5 Effective Ways To Deal With Constipation Before Or During Periods

A woman faces a lot of physical discomfort during periods. Constipation is also one of those discomforts. Constipation is a state in which one feels difficulty in emptying bowls. A girl or woman faces this problem during period or before period. Also note that while some face constipation around the menstrual cycle, some others face the problems of digestive disorders and diarrhea. The general reason for the constipation would be eating habits which are poor. But apart from that, fluctuations of hormones also lead to constipation. This article consists of some tips which ease your constipation around the period of your menstrual cycle.

Here Are The Ways To Deal With Constipation Before Or During Periods:

1. Intake Lot Of Water

In taking lot of water plays key role in keeping constipation at bay. When your body is hydrated, it functions well. Water plays a key role in helping with the proper digestion of food and intestine movements. In such a way, consuming more water is a very powerful remedy which eases your bowl movements during or before periods.

Intake lot of water

2. Prefer Work Outs

Physical exercise is very effective in giving you relief from constipation before or during periods. Exercise is highly beneficial in improving the blood circulation. It also improves the blood and oxygen flow through the body. Hence prefer walking for some time on regular basis. Just 15 minutes of walking is very capable in relieving you from constipation before or during periods.

Prefer Work outs

3. Include Fiber In Your Diet

Fiber is very effective in making your bowl movements easier and softer during or before periods. Hence, prefer those foods such as peas and beans which are very rich in fiber and gives relief from constipation. Prefer foods such as bananas, beets, cabbage, okra, carrots, dried peas and okra which play a key role in getting rid of constipation.

Include fiber in your diet

4. Say ‘No’ To Food Before Bed

If you have the habit of going to bed immediately after having supper give it up immediately. Your body which is in the mode of non-active during sleep cannot digest the foods that you consumed. As a result, it leads to constipation. You should be wakeful at least for the period of 2 hours after having supper.

Say ‘No’ to food before bed

5. Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid processed foods when you are going to get your period. The consumption of these foods leads to constipation during periods. Hence, these foods must be avoided during or before getting period. The processed foods such as bacon, cookies, salami and other items are fully packed with rich amounts of sugar and salt which lead to constipation.

Avoid Processed Foods