8 Easy Warm Up Exercises You Should Do Before Cardio

8 Easy Warm Up Exercises You Should Do Before Cardio

Warm up exercises are extremely important as they can reduce the risk of injury and soreness after a workout. So here are easy warm up exercises to do before cardio.

Warm ups are extremely important to perform before going for a workout session. Not only the warm up would help in preparing your body for the upcoming training but also it would make you feel enthusiastic, energetic and flexible for all kinds of workouts!

Warm up session, moulds your body into flexibility and a would allow the body to stretch maximum. Also it would get you relaxed and feel fresh after working or after waking up.

Cardio workouts like jogging, aerobics are quite high intensity workouts which require lots of strength, energy and freshness. Warm ups can significantly provide this all to your body!

Here is some amazing option for warm up workouts which you can try for kick starting a cool cardio session which you must try!

Easy Warm Up Exercises

Body Twists

Twists are amazing workouts which makes the body toned and flexible.

If you are looking for workouts like swimming, jogging and such high intensity workouts, than twists would get you cool flexibility and while working out you would get able to easily stretch and twist yourself.

Body Twists also known as torso twist will stretch your back hips.

How to do Body Twist warm up exercise:

  • Step 1: Stand your legs apart at shoulder width
  • Step 2: With your elbows bent, hold your hands in front of your chest
  • Step 3: Twist your upper body towards your left
  • Step 4: Twist your body to the right
  • Step 5: Repeat

Make sure that you knees are facing front and you don’t twist your legs at all.

Go for body twists and strengthen your sides and core as never before! This is one of the most relaxing and amazing warm up workout which you would love to try!

Leg Lifts

If you love to go for cardio, jogging, swimming and such cardio workouts, the legs gets a very important part in these workouts.

Stretching your legs would get you energy and would also make your legs feel comfortable and stretchy. If you feel stiffness and heavy legs while performing the cardio, you can try leg lifts before the cardio.

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How to do Leg Lifts warm up exercise?

  • Step 1: Lie down on your back
  • Step 2: Lift your legs up and hold it at 90 degrees perpendicular from the floor
  • Step 3: Place your hands by your sides or place them under your glutes
  • Step 4: Bring your legs down slowly
  • Step 5: And up again
  • Step 6: Repeat 8-10 times

Make sure that your neck, shoulders and back are flat pressed against the floor. Make sure that your back is not arching. Breathe in as you lower your leg and breathe out as your life your legs.

This would stretch your legs and get you immense flexibility and light weight feel which would help you in performing the cardio sessions more effectively!

Simple Walk

Walking would get your blood circulation a bit quicker, would also make you feel light on your feet ad would get your body miraculously prepared for a high intensity cardio session!

If you are looking for a body warming and energetic workout which can make you feel prepared and ready for the cardio, go for mild walks.

In the region you can walk around for 10 minutes before cardio so that your body becomes warmed up and ready for the high impact workouts!

Also you would feel less tired and heavy while working out if you undergo this warm-up session!

Jumping Jacks

This cool and high impact warm up workout is such an energetic and thrilling option to kick starts your workouts!

Jumping jacks provide intense and instant energy and would freshen up your mood for cardio. If you have just woke up or are returning from any work and feel tired, the jumping jacks would make you feel in the mood right there!

How to do jumping jacks warm exercise?

  • Step 1: Stand with your feet together and hands by your side
  • Step 2: Move your feet apart at the same time in a hopping motion. Move your hands up above your head as you hop your feet apart
  • Step 3: Bring your feet and hands back to the original position
  • Step 4: Repeat

Go for this heart pumping warm-up session before your cardio and perform well!

Knee Bends

If you perform some heavy workouts in cardio session which requires a lot of leg muscle strength and flexibility, you need to go for this amazing warm u session which would make you feel boneless and extremely comfortable while performing the cardio.

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The knee stretch would prevent injuries and damage in your knees which is a quite important and delicate part of the legs.

  • Step 1: Stand your feet apart should-width
  • Step 2: Bend your knee backwards that is move you heel towards your back
  • Step 3: Grab your foot with your hand and hold that position for a few seconds
  • Step 4: Repeat the process with your other leg

Go for quick knee bends before your cardio and feel stretchy, flexible and immensely comfortable!

Body Stretching

Stretching is the best workout before you jump to your cardio. Stretching your entire body in different ways would get you ready for any kind of cardio fun.

Stretching relaxes and makes your muscles free to get twisted and turned! Various stretches like arm stretches.

Leg stretches; bends, twists can get you a stunningly flexible body and would also make you feel light on your feet! Try this and play cool during your cardio!

Here are some stretches you should definitely try before you begin your cardio workout:

90 Degree Straight Thigh And Elbow Lifts

This is a plank style warm-up workout which would get you immense stretch and flexibility. Pump up your heart beats before going for the rigorous cardio session with this amazing workout option.

The thigh and elbow lift would prepare your body for more intense struggle and would also kick start your workout session with a bang!

How to do thigh lifts?

  • Step 1: Lie down on your left side
  • Step 2: Prop your elbow up just underneath your shoulder so your upper body is off the ground taking support from your elbow.
  • Step 3: Keep your left straight and fold your right knee and bring it over and in front of your left leg
  • Step 4: Keeping your ankle flexed, move your left leg up and down
  • Step 5: Repeat this for a few reps and then do the same on the other side

If propping up your elbow is difficult and hurting your back then you can also completely lay down by your side.

How to do elbow lift?

  • Step 1: Lie down flat on the floor
  • Step 2: Keep your hands by your side
  • Step 3: Taking support from your elbows only, lift your upper body up
  • Step 4: Hold position for 3 seconds

Go for this amazing session and feel flawless during workouts!

Neck And Shoulder Circles

If you are looking for upper body comfort and flexibility, nothing would work as this warm up workout.

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How to do shoulder circles?

  • Step 1: stand straight with your head looking front and hands by your sides
  • Step 2: Move your shoulders in a circular motion a few times
  • Step 3: And move your shoulders in reverse circular motion a few times

How to do neck circles?

  • Step 1: Stand straight with your hands by your side
  • Step 2: Drop your chin like you’re touching your collar bone with your chin down. Then roll your chin to your right shoulder. Lift your chin up looking at the ceiling and then roll your chin downwards towards your left shoulder. Repeat a few times
  • Step 3: Reverse the same motion.

Head and shoulder rotations complemented with arm circles would simply make your body feel stretched, comfortable and non stiff!

Warm Exercises before Cardio: FAQs

How do you warm-up before cardio?

To warm up before walking just walk slowly 10 minutes. If you want to warm up before a run, just walk briskly for 10 minutes. There are other warm up exercises like jumping jacks, knee bends, leg lifts, body twists, ankle rolls, etc that will help you warm up the muscles and get your heart rate up slowly and also improve flexibility to reduce the risk of injury

How long should you warm-up before cardio?

A good warm up session should last at least 5 – 10 minutes. Before your workout, make sure to warm up all the major muscle groups.

What are warm up exercises?

Warm up exercises basically prepare your body for a workout or heavy physical activity that will stress the muscles. This helps the body bring the heart up slowly and also prepare your muscles. Warm up exercises help improve flexibility, rang of motion and reduce the risk of injury during a workout.

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