Top 7 Best Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

Every woman wants beautiful and lustful hair, which they can flaunt and keep open. No one wants their hair to be damaged but very few people do something about it and make sure to take proper care of their hair. It is very annoying to maintain the dry and damaged hair, and especially when you can see the deadness of your hair and also the thin hair where people can see your scalp. It is the worst thing that can happen to any girl or a woman.

Young girls, especially those who live outside, where they do not really care of their eating habits suffers from these problems. And we cannot just blame them. Bad eating habits and not taking proper care of your hair is one of the main reasons for thinning hair. Another reason can be medication; if you are on some medicines and you see a lot of hair loss then please consult the doctor. It is a nightmare and those who suffer from it, know it best!

Mentioned Below Are The Top 7 Best Home Remedies To Reduce Damaged Hair:

1. Oil Your Hair

It is the most common thing that every girl must have heard al her life either from her grandmother or mother. Oiling is very important to your hair and it will give a natural shine to your hair and will make it bouncy and effective. You must at least oil your hair twice a week to make sure that your dry hair doesn’t look dry anymore. Oil it 2 hours before you plan to shower. And make sure to heat the oil before.

Oil your hair

2. Condition Your Hair With Olive Oil

To reduce your damaged hair, you must condition your hair with olive oil. Take half a cup of live oil and heat it a little. Massage your hair gently with the oil and wrap your hair either with a soft towel or a plastic bag. Leave it for at least an hour before washing.

Condition your hair with Olive oil

3. Rinse Your Hair With Tea

If your hair is dead and damaged, then make sure to rinse with tea. Brew the tea for at least 20 minutes and allow it to cool down. Use it after you shampoo as a final rinse and leave it. Your hair will have a natural shine and they will look beautiful.

Rinse your hair with Tea

4. Use The Vinegar Mask For Hair

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar is one of the tips to make your dead and damaged hair bouncy. Wash your hair with vinegar. You must take at least half a cup of vinegar and add one cup of warm or lukewarm water in it and rinse thoroughly. Wash with vinegar after you have shampooed your hair and washed properly. Use the vinegar and rinse and then run your hair in water to get rid of the smell. It will make your hair shinier and bouncier.

Vinegar (2)

5. Use Yoghurt And Honey Mask For Your Damaged Hair

This is one of the best home remedies to cure your damaged hair and you can make this mask easily. all you need for this mask is eggs and honey and few drops of either almond oil or olive oil. It will nourish your hair and will make it look healthy and bouncy.

Use Yoghurt and honey mask for your damaged hair

6. Use Sandalwood Oil To Reduce The Dry And Damaged Hair

Sandalwood oil is really good for damaged hair. You can mix it with either almond oil or jojoba oil for better result. Heat the oil a little and massage gently on your scalp. Leave the oil for at least an hour and rinse properly.

Use Sandalwood oil to reduce the dry and damaged hair

7. Fish

Fish is the rich source of Omega 3. Having Omega-3 in your diet is very important for your hair. It not really works wonders for your hair but also for your skin and eyes. You can have omega-3 tablets once in a day, to maintain the balance.