Was any Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued? Find out below!

There are so many Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued that smell heavenly. If you’re looking to find which one, why, and dupes then you’re at the right place because we’re here to tell you all about Victoria’s Secret perfumes that are no longer selling. 

Fragrances are definitely one of the most luxurious things about your attire. Even though they’re not apparel, scents make a great difference when you’re getting decked up for an occasion. 

Good smelling fragrances can light up moods, make you appear fresh and also make you stand out. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Victoria’s Secret perfumes because they’re extremely famous, delightful and one can never go wrong with them. 

In this article, WomensOk will guide you Victoria’s secret perfume discontinued so you can pick the right perfume for yourself without disappointment.

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I’ve often thought that Victoria’s Secret is famous only amongst ladies but let me disclose a little secret here. The brand also occasionally venture’s out heavenly scents for men. It’s definitely my personal favourite brand and worth the money you through because of the long-lasting effect. 

However, it’s a common worry amongst the customers about how VS’s perfumes are discontinued so often. It’s quite hard to find the same fragrance again and often becomes frustrating. 

If you’re one among them who wants to know more about Victoria’s Secret perfume discontinued and their dupes, read further for all the deets. 

Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued

List Of Discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfumes 

  1. Body by Victoria: This was one of the most famous floral woody musk VS fragrances that was launched in 2022. Body by Victoria with notes of Freesia, Mandarin and Mimosa. There were hints of cucumber, lily and sandalwood as well. It rechaunced in 2014.
  2. Freesia: This fragrance has come up with 5 editions so far and is one of the bestsellers. Freesia was launched in 2010 and has vanilla aromas, Italian bergamot, South African white freesia and peony. 
  3. English Harvest Garden: This fragrance debuted in 1992 and was also inclduded in body care items like body wash, soaps etc. The fragrance has notes of Enchanted Apple, sparkling cassis, apricot, as well as citrus. 
  4. Exotic Bouquet: One of the most famous fragrances of all times that keeps coming back after every few editions. Exotic Bouquet has also been replicated by a few other brands as dupes because of its demand. It has warm floral scents with hints of vanilla. 
  5. Encounter: This Victoria’s Secret perfume is known for passion and seduction and best for use at evenings and daytime. Encounter has base notes of vanilla with the high of apricot, neroli, wood and heliotrope. 
  6. Rapture: This perfume was first out for sale in 1992 and has been a crowd favourite for being ‘spicy’. Rapture is a mixture of top notes with citrus, middle notes of jasmine, freesia and Bulgarian rose and base of heliotrope, amber, musk and vanilla.
  1. Vanilla Lace: A warm and seductive fragrance of vanilla and sultry musk, this was definitely a luxurious perfume to wear. It also consists of camomile and aloe vera. 
  2. Basic Instinct: This perfume was launched in 2004 and happens to have a floral and fruity smell. Basic Instinct consisted of notes of rose, lactonic, wood and patchouli. 
  3. So in Love: This scent was launched in 2005 and won “FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Women`s Private Label/Direct Sell” in 2006. So in Love was curated by Annie Buzantian who is a master perfumer. It has high notes of floral rose and sweet, middle notes of woody, ozonic and honey while base notes of aqua and white flower. 
  4. Simply Gorgeous: This perfume was launched in 2012 by Victoria’s Secret and has an amber floral fragrance. Simply Gorgeous by VS became famous in no time but was discontinued soon. It has top notes of begarmot, apple and lotus. Middle notes of lily, peony, freesia and base notes of oak-moss, patchouli and vanilla.

Other Victoria’s Secret perfumes that’ve been discontinued:

  • Victoria
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Breathless
  • Azurine
  • Sexy Sparkle Vanilla Gold

Why Does Victoria’s Secret Perfume Get Discontinued

Victoria’s Secret is any woman’s first love because you just cannot resist that seductive, spicy and warm fragrance. I’ve recevied loads of compliments for using the scent. But, I hate how VS discontinues its perfumes. Do you too? 

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If you’re wondering why does it happen, there are some reasons you’d want to know:

  • Main ingredients are exhausted or manufacturing is not viable: This is one of the common reasons why a perfume is discontinued. Often, the key ingredients are special and present in only limited quantities that they run out. Sometimes, the manufacturing process also can’t be replicated more than a given number of times due to company or machine restraints. 
  • Low customer interests: Another reason is if the perfume doesn’t perform well then companies like Victoria’s Secret tend to discontinue them. This is because of the low profit margin that the companies as the popularity of a particular perfume decides if it stays or not.
  • Eventually declining sales of the perfume: Some perfumes are launched and initially do well in the market but after sometime the sales start to decline as new perfumes start showing up. This is one of the main reasons why Victoria’s Secret perfumes are discontinued. 

How to Know if a Victoria’s Secret Perfume is Discontinued

If you like a particular fragrance, it’s easy to get obsessed with it. Often, you don’t even get to know if a perfume is discontinued or not until someone tells you or you find out later somehow. 

Are you someone who’s looking out of their way to find out if a perfume by Victoria’s Secret is still selling or discounted endlessly? If yes, I have a few simple ways through which you can find out if the perfumes are available or discontinued. They’re:

is victorias secret discontinued
  • Check Victoria’s Secret Official Website: The official Victoria’s Secret website should be your first stop when you’re finding the brand’s perfume as it’ll contain all the information. The brand updates all the important information for you to know on the website. 
  • Follow Victoria’s Secret on Social Media: The social media page of Victoria’s Secret is extremely active, especially in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Most often than not, VS announces important information on Twitter as well as Facebook about the discontinuation of a perfume and also recommends a similar fragrance that you can substitute. You can also e-mail the Victoria’s Secret to know about a perfume.

You can know about discontinued perfumes on Twitter sometimes!

  • Check news websites and magazines: Some news sites are responsible for publishing discontinuation, launch and other important updates of Victoria’s Secret. You can check news sites like Allure, iDiva, Elle Magazines etc. You can also simply go to any search engine and search if the particular fragrance that you’re looking for is discontinued or not. 
  • Sign up for Victoria’s Secret newsletter or subscribe to their mailer list: The brand drops their updates, new editions, discounts, rule outs, etc. on their mailer list as well as newsletters. They also justify the reason why a product is discontinued, if it’ll ever come back or are there any replacements for the same.
  • You can sign up for the newsletter or mailer list by going to Victoria’s Secret website. You’ll find a pop-up asking for your name, and email address, enter the details and voila. Keep checking your emails for regular updates. 

Replacements/Dupes For Discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Don’t worry if your favourite scents are no longer available. I’ve found some of the replacements or dupes that smell exactly like the Victoria’s Secret one and they’re definitely a steal. Take a look:

  • Vanilla Bare: This is another fragrance by Victoria’s Secret itself that came as a replacement for Vanilla Lace. It has a warm seductive smell of vanilla and musk with soft notes of apple blossom. I love this one a little more than the old Vanilla Lace because of its subtle yet long lasting fragrance. 
victoria's secret bare vanilla dupe
  • Guerlain’s Samsara: This perfume is similar to Rapture by VS that I love because of its sweet, spicy and natural scents. Guerlain’s Samsara consists of bergamot, peach, green notes and has an amazing longevity. 
  • Jo Melone Violet & Amber: I’ve used So in Love by VS for the longest time until it got discontinued. Thankfully, Jo Melone came to my rescue as their Violet & Amber perfume is so similar to So in Love. It consists of rose, violet leaf and has woody base notes. It’s a smooth and sophisticated scent. 
  • Freesia Fields Bath and Body Works: Freesia Fields is one the best dupes that is just like Freesia Victoria’s Secret. It’s a sweet and romantic smell that’s perfect for a date. 

Why is Victoria’s Secret perfume so popular?

Victoria’s Secret perfumes are often praised for their high quality and fragrances that appeal to a wide range of consumers. From sweet floral scents to musky woodsy scents, there is something for everyone at Victoria’s Secret. Additionally, the company has a history of launching trend-setting fragrance collections that quickly become popular among women everywhere.
One example is The PINK Collection, which was designed specifically for women who want fresh and feminine smells that stand out from the crowd. Another recent hit has been Angel , which features tempting succulent fruits blended with energizing notes of bergamot and mandarin orange.
Victoria’s secret also makes sure to cater to various customer needs by releasing limited edition editions throughout the year. This allows customers to find perfume bottles that represent their personal style or moods perfectly. So if you’re looking for a new fragrance experience, make your way over to Victoria’s Secret!

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What Victoria’s Secret Perfume Should I Buy?

Victoria’s Secret is a top selling brand for a reason – their perfumes are absolutely amazing. But which one should you buy? Well, their fragrances are known for being high quality, bespoke, and affordable. So you need to find one that suits your taste, body chemistry, and also goes well with the occasion!
Some of Victoria’s Secret’s most popular perfumes (that I’d recommend to everyone!)n include Paradise Rose HD (for women), Lincoln Men (for men), Forbidden Fruit (for aromatherapy enthusiasts), White Diamonds Eau de Toilette(Women Only) , Black Pearls Fragrance Oil Collection(Men & Women Both Available Now!), Fantasy by Victoria’s Safe House For You EDP Spray Love Spell Cologne ($38/100 ML).
Victoria`s Secret offers a wide range of fragrances that can suit any individual or unique taste. They also have celebrity endorsements like Halle Berry, Megan Foxx, Miranda Kerr etc., so you can choose them if you don’t know where to start you can go with these as your fave celebs would do the picking for you!

Victoria’s Secret is always my top choice for perfumes but they often discontinue their scents for various reasons stated above. However, there are so many amazing dupes you can go for like Jo Melone, Bath and Body works etc. Sometimes even Victoria’s Secret comes up with new and modified versions of the older perfumes which are even better. 

Hope this article helped you find out which are the top discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes, why do they discontinue their perfumes, how to know about it as well as replacements and dupes of your favourite perfumes. 

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