Ethical clothing brands makes clothes without hurting the planet. Which is why ethical clothing brands in UK have our full support. Here’s a list of popular ethical clothing brands in UK that not help keep the planet greener but also make super stylish clothe sin the process!

The top ethical clothing brands in UK are those that use sustainable fabrics, practice fair labour laws, and do not use materials, processes, or sourcing practices that hurt the environment.

These ethical clothing brands are a must as fast fashion clothing brands are known to be the worst offenders in terms of pollution, labor exploitation, and animal cruelty. 

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Ethical clothing is the need of the hour. And there are several top ethical clothing brands that are committed to making the world a better place. But unfortunately, they are not as popular as fast fashion brands. So we decided to change that. 

This list of sustainable and Fairtrade clothing in the UK will help you make better choices when it comes to fashion. So now you can have the style in your wardrobe without the accompanying guilt. 

Ethical Clothing Brands In UK Best ForEthics
People TreeWomen’s ClothingIntegrated supply chain, Locally-sourced products
BodenBoho ClothingResponsibly sourced materials,
Thought ClothingColorful Casual ClothingSustainable fabrics, Production practices
MashuBags and AccessoriesVegan leather and recycled materials
MayamikoEthnic FashionEthical Trade Initiative Certified
Mother Of PearlLuxury ProductsEco-friendly materials and Living wages
Nancy DeeVariety In SizesMade in Britain, Upcycles fabrics
Olive Subtle Styles and DesignsFocus on labor welfare and living wages
KomodoMen’s ClothingNatural fabrics and eco-friendly production
Stay WildSwimwearSustainable fabrics

Popular Ethical Clothing Brands In UK 

Been London

Been London is one of my favorite brands because of its sustainable and ethical practices. Been London, a UK based brand, recycles waste to design beautiful and practical accessories.

Established in 2020, Been London is an all-female team designing and creating amazing products like bags and small leather goods using recyclable waste. Been London has successfully made a true impact in the fashion industry and has bought about real change.

People Tree

People Tree is one of the best ethical brands in the UK. This high end clothing brand has stores all over London. You can find stuff ranging from women’s nightwear to accessories and everyday clothing like jumpers, skirts and trousers. There are clothes available in sizes from 6 to 18. 

Ethical Clothing Brands In UK

What we like about People Tree is that they’re one of the few brands for fairtrade clothing in the UK. This means that they have ethical labour practices that are in line with the Small Producers Organisations Code of Conduct. 

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They do not use sweatshops but instead have partnerships with artisans and workers from developing countries to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. This brand is one of the sustainable clothing brands in the UK as well. 

The fabrics used are sustainable and only the dyes which are safe and AZO-free are utilized. Most of their products are sourced locally. They have a great integrated supply chain system for organic cotton. 

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This brand is based out of West London, and is in fact one of the older ones on this list. If you want ethical boho clothing in the UK, this is the right place to be. The best thing about this ethical clothing brand is that it isn’t boring. You can find some of the most colorful and interesting clothes here!

Boden ethick UK brand

Boden practices fair trade labour laws and works with artisans from countries like India, Turkey, China, to ethically produce their clothing. All the materials are responsibly-sourced and they use only sustainable cotton in their clothes. 

They are known for their womenswear section, but there are also options for men and kids. You can buy everything from tops to bottoms, and jumpsuits to outerwear from Boden. While we were impressed by their selection of clothing, the sizes are a bit lacking. 

This is a great clothing brand if you are petite. But we were a tad disappointed with the lack of plus size options. 

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Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing is another famous brand for organic clothing in the UK. What makes this brand so great is the fabrics they use. Their motto is “slow and thoughtful fashion” which translates to using the highest quality, natural fabrics in their clothing.

Thought Clothing

You’ll find bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton – all of which are sustainable fibers. This practice makes a great choice for kids and baby clothing too. They have a very cute range for your little ones and the fabrics are great on their skin.

They’ve also got clothing for men and women in a variety of colors and styles. We liked how they stock sizes 6-18, so you can get a good outfit if you’re slightly on the heavier side as well. 

Their price range is what you’d expect for such quality fabrics, but it isn’t bad enough to burn a hole in your pocket. We also give Thought Clothing a big thumbs up for their fair labour and payment practices. 

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While there are several, top UK ethical clothing brands, what about the accessories? It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most organic, sustainable clothing if your accessories are from problematic brands. 

MASHU UK sustainable brand

So Mashu UK is a good choice if you want bags that are created by using ethical practices. These eco-friendly bags use only vegan leather and recycled polyester. And we loved how their carbon neutral shipping doesn’t hurt the environment either.

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They’ve got some fantastic handbags for both day and night occasions.  

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Mayamiko isn’t just one of the top ethical clothing brands in the UK, we love how it actively helps disadvantaged women make a living.

This fairtrade company believes in labour rights and has a charity called the Mayamiko Trust set up to help Malawi women improve their skills, increase their financial independence, and learn business management too. 

This ethical clothing brand is also environment-friendly as it uses solar powered workshops and a zero waste policy. Mayamiko is Mayamiko Ethical Trade Initiative Certified and 100% vegan-certified by PETA. 

You’ll mostly find women’s clothing here. There are dresses, jumpsuits, statement accessories, and even activewear. We find the price range justified for the quality.

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Mother Of Pearl

Who says luxury and sustainability cannot go hand in hand. Mother of Pearl is one such ethical clothing brand that proves you can have opulence without hurting either other communities or the environment. 

Mother of Pearl includes accessories and casual clothing such as denims, sweater, dresses, and more. They even have a bridal collection. This eco-friendly brand uses only sustainable 

fabrics and is committed to paying a fair wage across its supply chain. 

While they do use leather, they make sure it’s sourced from the otherwise-wasted by-products of the meat industry. Some experts even debate this is a better option than using synthetic “vegan” leather. They do not use wool from mulesed sheep as well.  

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Nancy Dee

Among the more affordable ethical clothing brands in the UK is Nancy Dee. This clothing company focuses on sourcing their labour locally. Most of their products are made in Britain where they are based. 

Nancy Dee uses production methods that ensure fabric waste is minimal. They even use upcycled and sustainable materials to create their outfits. The collection is vast and comes in a wide variety of sizes. 

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Another of the top ethical clothing brands is Olive. It’s great for both men’s and women’s apparel including loungewear, casual wear and more. Most of their designs use subtle colour palettes and prints. 

This clothing brand has manufacturing units in OECD countries and works with the local artisans to create wonderful clothing. They are also focused on paying fair wages to their garment workers. 

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Komodo is one of the best sustainable clothing brands for men. Of course, they have a great collection for women too.

But it’s the menswear styles that really caught our attention. It’s also one of the oldest organic fashion brands in the UK as it was established in 1988. 

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Their unique fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles, hemp, organic cotton and other sustainable materials.

Most of their designs have an Asian influence, which is no surprise considering they are based in places like Bali, India, and Kathmandu. 

They are committed to paying fair wages and are a member of the 1 percent for the planet initiative. 

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Stay Wild

If you’re looking for ethical clothing brands that specialize in swimwear and sportswear, then Stay Wild is a good pick. They are a ‘slow fashion’ brand that focuses on ethical manufacturing practices and using sustainable fabrics. 

We also loved how they use models of all shapes, sizes and ages for their catalogue. You won’t have any trouble finding plus-size clothing here either. 

Some of Stay Wild’s ethical practices include paying fair wages, using carbon neutral shipping, and having a zero waste manufacturing system. 

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Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands in UK: FAQs

What is Fairtrade clothing in the UK?

Fairtrade clothing in the UK or otherwise refers to clothing brands which have been certified by the Fairtrade International organisation. To get Fairtrade certified, the brand needs to meet certain criteria in regards to sustainability, fair labour practices and working conditions, and ethical sourcing and trading practices. 

What are some sustainable clothing brands for men?

Buck Mason
Todd Shelton
Brothers We Stand

Is ASOS brand ethical?

While ASOS is making progress to create ethical and sustainable clothing, it’s been marked “Not Good Enough” when it comes to being ethical. They do not use angora, leather, and are committed to reducing animal products completely from their catalogue. 
Asos also has a collection called the Responsible Edit which contains sustainable outfits, but it’s not the whole of their catalogue. They are also lacking in labor laws as they’ve ranked 41-50% in the Fashion Transparency Index. 

Is Zara clothing ethical?

Zara has a few sustainable clothing lines but not big enough of a collection to make an impact. They’ve also got 51-60% in the Fashion Transparency Index. Their labour comes mostly from Spain, a country known for being at medium risk for labour abuse.
They’ve aligned themselves with the Five Freedoms and do not use fur, angora, products tested on animals, etc. But you can still find them utilizing leather, wool, and exotic animal hair. 
Zara is a fast-fashion brand known for promoting mass consumerism, so it’s still not doing the environment any favours.


These top ethical clothing brands help you reduce some of the guilt that comes with fashion these days. The use of sustainable fabrics, fair labour laws, and environmentally friendly practices help create a better future for the earth and the lesser-privileged communities. 

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