We curated a list of the different types of manicure you can try for beautiful nails! Check it out!

Gorgeous and beautifully even toned hands are something which can grab anybody’s attention! The excellent manicures and nail finishes make the hands look flawless.

There are different kinds of manicures which can transform your hands and make them look bright, even toned and catchy! If you love to go for manicure sessions and try different to make the hands look beautiful, here are some different types of manicures which you must try!

These are the choicest manicures which are trending nowadays and stealing the hearts of women!

The classic shades of nail paints, the beautiful nail shapes, nail arts and everything about these manicures would keep you stunned! Look adorable with these beautiful nail arts and manicures this season!

Types Of Manicure To Try

The Basic Manicure

If you want gorgeous and lavish looking hands, here is an awesome manicure which you can try and which won’t need much of your time!

You can do a basic manicure when you don’t have time and yet want the hands to look fabulous.

Simply soak your hands in luke warm water, massage your hand with essential oil, apply the first base coat and nail enamel!

This is the simplest and most flattering manicures which you can try in a short time!

Here’s how a basic manicure is done at a salon!

Gel Manicure

This is a beautiful and glossy manicure which can make your nails look extraordinary.

The stunning manicure includes gel based nail enamels which would make your hands shine! This manicure consists of the normal manicure process along with the gel nail pant and the UV rays to make the nails look adorably shiny!

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This is one of the best manicures to try this season!

Here’s how yo can do a Gel Manicure at home!

French Manicure

This is one of the most widely followed manicures which women are crazy about! The beautiful and smooth finish of the manicure along with a classic royal finish would make your hands look super gorgeous!

The amazing combination of nude nail paints and a lavish white coat in the tip can make the hands look adorable! Try this beautiful manicure and make your nails look flawless!

Here’s how to do a french manicure!

Glitter Manicure

The glitter manicure is an awesome variation of manicures which can transform your nails and make them look adorable.

If you have any party occasions coming up, this is the type of manicure which would make your nails look flattering. The high impact coat of glittery nails would make you hands look one step more gorgeous!

Here’s how to do a glitter manicure. Check it out!

Reverse French Manicure

This manicure is stunning variation of the French manicure. Instead of a lining on the tips, you can reverse the effects and let the bottom of your nails get striped and colored!

Try this unique variation with beautiful shades and make your nails look flawless!

How to do reverse french manicure. Check it out!

Spa Manicure

If your skin has become dull, dry and lifeless, this spa manicure is used to fight all these issues and revitalize your skin.

The spa manicure is a combination of scrubs which can exfoliate your hands and nourish your skin. The additional efforts for skin care would leave you with fine nails and gorgeous even toned hands!

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Paraffin Wax Manicure

This is one of the most trending manicures these days. The paraffin manicures are awesome and makes your hands look bright and stunning.

Paraffin wax is applied on the hands to moisturize your hands and make them nourished.

This manicure would keep your hands beautiful and soft. For removing dead skin cells and to fight skin issues, this is the best manicure which can soften your skin!

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