Looking for the best tan removal cream? We tried and tested over 10+ popular tan removal creams and here are the results for tan removal creams that actually work!

Sun causes a lot of damage to our skin. Sunscreen can protect us against UVA and UVB sun rays. But the skin is still exposed to heat. It not just leads to pigmentation on the face, but also the body.

No matter we cover our face with a scarf or wear full sleeve clothes, our skin still turns dark. The skin darkening on the face and body is better known as skin tanning. The resulting skin is dull and highly pigmented.

Though we cannot stop going on the streets, but we can use tan removing creams that can restore our natural complexion. You cannot depend on bleaching your face, hands and legs every now and then to remove tan.

Thus, we bring forth our list of 7 best tan removal creams that will remove all your skin pigmentation easily.

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Review Of The Best Sun Tan Removal Cream

Raaga Professional Sun Tan Removal Cream For Face

I have seen the Raaga Professional De-Tan Cream being used in most salons I go to when I want to get a de tanning facial done for my face. So I figured I’d get it on Amazon and check it out for myself. And it really does work!

On the pack it says it’s formulated with honey, milk, lemon, tomato, essential oils, and fruit extracts. And it also contains Kojic.

This ingredient is actually very popular in Japan and is a known skin lightening ingredient as it reduces the production of melanin.

As you can see from the picture above, I pack of the cream comes with 6 sachets. And each sachet allowed me for about 2-3 applications.

When I applied this cream, I felt a slight tingly, burning sensation but that’s cause of the clove and peppermint oil present in the cream. And later after application, the mask had a cooling effect on my skin. So it was all good!

After using it for about a month, I noticed that my skin had become visibly brighter. It did make my skin soft and smooth.

What Raaga Professional De-Tan Cream basically does is it cleanses the skin by removing the dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. Once the dead skin cell are gone, you skin will get its natural glow back!

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How to Use Raaga Professional Sun Tan Removal Cream For Face?

  • Wipe face with a wet cotton
  • Cleanse your face using a cleanser
  • Apply Raaga Professional De tan cream all over the face.
  • Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Gently massage your face in circular movements
  • Remove cream with wet cotton

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Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Cream

Why I love Nature’s Essence brand is because it’s cruelty-free. So immediately I love the brand in itself.

The Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Cream is rich in essential oils, flower extracts, milk and honey. It is highly effective against pigmentation.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Cream

It is used as a major de-tan product at various high end parlours. This amazing de-tan cream is an excellent de-pigmentation cream that also reduces sun spots, blemishes and acne spots.

It is perfectly suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is hundred percent chemical free and has a mild fruity fragrance. It doesn’t leave the skin dry, since it is rich in essential oils.

First I tried some on the back of my hair, just for testing. The product had a very creamy texture yet felt super light on my skin. Plus it immediately just blended in with my skin really well, leaving no cast whatsoever.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Cream before and after

I was a bit confused when it so easily blended in with my skin. Anyway, I then applied a thin layer on my face like I face pack but didn’t try to blend it in this time. And let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes.

It did have a cooling effect similar to what I felt when I used the Raaga de tanning cream.

After 15 minutes, the cream had dried up on my skin and it sorta tightened my skin.

Then I massaged my face and then removed the cream. After the first use, my skin felt refreshed, clean, and also radiant.

I sed the cream for 2 weeks every day and the results were quite good. I wouldn’t say it made it fairer but rather it made it more radiant and clearer. It didn’t feel drying so that’s great.

One thing I wasn’t impressed with was the packaging. Though, the tube packaging makes it easy it use, the flip cap was pretty flimsy and it didn’t close properly. So there was always the danger of it opening in my bag or purse. And squeezing the cream out was very difficult.

How to use Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Cream

  • Apply the cream on all tanned areas of your body and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Keep massaging the cream, and then rinse with tap water.
  • You can use it twice a week.

Control Corrective Intensive Skin Lightening Cream SPF 30 Cream

This de-tan cream works wonders as a depigmentation cream. It reduces pigmentation and heavy sun tan within few weeks of its use. It is rich in Kojic acid, vitamin C and aloe vera juice.

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Vitamin C has natural bleaching properties. It gradually removes sun tan and uneven skin pigmentation. Kojic acid is a natural skin lightening and whitening agent that reduces sun spots and discolouration. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes all the dead tanned cells.

Aloe vera juice hydrates the skin and maintains the pH level of the new healthy skin cells. It is completely devoid of parabens, hence it causes no harm to the skin.

Other than tan removing, this cream also fights wrinkles and fine lines. Its SPF 30 also makes this cream a suitable sunscreen, saving the skin from any future sun tanning.

All in all, this is an all-in-one sun damage repair cream suitable for all skin types. It restores your natural complexion and makes the skin radiant, blemish free and fair.

Biotique BIO PAPAYA Revitalizing Tan

I used the Biotique PAPAYA Tan face scrub for about a 2 weeks till I started noticing my tanned skin visibly becoming lighter. After using the Biotique PAPAYA Tan face scrub, my skin felt smooth and the cream overall felt refreshing.

The Biotique PAPAYA Tan face scrub is formulated with three main ingredients – papaya, neem, and turmeric.

Papaya is known to rejuvenate the skin. I’ve seen papaya face packs being used for clean ups in most salons I go to. Papaya is known to be a natural exfoliator.

Neem on the other hand, has been an important part of healing in India since ancient times. It has anti septic and healing properties which is great for sun tanned skin. And finally, turmeric is known to lighten skin and bring the glow.

You can try any of the above listed 7 de-tan creams to reverse the effect of sun and get regain natural complexion and glow.

How To Choose A Tan Removal Cream

Here are some factors to look at when choosing tan removal cream

  • Ingredients:

It’s best to go with natural ingredients as much as possible. This way you know it won’t be harmful on your skin. A lot of tan removal creams will have chemicals, and other synthetic ingredients. These can do more harm than good to your skin. So avoid these.

  • Skin Type

It is important that you keep your skin type in mind when choosing a tan removal cream. Especially if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to acne breakouts. So always do a patch test before you apply the skin de tanning cream. If you have very sensitive skin then check with your dermatologist which de tanning cream would be best suited for sensitive cream

  • Packaging
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Packaging and ease of application is also super important. I faced a lot of issues when applying the Nature’s Essence Lacto de tanning cream and it was only due to its packaging. I prefer container type packaging instead of tube. Or even if it does come in a tube then I prefer the kind of cap that you screw in to the tube.

Paying attention the packaging is important because one it decides how long the product is going to stay fresh and the more it is exposed to the environment the lesser potent it’s going to get overtime. And secondly, if you plan to travel along with the product then you should be able to store it safely so it doesn’t leak in your bags.

Tan Removal Creams For Women: FAQs

Can tan be removed after years?

Tan is not permanent. Our skin naturally exfoliates itself to shed dead skin over time so that new cells are formed. Since your skin is literally changing, tan also goes away over time. Unless, of course you’re constantly exposed to sublight

Why do I tan so easily?

If you have a darker skin tone this means that you have more melanin content in your skin. This, in turn, means that whenever your skin is exposed to the sunlight, melanocytes from the melanin spread across the sun-exposed skin to protect it from sun damage. Which is why if you have a darker complexion, the chances are that you tan easily.

Which is the best tan removal cream?

Raaga Professional Sun Tan Removal Cream For Face is the best tan removal cream you can use. A lot of professional salons use this for tan removal skin treatments. It is formulated with honey, milk, lemon, tomato, essential oils, fruit extracts and Kojic acid (a skin brightening ingredients).

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