UK fashion brands have always had a unique style and sophistication. So we’ve curated a list of popular luxury brands in UK. Check it out!

The British are always known for being impeccably dressed. And so it’s not a wonder that there are so many luxury brands in UK.

From runway fashion to high-street fashion, these UK brands redefine being posh.

In this world of tough competition, we bring you the top luxury brands in the UK to make your dreams more vivid. 

Luxury Brands In UKLuxury Item They’re Known For
Calvin KleinLingerie, Jeans
ChanelClothing, Bags, Perfume
Ted BakerAccessories, Clothing
DiorClothing, Perfume
Ralph LaurenMens and Women’s Clothing
PorscheLuxury Cars
PradaDresses, Gowns, and Other Womenswear
Burberry Leathers
Louis VuittonBags, Luggage,

Popular Luxury Brands in UK 2022

Vivienne Westwood – Most Influential UK Luxury Brand

Vivienne Westwood is probably the most influential brand in the UK. Vivienne Westwood is specially known for bringing forth creative, unique fashion into the world.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood was established in the year 1970 and has given birth to the most exquisite fashion pieces that people absolutely adore!

You’ll find the trendiest pieces with this brand. Ranging from adorable clothing to backpacks and bags. And absolutely beautiful jewelry!

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Rolex Watches UK

Rolex is the epitome of class, perfection, and customer satisfaction. It has instilled extraordinary dreams for every watch lover.

rolex luxury watch UK brand

The bars are so high that it has become the general term for super expensive watches. And it doesn’t even have to be a solid gold one!

rolex watches UK

They have a very systematic watch building process which makes up for its high quality.

rolex UK

Rolex watches has remained one of the most sophisticated and sought after companies in the world and by the looks of it, the UK holds it in high regards!

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Calvin Klein – Top Luxury Brand in UK 

Calvin Klein is no stranger to anyone because of its heights of glamour and fashion styles they provide. It is a modern fashion brand that has catered to fashion, lingerie, sportswear and accessories.

Besides jaw-droppingly gorgeous models, their brand has a way with the audience. It exhibits high class and prominence in the fashion industry.

Calvin Klein does exceptionally well in the UK as it does in other parts of the world. 

The companies’ appeal lies in its commitment to quality materials and standards, customer satisfaction, price range, and, of course, the stylish celebrity ambassadors. They’ve also got their own fragrance.

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Swarovski UK

Swarovski is a sophisticated brand of precious jewelry. The collection they have is endless and is world renowned and looked up to more than other brands.

Their decor and style is so unique and comes as a favorite to those who are aesthetically on top.

We promise you that the bomb you pay here will not go unworthy. Every dime counts here at Swarovski!

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Yves Saint Laurent UK

Another top luxury brand in the UK. Yves St. Laurent is a fashion brand with everything catering to glamour and high fashion for both men and women. The brand is so renowned that some of their clothing apparel are signature wears.

They’ve also got a signature fragrance, candles, luggage, and any other luxury item imaginable.

Their site is a total package for men and women who are fashion lovers. The styles and trends are being updated by them every season giving people another reason to love the brand. 

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Harrods UK 

Harrods makes up for taste and aestheticity. They have a number of categories which fulfill all your fashion desires including lifestyle, accessories like candles and scents, men’s fashion, women’s fashion and kids.

If you are even considering looking here for some fashion enlightenment, you won’t be surprised. This brand is very well known and is one of the popular luxury brands in the UK. It’s one of those companies that need no introduction.

Their accessories have all kinds of moods including ethnic and tribal designs which are so elegant. 

The fashion styles they have men are another aspect to look out for since they have an extraordinary collection that looks super sophisticated. 

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HugoBoss Luxury Brand In UK

 One of the most sophisticated and varied companies that is out there! 

Hugo boss oozes confidence and deliverance just with one look at their clothing apparels and accessories. We would say that this brand caters to the UK fashion in high regards as well like it does with the other countries. 

Their perfumes deserve a special shoutout for the way it has gained popularity with each scent they bring. Their Alive series is one of our favorites, especially the candles.

And it’s not just Britain, the label’s offices and store locations stretch to U.S., France, Italy, Switzerland, and most of Europe.

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Chanel UK’s Most Luxurious Brand

Chanel needs no introduction in the fashion realm as it has always stood out in every aspect they are involved. They are world renowned and have given everyone some very high fashion fantasies with fashion! To own a Chanel bag or a bottle of Chanel perfume or candles.

The brands haute couture is desired by top celebrities and big wigs front the fashion and film industry. But such is their quality. It is absolutely a dream for people all over to own a product of this renowned brand. We especially love the outerwear.

If you ever have a chance to shop from Chanel don’t miss out on the perfume collection. It is one of the more remarkable companies. 

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This luxury fashion brand has its origins in Paris and but now dominates the luxury sector in most of Europe.

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Ted Baker UK

With the looks of it it is a given that Ted Baker is a symbol of sophistication and style. It caters to men and women in top clothing brands and also accessories like watches, bags, and other apparel.

With the growing fashion industry in the UK, this brand does justice to the culture and fits right in with the needs of the people.

Ted Baker is based in the United Kingdom and thus works well with the culture. 

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Dior UK

Dior cannot be repeated enough in the fashion industry and provides a wide range of apparels. Men’s fashion and women’s fashion is held in high regards.

The UK has its way with the fashion realm and Dior is as sophisticated as the changing fashion trends in the country.

They have top quality perfumes, bags and clothes.

If you are looking for a high investment in couture then Dior is the place to do it. 

Chanel’s perfume collection is to die for with their dreamy scents. We’ve got to say the package itself looks like a dream. 

Another thing to note is their skin care collection for women. Like their fashion brands they have super effective skin care products which are flourishing for perfection. 

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Ralph Lauren UK

Ralph Lauren has been around for a long time spreading ideas and its strength in disseminating style around the world. The theme of the brand is more to do with class so it has a strong aura on its own.

Who wouldn’t love the business wear that they have for men! With top quality clothes, Ralph Lauren has made it to the top in the fashion industry. 

The section for kids is the most adorable collection you will ever come across. 

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Wolf And Badger UK

The theme of this brand is mostly to do with classy outfits and accessories and shoes that compliment on the same. The colors of this brand is what we love.

The prices of this brand are comparatively less and more doable than the other expensive luxury brands that we have shown you with.

Check out their leather boots collection and match it some of your favorite colors. 

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Chinti and Parker UK

This is one of the most renowned luxury brands in London that mainly focuses on womenswear in a broader category. 

They have a quirky and more quirky line that provides women with Peanuts’ Snoopy clothing including leisure and loungewear.

This brand oozes out comfort and style together with sophistication. 

We love the cashmere collection that has elegant lining and designs that stays put with the name and rep of the brand. 

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Burberry British Luxury Fashion House

Burberry is one of the top British brands known for their amazing craftsmanship and reputation for quality. They are also committed to customer satisfaction.

This designer label has been around for decades (actually centuries) and was started by its founder Thomas Burberry in 1856. Burberry was listed 73rd in the Best Global Brands list along with the likes of Prada, LVMH, and Cartier.

This British fashion brand provides a wide range of designer products to its customer, including luggage, menswear, shirts, footwear, fashion for woman, fragrance, and more.

One of the best luxury fashion brands in the world, Burberry is the pioneer for luxury leather goods, especially those for the outdoor experience.

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Unlike Burberry, this brand is not native to Britain. It’s actually an Italian fashion house. But it is one of the most popular luxury retailers in this country. Heck, it was even the inspiration for that Anne Hathaway movie.

The luxury leathers, sophisticated shirts, the finest raw materials, and generations of bespoke tailoring experience is what defines this brand.

You can find cotton and wool shirts, stylish dresses, handbags, candles, scents, and other luxury shopper items. A lot of celebrities wear Prada to the premier of their films too.

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a household name. Now who hasn’t heard of their famous purses and longed for it. This company is one of the best in the luxury goods market.

From shoes to clothing to accessories, their products are easily recognizable thanks to the famous Louis Vuitton logo. Not only limited to fashion, this Louis Vuitton is also one of the top luxury luggage brands in the world.

They have physical stores all over the poshest London locales. Among the most sought after valuable luxury brands, you can expect the best quality products from this company.

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Now that we have given you a glimpse into the top luxury brands in the UK here are some pointers that you have to look out for about fashion trends in the UK. Read on. 

Luxury Brands in UK: FAQs

What is the most expensive brand in the UK?

A recent census has revealed that Clavin Klein, HugoBoss and Rolex were the most expensive brands followed by the list that we have provided above. Rolex would be the first among that list with its high quality and the audience it caters to. It has appeared to be a dream for many over the years with its creative collection they have developed. 

What brands are from the UK?

While the list that we have provided above has brands that are available in the Uk, there are so many other brands that are based in the UK and have made it big from there. Have a look. 

Top brands in UK 
Alexander McQueen 
Charlie Alien
River Island 
Goi Goi 
Donna Ida 

So that was our list of the most luxurious brands in the UK. We hope this has given you an insight on the fashion trends and habits in the fashion industry in the United Kingdom.

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