Top Outfit Ideas That Flatter Your Body Type

When it comes to buying dresses or any fashionable outfit for that matter, your rule of thumb should be picking pieces that compliment your body type rather than going by just what is in vogue. Doing so will not only get you an idea about the latest trends and practices but you will be dressing your body the way it should.

Here Is A Guide:

For Apple Shaped Body’s

This is a body type that is known for carrying more of the weight along the middle of the body. Hence, there seems to be a very straight or rather lined look that these women have and you need to define curves here. So these are the kinds of outfits that you wear-

1.Wrap Around Dresses

Wrap arounds work very well here for women because they add a very nice curve around the waist. With apple shaped women, you are able to create the illusion of a slimmer waist and thus flatters. Anything that is A-line or gets attention around the waist should not be your pick.

Wrap Around Dresses

2. High Waist Straight Bottoms

If you are going for trousers or jeans, think of higher waists and straighter flares. The entire idea here is to ensure that you are looking curvy but not highlighting the wrong areas and the high waist just provides the same.

Straight and Flared Trousers

3. Flared Skirts

With flared skirts, you get the illusion of a much slimmer waist. Since women with apple shapes tend to be slimmer on the bottom, they can make their waist look tinier thanks to the flare that overall compliments this body shape very well.

Flared Skirts

Pear Shaped

This is probably one of the most common types of shapes for women as they are heavier on the bottom and slimmer on the top. So the idea of dressing up your outfits should be focussing on the bottom and adding some volume on the top.

1. A-Line Dresses

This really works well for women of this shape because tends to add a little volume on the top and creates a flattering cut on the bottom. It gives your body the illusion of being slimmer and highlights your curves in the right way.

A-Line Dresses

2. Straight And Flared Trousers

You should be looking for tops that are flared on the bottom and straight rather than going for something that is very skinny. Also, look for stiffer fabrics and darker colours that help your bottom to look slimmer. If it has seems running down the front of the leg, it gives you bisecting look and helps you look thinner on the bottom.

Straight and Flared Trousers

3. Fluted Skirts

Another idea here would be fluted skirts that again taper the lower body. However, remember to pick them in colours that are on the deeper side so that you are able to beat the illusion of looking heftier on the bottom. You should avoid very tight tops in this reference because they will make your difference in the top and the bottom more evident. Opt for minimal flare and pleats on the bottom or you will be accentuating the wrong areas.

Fluted Skirts

Hour Glass

This is a body type that should not really be complaining because they have a perfect outfit for all occasions and a body shape that can make everyone jealous. So you should simply pick and exude outfits that compliments your body. Since you have a tiny waist and curvy butts and busts, there is nothing to hide here.

1. Wear Dresses With Belts

Dresses with belts are ideal for women of this shape because they are able to get the best of both worlds. With that belt and dress, you will be able to accentuate your waistline and also show of your top and bottom. Peplum styled tops are highly recommended for you because they would highlight a skinny waist. Peplum tops also create a perfect silhouette for this kind of body.

Wear Dresses With Belts

2. Skinny Jeans And Skirts

Opt for pants that are straighter or skinnier depending on how you like it. Again adding belt or some kind of accessory around the waist is suggested. You can tuck in your tops with ease thanks to that little was it. Pick skirts that reflect your thinner waist again and the pencil style really works well here. Do make sure that you don’t really wear something too tight on the lower half. If wearing straight legged pants, go for a middle waist that helps to accentuate your curves right.

Skinny Jeans and skirts

Straight Body Type

This is the more athletic body type that is associated with the illusion of being straight. As a result, there is not much to flatter and so you need to add a lot of curves here using the different fashion weapons. The good thing is that because you are lean, there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to adding layers.

1. Detailed Dresses And Tops

The best way for you to go about dressing up would be adding more of ruffles and details on the top to give your bust a little bit of volume. You should think of tops that are ruffled, with some flares and cuts that adds volume. Along with this, you can also pick on sleeveless and halter neck tops because they show off those toned arms. So though you are appearing a little more voluminous on the top, you aren’t actually looking fat.

Detailed Dresses and Tops

2.  Low Waist Trousers And High Waist Skirts

The problem with adding curves is that the same rule doesn’t really apply for both trousers and skirts. Low waist trousers are suggested because they tend to create the illusion of a curvier waistline. It really works very well for women who are of straight shape. Along with this, the lower waist gives you flexibility of wearing boot and flared cuts that agains helps to balance and create a curvy effect. For the skirts, you can pick from high waist styles. Since you are wearing more of ruffles and details on the top, you want the skirt to be something like the pencil style that is snug around the lower half. This way you are able to add more curve, without losing that thin and lean image.

Low Waist Trousers And High Waist Skirts