Top 7 Stylish Shoes For The Winter Months

Shoes are one of the most important accessories which complement our dress. It also protects our feet from the dust and any harmful thing also. In winter time we all prefer to wear some closed shoes, but some time they are not so stylish. And if we go for style it does not give so much of comfort in cold weather. Just go through the topic and generate an idea how to wear stylish shoes even if in winter.

Here are the 7 Best Stylish Shoes That Can Be Wearing In Cold Weather And Which Increases your Style Quotient.

1. Ankle High Or Ankle Boots:

This is the most stylish shoe that you can try in the season of winter. This shoe is suitable for wearing with the trousers, jeans and also with the long skirts. Ankle Boots gives you a complete protection in adverse weather and also keeps your feet warm for long hours in cold weather. Keep a pair of Ankle Boot of neutral color in your closet to wear in winter.

Ankle High Or Ankle Boots

2. Clog:

Do you ever try Clogs? Clogs are basically a type of classy shoes which you can try with any formal western outfits and also suitable for winter. Clogs are very much suitable to wear in your work places and keep you stylish. This type of shoe has a closed toe area but have an open outside. These types of shoes are easy to wear and also have easy to maintain.


3. Thigh High Boot:

Now wear your favorite short dress for the night party in winter if you have a pair of Thigh High Boot in your closet. Thigh high boots gives you comfort in winter as it covers the exposed area of your legs and keeps the warmth. It also goes well with your short skirts. You can find different types of thigh high boots in shops, which are made with various types of material and came with different color. Keep a black or brown colored thigh high boot in your wardrobe which can be wore with every colored dress.

Thigh High Boot

4. Loafers:

In winter we have to attend some picnic or some hangouts with our friends. For these occasions you will need to keep a pair of Loafers in your closet. This type of shoe has a flat heel; thus those who are not comfortable to wear heels they can go for it. This close shoe protects your feet from the dust and cold keeping you stylish at the same time. Keep a pair of trendy bright colored loafer or a common black colored pair of loafers in your closet.


5. Ugg Boots:

Ugg Boots are a very common shoe for wearing with any kind of western wear and is suitable for wearing in clod weather. This foot wear goes well with LBD s and with short skirts. So, try to wear Ugg Boots with your party wear and be gorgeous. You can wear any short length dress with Ugg Boots to get a gorgeous looks.

Ugg Boots

6. Ballerina:

They are extremely flat and ballerinas are highly suitable for daily wear. This closed toe shoe keeps your feet safe and those who are not comfortable with any types of heels they can easily try it. It also keeps the warmth of your feet in extreme cold weather. Keep a black or brown colored ballerina in your closet to wear it daily.


7. Knee Boot:

As the name suggests this shoe has a height covers up to your knee area; that’s why it is suitable for wearing in winter season. Knee boots are perfectly ok with any knee length office dress or formal outfits and it does not contain so much of heels. You can try it to wear in your work places especially in winter.

Knee Boot