Top 12 Fashionable Shoes For Women Which You Must Have In Your Closet

Shoes are one of the must have accessories you keep in your closet. When you step out from your home you always need it. There are different types of shoes for women; they are for different needs and you can wear them for different purposes and occasions. When we buy shoes for us we buy them according to our choice, but often we buy some of them in spur of moment. Some times these kinds of foot wears have no use which is a sure waste of your heard earned money. So, here is a guide for you that what kind of shoes you must keep. In this article today I am sharing the basic shoe types you must have in your closet to wear them on different occasions with various kind of dress.

Here Are The 12 Top Fashionable Shoes For Women Which You Must Have In Your Closet:

1. Flip Flops

This is one of the must have shoes you have to keep in your closet. Flip Flops are the casual shoe type that goes well with any kind of casual dress; like the Capri, hot pants or with the skirts. Flip flops are mainly suitable for traveling in the beach area and also suitable for shower. So, when ever you thinking about your collection of shoes keep a pair of flip flops in your closet.

Flip Flops

2. Kitten Heels

Many women want to wear heels but they are not comfortable with high heel. They can try Kitten Heels. Kitten heels are ideal for the working women for wearing in the offices also when you are appearing in an interview. Kitten heels are comfortable as it has a reasonable height. So if you want to be comfortable while wearing heels just keep a pair of kitten heels in your wardrobe.

Kitten Heels

3. Sneakers

Sneakers are mainly casual shoes for the women. Sneakers are very much suitable for running in the hurry of every day or using it in a casual purpose. Not only that sneakers are also suitable for preventing injuries when you are running and gives you comfort although you are wearing them for long time.


4. Sling Back

Sling Back shoe has a closed toe area but have an open outside. But it has string at the back side which helps you grip the shoe in your feet. Sling back has a little heel in it which gives you a stylish
looks. Sling Backs are perfectly ok with your little black dress.

Sling Back

5. Stiletto

Want to be a little stylish? Then you must have a pair of Stiletto in your closet. It has a high heel and are suitable to wear in any party or hangout.


6. Wedges

Wedges are also has a height like a traditional stiletto but it is easier to wear and it provides less stress on your feet than other high heel shoes. Wedges are ideal for any formal and traditional outfit.


7. Ankle High

Ankle High or Ankle boots are most stylish shoes that you can have in your wardrobe. Ankle boots perfectly goes with skin tight jeans or with the leggings. Ankle boots are great for you if you want a looks of a boot with a stylish looks.

Ankle High

8. Nude Pumps

Do you have a pair of Nude Pumps in your closet? If no then buy a pair of this shoe now. Nude pumps are easy to wear and goes with trousers and skirts. Keep a pair of nude pumps with black or brown colors which can go with any colored dress.

Nude Pumps

9. Tall Boots

Tall Boots are suitable to wear in winter which keeps your feet warm and gives your legs an elongated looks. Tall boots gives you a stylish looks and it is really versatile shoe. Tall boots can have high or flat heels. Keep a pair of high heel and a pair of flat heel tall boot in your closet.

Tall Boots

10. Rain Boots

Rain Boots are suitable to wear in rainy days which also keep your feet warm. It keeps your feet safe from the contact of rain water and also prevents ruining your other shoes. So, keep some colorful rain boots in your closet to wear it in rainy seasons.

Rain boots

11. Moccasins

Moccasins are perfectly ok with Capri or Jeans or with any kind of trousers. This is a basically a kind of closed shoe but a very casual approach. So keep a pair of Moccasins in your wardrobe and wear it with an ease.


12. Peep Toes

Peep Toes has an open front with a Stiletto looks. They are also ok for wearing with any western outfits. The specialty about Peep Toes is that you can wear it with any formal out fit or with any casual wear. Keep a pair of Peep Toes of black or bright red color in your wardrobe.

Peep Toes