Top 21 Hair Care Tips For Healthy Long Hair


A woman’s hair plays a key role in her look and beauty. Almost every woman dreams of healthy, gorgeous, long tresses, but most often than not, due to bad lifestyle, wrong hair style practices, bad hair care and excessive use of chemicals, they end up having dull, weak and lifeless hair. But, at the same time, it does not at all mean that achieving long hair is an impossible task. In fact, it is easier than you think. All you have to do is to bring a little change in your habits related to your hair. Following are 21 evergreen tips that are very easy to follow, and if you follow them properly, you will be surprised to see how it promotes your hair growth and makes your hair look lustrous, voluminous, bouncy, beautiful and healthy.

1. Use Mild Shampoos And Conditioners

You must be very careful about the products you choose for your hair. Many hair styling products and even conditioners and shampoos are heavily loaded with chemicals that might not be good for your hair in the long run. So, your best bet is to use only mild shampoos and conditioners.

Use Mild Shampoos And Conditioners

2. Shampoo Only Twice Or Thrice A Week

Shampoos contain sulfates. So, avoid its excessive usage. If you want to keep your hair long, you should not just use mild shampoos, but also avoid using it on a daily basis. When you use mild shampoo only two or three times a week, it gives enough time for the natural oils to get deep into your hair which does not just keep your hair well hydrated but also increases its ability to repair itself. On the other hand, if you shampoo your hair daily, it can make your hair brittle, frizzy and dry, which in the long run can even result in breakage.

Shampoo Only Twice Or Thrice A Week

3. Use Conditioner Whenever You Use Shampoo

When it comes to maintaining healthy, long hair, conditioning plays a key role. A good rule is to apply a mild conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. While shampoo removes the dirt from your hair, conditioner prevents dryness, preserves moisture and also protects your hair from dirt and pollution. Besides that, it preserves the natural proteins inside the hair shaft and locks the outer cellular layer of your hair to prevent further damage.

Use Conditioner Whenever You Use Shampoo

4. Massage Your Head

One of the simplest, soothing and yet very effective tip for healthy long hair is to give yourself a good gentle head massage at least once daily. Use almond or coconut oil for best results as these are known to promote hair growth. However, it is not just about the kind of oil you use, head massage in itself is an effective way for hair growth as it increases blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn promotes growth.

Massage Your Head

5. Oil Your Hair 2-3 Times A Week

Your hair needs proper nutrition and a good source of nutrition is hair oil, but again excessive use should be avoided. Lavender, coconut and almond oils are the best. Just two to three times a week should be enough. Oiling the hair roots rejuvenates dead hair shafts and makes your hair stronger and longer. For best results, after you apply oil, massage it gently with your fingertips and then wrap your head with a warm towel for around fifteen minutes so that your hair should absorb the oil properly.

Oil Your Hair 2-3 Times A Week

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Exposure to dirt and pollution and the kind of various styling you use on your hair often result in damaged cuticles (outer cellular layer of a hair strand) and split ends. Therefore, it is always a good idea to trim your hair a little at least once or twice every two months. It will remove those split ends and help in faster hair growth.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

7. Use Silk Pillowcases, Avoid Cotton

The problem with cotton pillowcases is that they cause a lot of friction with your hair. As a result, when you wake up in the morning, you find your hair in tangles, which may lead to breakage. Cotton pillowcases also soak a lot of hydration from your hair. The solution, therefore, is to use pillowcases in silk or satin fabrics. The softer surface of silk and satin fabrics will not cause much friction with your hair and keep it hydrated and healthy. Also, you will have no tangles in your hair when you wake up.

Use Silk Pillowcases, Avoid Cotton

8. Keep Your Hair Open While You Sleep

One of the worst things that you can do to your hair is to sleep while your hair tied tightly. Keep them loose and open while you sleep. For extra protection, you can even considering wearing a scarf while you sleep. This will further minimize the friction of your hair with the pillow.

Keep Your Hair Open While You Sleep

9. Avoid Tight Ponytails

Tight ponytails may make you look great and feel awesome but it is very important for you to understand that they cause too much stress on the roots of your hair. Also, the stress that it causes often results in hair breakage. So, if long, healthy hair is what you want, you should go for loose hairstyles that look equally awesome.

Avoid Tight Ponytails

10. Avoid Using Harsh Styling Tools

Hot styling tools are the biggest enemy to your hair. They might provide the kind of hair style you desire, but they often damage your hair to a great extent. So, if you want long hair, you must avoid over-styling at all costs. The kind of chemicals and heat that most styling tools use do not just cause hair loss, but they also eat away the strength and sheen from your hair. Your hair becomes thinner and weaker. So, avoid or at least limit the use of hair drying blower and curling or straightening machines. Use natural methods for all these purposes, in which you are not required to expose your hair to excessive heat.

Avoid Using Harsh Styling Tools

11. Always Use Wide-Toothed Brushes

To prevent unnecessary hair fall, you must always try to use wide-toothed brushes. Also, while brushing, you should always start from the bottom and then gradually go up. Narrow-toothed brushes will cause too much pressure on your hair. Wide-toothed brushes on the other hand will make sure that the natural oil from your scalp is distributed properly down the hair.

Always Use Wide-Toothed Brushes

12. Brush Your Hair At Bedtime

Not many women know that it is during the long hours of their sleep when their hair grows the most. Therefore, the best strategy is to brush your hair before bedtime because this will improve the blood circulation and promote hair growth while you sleep.

Brush Your Hair At Bedtime

13. Never Brush Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair is one of the common mistakes that many women do. This can be very damaging to your hair. So, don’t do that. As compared to dry hair, when your hair is wet, it tends to stretch and break very easily. If you have to get rid of the tangles in your wet hair, use your fingers gently on it instead of using a brush or a comb.

Never Brush Wet Hair

14. Dry Your Hair Gently

As mentioned earlier, the use of a hair drying blower might make it easier for you to dry your hair quickly but the excessive heat that it uses is very harmful for your hair. However, at the same time, using a towel roughly on your hair to make it dry is also not advisable at all. Instead, you should choose a soft towel. Pat your hair very gently using it, and then, stand under a ceiling fan to let it dry naturally.

Dry Your Hair Gently

15. Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sun

If you wish to have long and healthy hair, you should also avoid excessive exposure to harsh sunlight, especially during summer. In such conditions, if you have to stay outside, try to keep your hair covered as much as possible.

Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sun

16. Use Palm Oil

Palm oil contains the kind of nutrients your hair needs for proper growth. Apply it once or twice every week to the entire length of your hair, not just scalp. But while you use it, do not massage your scalp. When it comes to scalp massage, coconut and almond oils are the best.

Use Palm Oil

17. Do Not Use Silicon Based Products

There are many silicon-based hair care products in the market that may succeed in making your hair look shiny and lustrous, but their excessive usage apply an invisible coat on the hair shaft, which in turn clog the pores and damage hair follicles. Thus, on the one side, they might make your hair look extra beautiful from outside, but on the other side, they make your hair weak and unhealthy from inside.

Do Not Use Silicon Based Products

18. Never Rinse Your Hair With Hot Water

Heat in any kind is not good for your hair. So, while you avoid using hair drying blowers, you should also avoid rinsing your hair with hot water. Exposure to hot water will irritate your scalp and make your hair brittle. So, always use cold water instead. It does not just go easy with the scalp and is very soothing, but it also makes your hair soft and promotes better hair growth.

Never Rinse Your Hair With Hot Water

19. Watch What You Eat

Your choice of food also has a direct impact on your hair. So, always try to maintain a proper diet. For example, you must increase your protein intake because protein promotes hair growth, makes hair stronger and lustrous. Likewise, eating dry fruits and coconut provide your hair with nutrients which in turn make your hair voluminous and bouncy. Vitamins, especially the ones found in citrus fruits, also play a key role in healthy hair growth. Likewise, you must also keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Drinking less water will reduce hair growth and also make it weaker.

Watch What You Eat

20. Avoid Stress

Too much stress often leads to hair loss. Stress has a very negative impact on the health of your scalp and hair. Stress eats away the nutrients from your hair glands and makes your hair weaker and dull and dry in appearance. Most importantly, stress stops hair growth. Therefore, to keep long and healthy hair, you must also do something about stress management.

Avoid Stress

21. Add A Supplement To Your Hair Care Regime

If you are not sure if your diet is providing you all the nutrients your hair needs for proper growth, taking a supplement is not a bad idea. The best bet is to go for multivitamin supplements that come labeled as “for hair, skin and nails”. Such supplements contain vitamin B and C and also biotin all of which play key role in faster hair growth.

Add A Supplement To Your Hair Care Regime

While you are doing everything to promote hair growth, you can apply certain techniques to make your hair appear much longer than they actually are. For example, a hairstyle in which your hair is parted in the middle will make your hair look longer. Likewise, if you like to color your hair, you should not just choose your products carefully but also choose the darker colors, such as chocolate, plums and dark reds.