Useful 12 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Useful 12 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eye makeup can seem very intimidating but we made a list of simple eye makeup tips for beginners that will make applying eye makeup super easy. Check it out!

Eyes are the most beautiful organ of human body which gives a true reflection of one’s image. If you want to make you’re your look bold and beautiful then you can’t easily attain it without having a perfect eye makeup.

However, for a beginner it is quite a daunting task to accomplish their eye makeup perfectly  without doing any mistake but don’t worry about it as making mistakes in eye makeup too is a part of its learning process.

For the learner of eye makeup, here are top 11 eye makeup tips which will definitely make you a star from a beginner if you successfully follow these tips for accomplishing your eye makeup perfectly.

Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

Always Use Makeup Remover To Remove Eyeliner

While doing makeup on your eye liner, it is always recommended to use a makeup remover so as to attain smudge application on your makeup by making your eyelids free from oiliness and greasy impacts.

Do Makeup With Your Open Eyes

While making your eyeliners stylish with makeup, you must keep your eyes open and must look straight to the mirror as it will give perfect wing to your eyeliner.

You also need to apply eyeliner close to your lash line for giving a natural look to your eyes.

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Always Use Pencil Eyeliner

If you want to give a soft smoky look to your eyes then you must make use of a pencil eyeliner on your eyelids followed by smudging it with your fingers so that it look more attractive and natural.

Choose Subtle Colors For Your Eyeliner

You might feel reluctant to use eyeliner with your growing age but it is always advisable for you to make use of more subtle colors in eyeliners like grey or black color shade as these colors gives cool look to eyes even at 50.

Mascara Tips For Beginners

While doing mascara makeup on your eyes, you must follow these tips.

Apply It From Roots Of Your Lashes

While doing mascara makeup in your eyes, you must apply mascara from the roots to tips of your lashes as it will offer extra volume to your eyes.

You must apply coat on mascara layers as for volume of your lashes so as to make it free from clumpy look.

Always Use Tissue Paper when Applying Mascara To Lower Lashes

While applying mascara on your lower eyelashes, you must place tissue paper just under your lashes so that mascara may not get under your eyes and ruin your makeup!

Eye Shadow Tips For Beginners

Use Good Quality Eye Shadow Brushes

For making makeup of your overshadow, you must make use of a good quality brush as it offers better blending to your eyes.

Use Pencil For Eye Shadow

For creating an attractive charm to your eye-shadow, you must use a white pencil just before applying the eye shadow. For creating a brown smoky eyes, just use brow pencil as a base and for black smoky eyes always use black pencil as a stronger base.

Always Start With An Eye Primer

While doing makeup of your eye shadow, you must start your makeup with an eye primer followed by highlighting inner corner of your eyes with lighter color of eye shadow. This will give a broad and brighter look to your eyes.

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Use Concealer On Your Eyes

When applying eye shadow, it’s extremely important that you apply concealer and foundation

While shadowing your eye it is very necessary to fill your eye brows with a foundation or a concealer on outer corners of your brows  it gives perfect definition of an eye brow.

Tips For Removing Eye Makeup

Use A Cotton Ball

For removing makeup of your eyes, you must always make use of a cotton ball as must swipe it in upper lid for removing upper lid makeup.

After removing makeup of upper eyelids, then remove makeup of lashes and kohl part of your eyes with another fresh cotton ball. 

Similarly, remove makeup of your other eye with other fresh cotton ball.

Wash Your Face With Cold Water

After removal of your eye makeup, you must wash for face including under eye portion with cool water. Also, you must use a gentle cleanser to wash your face as it will remove all impurities of your makeup comfortably.

Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners: FAQs

What do you put on eyes before eyeshadow?

It’s suggested to put eye primer before you put on eyeshadow. The eye primer will help the eye shadow stick onto it and stay longer. It’ll also make the eye shadow look more vibrant.

Is concealer better than eye primer?

A concealer will cover up any discolouration to give you even colored eye lids so you can apply eye makeup. However, an eye primer will act as a grip for eyeshadow to stick on to and lasts longer.

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