Looking for top bra brands? Well, check out this guide to find yourself the perfect bra for every shape and body type and their reviews here. Read further to know more about it. 

Finding the perfect bra has always been a trouble. Do you always end up buying something too tight and uncomfortable or loose and unfit for your clothes?

Then you should probably stick by this article to find yourself the best brand to make you look more confident and elegant. 

Top bra brands: Summary

Top bra brandsTypePrice Range
Natori Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage BraSeamless, full-coverage$$$ (Expensive)
Hanes ComfortBlend Soft Underwire BraUnderwire, semi-coverage$$ (Affordable)
True & co True Body V Neck BraSleek v neck, hookless$$$ (Expensive)
Cosabella Say Never Sweetie BralettePull-on closure bralette$ (Very Affordable)
Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing BraLightly lined, full on closure$$$ (Expensive)
Red Carpet Strapless Full-Busted Underwire BraFull busted, strapless, underwired $$$ (Expensive)
Freya Idol Underwire Molded Balcony BraSoft cups, full coverage$$$ (Expensive)

A general fact is that most women don’t know or can’t find their perfect bra and often end up with unfitted and comfortable bras.

Nobody wants that as underwear should make everyone most comfortable to make one look confident in their outfit. 

What are the top bra brands?

  • Natori
  • Hanes
  • True & Co
  • Cosabella
  • Vanity Fair
  • Wacoal 
  • Freya

Honestly, I was also one of you who would go for local brands while shopping for bras and I’ve faced my share of problems already.

I then came across an ad in a magazine and tried a few top bra brands. I was extremely impressed because they were comforting and supportive. 

So, I’d recommend you to always go for bras that are comfortable and that belong to good brands.

Your bra should be supportive of your breasts, fit well, be comfortable as well as make you look confident. Take a note here ladies!

If you’re looking for one or many for yourself, check out this list of top bra brands in the world that you’d love to have below. 

Top Bra Brands 2022

Natori Bra

Natori bras are rated to be the most comfortable ones on the list and one of the top, for sure!

The fabric of their bra is of top quality, is soft, and doesn’t get torn easily.

Natori bras fit well, are supportive, and can easily be worn or removed with the back clipping system. 

I personally love their bras because they aren’t see-through and feel good on the skin.

Also, their elastic below the bust is easy and doesn’t cause any rash. Natori bras are quite durable for a long while and stay in good condition.

According to me Natori is amongst the top 5 bra brands. 

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Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Contour Bra

best affordable bra brands

This is one of the best bras from Natori. It’s comfortable and has light cups. This bra is seamless and provides full coverage. It has a hook and eye closure. Also, the sizes available are from 32-38 and B to DDD. 

Hanes Bra

Hanes are one of the top bra brands to wear under t-shirts. Hanes bras have great styles and are decently priced.

Also, it won’t feel like anything under you because it’s really really light. Hanes bras have unbeatable designs that are worthy of beachwear as well. 

I like Hanes bras because they never make me feel like I’m wearing anything inside but support my breasts so well. It lifts and gives a very nice shape under t-shirts. 

The hooks are adjustable so you can shape it as you like it, racerback, front crossing etc. The only drawback is that Hanes don’t have a lot of sizes available, if you find your size here, you’re lucky. 

​​Ultimate Women’s ComfortBlend Underwire Bra

best sports bra brands

This is one of my favorite bras that I got from Hanes as it can be turned into a racerback as well. The bra’s appearance is very fancy and it also has underwriting for better support. Hanes has tag free labelling that won’t irritate your skin. 

True & Co Bra

Definitely one of the top bra brands that we have personally tested. It’s very comfortable and their top-selling bras have to be their “loungewear bra” edition.

These bras have removable pads and you can also sleep while wearing that. This is also one of the top sports bra brands.

True & Co is great for small-breasted people as it provides ample support to small-chested people.

Their bras do come in large sizes as well. This is one of the best bra companies for comfort purposes. Their lounge bras can also make great sportswear, so yay! 

True Body V Neck Bra

best online bra brands

True Body from True & co is one of our best finds as it’s a lounge bra that gives ample support and can be worn while playing sports or working out as well. It has a pull-on closure and a sleek v neck design. It’s wire-free and the pads are removable. 

Cosabella Bra

Cosabella is one of the top bra brands for large busts with a variety of bra types and sizes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Their designs are extremely sexy and their fit is everything next to perfect.

Their bra provides a definite shape to your breasts and doesn’t hurt your back. 

I tried their bracelets and they are just so amazingly designed. You can find a lot of different sizes here for small chest girls to heavy-breasted girls.

They have a push-up effect without having the wire attached, how great is that? 

 Cosabella Say Never Sweetie Bralette

best plus size bra brands

Cosabella’s say never sweetie bralette is extremely famous for its minimalist design as the bralette has no pads, no wires and no hooks. It’s a simplistic designer bra with straps. The sheer lace bralette is very pretty and has a pull-on closure. 

Vanity Fair Bra

Vanity Fair is definitely one of the top bra brands that have so many different types of bras available like wire-free, wired, full coverage, semi-coverage, bralette, etc.

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Their bras are one of the best bras in the world, I swear because of the fabric and coverage. 

Vanity Fair is great for heavy-chested people as it minimizes the appearance as well as is great to wear under t-shirts.

They are lightly-lined or are mostly seamless with countered cups. I love their bras for the fabric, it’s just too good. 

Vanity Fair Full Figure Beauty Back Smoothing Bra

best quality bra brands

This bra is from the best affordable bra brand and is really good on the skin because of its fabric and shape. It’s made with 4-way stretch fabric that feels smooth. The wire-free construction offers support and keeps the breast in its place. 

Wacoal Bra

Wacoal is one of the top bra brands that make extremely supportive bras that fit perfectly and often are true to their original sizes.

These bras are extremely durable and retain their elasticity for a long time even after a lot of washes. 

I love Wacoal bras for their longevity. The comfort level and the support are something that you’d be a fan of.

The only drawback of this top bra brand is that it’s way too expensive, otherwise everything about it is perfect. 

Red Carpet Strapless Full-Busted Underwire Bra

best underwear and bra brands

This strapless underwire bra is a public favorite and a personal favorite too. It looks great when worn with strapless or off-shoulder dresses. It doesn’t sag up the breasts and rather provides ample support to them. 

Freya Bra

Freya Is one of the top bra brands that’s pretty famous for its lingerie and swimwear.

They are great with design as well as the style of the bra. This is one of the brands under Wacoal and is pretty much similar to the pattern. 

Although the Freya bras are extremely popular, I personally didn’t find them to be that great.

The size ran too large and even the wires were taking a lot of space. If you find a true-to-size bra from Freya then you might enjoy wearing them. 

Freya Idol Underwire Molded Balcony Bra

best plus size bra brands

The Idol underwired molded bra is one of the decent bras from Freya. It’s great for heavy-chested girls who like full coverage. You’d love this bra for the soft pads it has as it makes the experience of wearing it very comfortable and supportive. 

Which is the best bra brand? 

I’ve tried 10+ bra brands to find out which is the best one and rated them on the basis of comfort, support, durability as well as material. I found Natori to be the best bra brand. 

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Natori bras are extremely famous for their comfort and great fabric. The fabric of their bra is of top quality, is soft, and doesn’t get torn easily. Natori bras fit well, are supportive and can easily be worn or removed with the back clipping system. It’s available on Amazon for sale. 

FAQs about Bra Brands

How many bras should I own?

There is no set number, but it’s recommended that women own at least a dozen bras. Bras are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe and can be used for different occasions. They can be worn under clothing to give them more shape or support, as well as during workouts to help increase intensity and endurance.
Bras come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to find the right one for your body type and style. It’s also helpful to have several different colors available so that you can alternate between outfits without having to go shopping every time a new outfit comes up!

How often should bras be washed?

Most bras should be washed every week, but this varies depending on the type of bra and how often it is worn. If you wear a full-cup bra most days, then you should wash it each day. If you only wear a half- or quarter-cup bra occasionally, then you can probably go without washing it for several weeks without any adverse effects.
When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and wash your bras regularly to protect them from bacteria and other contaminants that may cause odors or irritations.

Best Bra Brands for Ladies – A Summary

So, ladies if you’re looking for the right pair of bras, you should definitely buy it from one of these top bra brands that make their lingerie of the best quality.

These bra brands focus on support, durability, and comfort a lot and make sure the customer is happy with the product.

Hope this article- Top bra brands helped you find the perfect one that fits you well and is extremely supportive.

After all, A good bra is like your best friend, it’s supportive, rare, and close to the heart”

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Natori Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Bra

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