Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Exercises

Exercise is very crucial in every one’s life. In fact, there are many benefits associated with doing exercises in our daily life. Exercise is very important for fitness. But many people across the world do not know the importance of facial exercises. Facial exercises are very important in preventing wrinkles. These exercises work effectively to keep the skin of the face firm. Doing facial exercises daily keep your face muscles tight. Here, in this article we are providing some wonderful exercises for face. Follow these exercises regularly for few months so that you can observe better results. You feel younger.

Here Are the Top 5 Anti Aging Facial Exercises:

1. To Prevent Eye Puffiness

This exercise gives you a relaxed feeling. In fact, this V exercise can be considered as an alternative for eye surgery and Botox. The following steps are to be followed when you want to do this V exercise. To start with this exercise, place two middle fingers of your hands together at corner which is inner of eye brows. Now press both the middle fingers of both of your hands. Now apply pressure outer corners of the eyebrows with the help of index fingers. In this step, look at ceiling and relax then. Repeat this exercise for six times. After that close your eyes and squeeze them. Slowly close your eyes for 10 seconds.

To Prevent Eye Puffiness

2. For Enhancing Smile

These exercises are good for your cheek lines. This exercise keeps the wrinkles of chin at bay. This exercise is an alternative to fillers and face lift which is lower. To perform this, make ‘O’ shape with your mouth. This should be done through hiding your teeth. Hide your teeth and then smile widely. Repeat this process for six times. Now, place an index finger on your chin maintaining the same ‘o’ shape with your mouth. Move the jaw down and up tilting your head back. Repeat this process for two times.

For Enhancing Smile

3. For Flirty Eyes

This exercise is very good in preventing horizontal lines on forehead. In fact, this exercise is an alternative to Botox. For performing this, put all the inward facing fingers on your forehead. Spread all the fingers on your forehead between hairline and eyebrows. Now, softly sweep all the fingers across forehead outwardly. Do this step through applying light pressure on your forehead. This helps to tight the skin. After that relax yourself and repeat this process for 10 times.

For Flirty Eyes

4. To Enhance Eye Brow Beauty

This exercise is very good in preventing eye brows drooping and hollows of eyes. This exercise is a good alternative for eyebrow lift. To perform this exercise, place index fingers under both of your eyes pointing to nose. Hide your teeth keeping your upper lip and lower lip away. Now look at ceiling for half minute. Do it while fluttering your upper eyelids.

To Enhance Eye Brow Beauty

5. For Tightening The Skin Of Your Neck

As mentioned in the name, this exercise works wonder in getting you rid of loose skin and lines on your neck skin. This exercise is a very good alternative to jowl lift and neck lift. To perform this exercise, keep your head straight upward. Now, put your fingers at your neck bottom. Stroke the skin of your neck downwards while tilting your head back. Now bring the head to chest.Repeat this exercise for twice. Now, start extending your lower lips out. Pull corners of your mouth towards down. Now, place your finger tips on your collarbone by pointing chin upwards. Hold in this position until 4 deep breaths.

For Tightening The Skin Of Your Neck