Top 6 Bags For Women Which You Must Keep In Your Wardrobe

Bags are one of the most important accessories for women to keep in your closet. They make you so stylish and gorgeous. Also they are great to carry at your work or to the brunch or in any party. So try to keep some great bags in your wardrobe and be stylish. In this article I am sharing some bags suggestions which you must have to keep in your closet. Just go through this article and follow the tips to accessorize properly with bags because bags are most important style statement for the women.

Here Are The Top 6 Bags For Women Which You Must Keep In Your Wardrobe:

1. Tote

It is a common type of bag which has enough space in it to carry almost every thing in it. Usually it is long in shape and has a long handle to carry. Tote goes well with any casual outfit. You can carry a bottle of water, your sunglass, wallet, an umbrella etc. and all the items in it you need to carry when you are going to an outing. There are so many Tote bags are available in market with various colors and material. You can easily find Tote bags in market which have some catchy messages printed on it; try them if you like such. Choose one of them according to your budget, keep it in your closet and carry it on your go.


2. Sling Bag

Sling Bags have a long handle or strap in it to carry and the space is far smaller than Tote. But is very stylish option to carry it whether you are in a brunch or hang outs with your friends. It is actually used to carry most essential things such as key of your car, your glasses etc. Try to keep a trendy sling bag in your word robe as an accessory. There are so many options in sling bag; you can buy a bag made with printed material or of a solid color which can goes well with any colored outfits. Sling bags are ideal with casual outfits.

Sling Bag

3. Satchel

Do you ever try satchel? It is one type of stylish bag which you must keep in your closet. It has a medium storage capacity which a strap or straps. It goes well with both formal and casual outfit. Carry a satchel when you are going for a party or outing. Try to keep any neutral colored satchel like a black and beige one in your closet which can go well with any colored dress. Carry a satchel in a weekend outing while you are stepping outside of your place.


4. Hand Bag

You must have hand bags in your closet. It has a medium or a little more storage space in it. Hand bags are ideal for carrying it to your office or work place. So it goes well with any formal dress. There are various types of hand bags available in market in different shapes, sizes and color. It works as a great carrier of your all essential things and also a great accessory for you. Choice one hand bag of your choice and keep it in your wardrobe; but the suggestion is to keep one neutral and one vibrant colored hand bag in your closet. Choose one of them while you are going your office according to the color of your dress.

Hand Bag

5. Back Pack

Are you a little bit adventurous or love to travel? Then you must have back packs in your ward robe. Back Packs have actually enough space in it. It has two straps to carry it and mostly carried in back. Back Packs are ideal to carry a little heavy weight than the other bags specified above. You can find different types of back packs in market. Most of them are made with canvas material and they are ideal for while you are traveling in a hill region or go for a tracking. There are also leather back packs available in market; they are little bit stylish and are suitable to carry in your work place too.

Back Pack

6. Clutch

Clutch Bags are the most common item in your closet which can be a best style statement for you and clutch bags are very much suitable for carrying in parties. It is more stylish than a simple wallet and more style quotient in your looks. There is also variation available for clutches also either in color or shape. Try to keep two or three clutches in your closet of different shapes and colors. Keep one boat shaped clutch of silver or gold colored which is suitable for any night party. Keep one black or brown colored clutch and a vibrant colored clutch in your wardrobe.