Did you there are particular hairstyles for square face girls that bring out the best for you! From short to long hairstyles, this article will tell you how to make a square face look pretty.

Along with emerging and evolving hairstyle trends, we too love to get a pretty new haircut and rock the ramps. But sometimes, the new and trendy hairstyle would not look as gorgeous as it looks on other women!

The reason is quite simple, the hairstyles would look far more gorgeous if its matches several aspects like facial shape, complexion and hair length!

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The shape of face is quite an important aspect to be considered. There are various face shapes like round, square, oval and many more.

Various different hairstyles can look gorgeous and would enhance the facial look. The square face is a bit broader and longer which would require a set of hairstyles to look mesmerizing!

If you have a square face, here are some awesome hairstyles you can consider and get a refreshing look for this season! Experiment with these hairstyles and make yourself look picture perfect!

Hairstyles For Square Face Girls 2022

1. Shoulder Length Sleek Layers With Bangs

medium hairstyles for square faces
Source: Instagram@manosderosa

If you love that gorgeous medium length hair, here is an iconic version of short hairstyle which can enhance your square face and make it look lavishing!

This amazing hairstyle with sleek hair flaunting over your pretty shoulders and studded with cool charming bangs would never fail to make you look adorable! Try this gorgeous hairstyle and look different this season!

2. Gorgeous Tousled Wavy Hair

Source: Instagram@michaelandguys

If you love that stunning and pretty medium length hair, here is a fantastic hairstyle you can try on. This glorious and cool hairstyle with picture perfect look would redefine the shape of your face and make it look more happening.

If you don’t like those sleek and extreme tresses, you can get this fine tousled and wavy hair and look charming! Try this and look lavishing this season!

3. Long Layers With Fringes

how to make a square face look pretty
Source: Instagram@ochrehairlounge

Fringes never fail to steal hearts with the cool and dazzling looks!

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Fringes are one of the coolest hairstyles with a beautiful gracious touch, if you have a square face; go for this iconic hairstyle with long layers and cool long fringes. Nothing would work as amazingly as this on your face!

4. Sharp Bob with Blunt Bangs

bob hairstyle for square faces
Source: Instagram@mcfate.hair

If you love the edgy haircuts, try this super cool hairstyle with sharp and edgy ends which would look clearly glorious and stunning. If you love to chop off your hair in a mile length, this is the right hairstyle you must try. Lob always look great on the square faces!

5. Pretty A Line Bob

hairstyles for square face asian female
Source: Instagram@paraisopatriciolv

If you want a decent and formal look this season, try this super lavishing and iconic hairstyle which would simply make you look smooth!

This stunning hairstyle with pretty a line bob and small flicks would make you look subtle and simple this season. Nothing would look as gorgeous as this hairstyle we can assure. Try this for a calm and gorgeous look!

6. Gorgeous Curly Tresses

hairstyle for women with square jaw
Source: Instagram@kortri

If you have curly tresses and a pretty square face, you can keep it simple by just making your hair look gorgeous in the curls. Curls are magnificent and with those adorable long tresses, you can make your square ace look more tempting! Curl your gorgeous hair and make them look adorable this season!

7. Sleek Equal Hair With Flicks

short hairstyles for square faces
Source: Instagram@ghdhair

If you want some cool voluminous hair without those extreme layers, you can keep t simple and gorgeous with this flawless hairstyle. This dazzling hairstyle with long and sleek hair would never fail to make your hair look gracious and suit your square face.

You must try this gorgeous hairstyle this season and look pretty as never before! This is one of the most coolest and loved hairstyle since eras!

8. Beautiful Medium Length Hair With Heavy Bangs

haircut for square face female
Source: Instagram@hairbyyazer

If you love those gorgeous and beautiful bangs, here is an iconic hairstyle which you can try and look lavishing!

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This admirable hairstyle with cool and tight bangs would never fail to get a gorgeous shape and perfect look for your face! You can try this extremely charming and trendy hairstyle and experiment with bangs if you have a square face!

9. Short Hair With Side Wept Fringes

short hairstyle for square face
Source: Instagram@jusi.allmy

If you love the stunning medium length hair and do not want to compromise more with the length, here is a gorgeous hairstyle you can try and rock this season. The perfect side swept bangs with cool sort hair would make you look simply pretty and youthful!

10. Gorgeous Short Shag

short shag hairstyle square faces
Source: Instagram@drethings

Short shag hairstyles are simply awesome and funky. If you want to try some gorgeous and trendy hairstyles this season and are greasy to chop off the hair, try this cool shag haircut and look pretty! This is one of the coolest hairstyles to give a try!

I Have A Square Face… Should I Try A Bob Or A Layered Haircut?

There are a number of hairstyles that suit women with square face shape, depending on the style you choose. According to me, the best styles include:
Layered hair: Layering your hair is a great choice for those who have square faces because it frames them well and adds a touch of softness to an otherwise angular face shape.

You can also add waves to your hair using a styling tool or by simply running your hands through it periodically to give it that “mermaid” sort of look to make it more feminine.
Braids: A classic hairstyle that works well for those with square faces is braiding your hair in small braids or twists. This will help direct attention away from your forehead and towards the rest of your features. They also serve to elongate your face making it appear more oval and softer.
Bob haircuts: Yes! Another good option is bob cuts, which elongate the face and draw attention down towards the eyes instead of up towards the forehead (which often happens with straightened hair).

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Bob cuts can be styled in many different ways, so there’s sure to be one that suits you perfectly! In my opinion a soft, layered bob or a bob with flipped ends is much better for square faces than those with a blunt shape.

Have A Square Face? These Hairstyles Have Got You Covered

If you have a square face shape, you might find that some hairstyles don’t work as well for you. Some of the most common hairstyles that don’t suit people with square faces are twists and bobs.

These styles tend to pull your face in an unnatural way, making your features look even more exaggerated.

Instead, try styles like wavy hair or braids that will help disguise your face shape. You can also try wearing hats or sunglasses to balance out your appearance and make it look less angular.

I have listed out the best styles a woman with square-face shape can wear and these to look your very best.

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