holiday special Ombre nails with glitter
Source: Instagram

Tis the season! If you want to make your Christmas even better then try these nails during Christmas and impress everyone with your skills. 

You can use clear nail polish for the base or choose a light color that you love. Then add details using a nail art brush and don’t forget to add glitter to certain areas for the festive season spirit!

Flower power

Ombre nails with glitter and diamonds
Source: Instagram

Get the ombre look of your dreams with this flowery delight design. Each element has its space; the flowers, the colors, the glitter, and the empty spaces. If you love to have your designs spaced out well then try this look. 

You can use acrylic nails or try it on gel nails as per your wish. You can switch the colors and try ombre-effect flowers that go lighter as they get to your nail tips.

Which ombre almond nails with glitter look are you going to try?

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