7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

Beautiful hair boosts your prettiness. Hair is the first thing that draws the attention of others. But when the hair is so oily and greasy, then it definitely spoils your day. Greasy and oily hair creates a lot discomfort especially in summer. Due to this, many women all over the world consider to cut their hair short. But cutting the hair won’t be the ultimate solution to get rid of excessive oiliness from hair. Excess oil in the hair can be prevented with the help of some quick tips.

Here, In This Article, We Are Providing Some Amazing Quick Fix Ways To Fix This Issue:

1. Baby Powder

Baby powder would be an excellent remedy for getting rid of excessive oiliness from hair. Just take some baby powder and sprinkle in your hair roots completely. Gently massage for some time. Be careful in sprinkling the baby powder in your hair to get rid of odd looks. Apply baby powder whenever you feel that your hair is so greasy.

Baby Powder

2. Dry Shampoo

Greasy hair can affect any one at any point of time. But women are highly prone to this risk due to their long, lengthy hair. Extreme workouts and menstrual cycle can cause unexpected destruction to the hair. Hence, this is the time for you to keep ready a dry shampoo bottle with you. Apply dry shampoo whenever you feel your scalp is becoming oily. Dry shampoo is very effective in cleansing the scalp with no water. But don’t use of dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo

3. Limit Hair Wash

Many women generally think that the hair must be washed every day to get rid of greasy and oiliness. But this is a wrong idea. Do not over wash your hair. It leads to the production of more amounts of oil to balance the natural oils that you wash away. Just take head bath twice a week. If your hair begins to appear limp, then refresh it using dry shampoo.

Limit hair wash

4. Avoid Conditioning The Roots

This is a great idea to get rid of excess oiliness from hair. Avoid applying conditioning at the roots of the hair as it further makes the oiliness in your hair. Just apply conditioner to the hair bottom. This is a simple and quick fix that enhances the beauty of your hair.

Avoid conditioning the roots

5. Avoid Frequent Brushing

Frequent brushing to hair is one of the common habits of many women. But this also makes your hair very greasy and oily. The more you brush or touch your hair all through the day, the more amount of oil will be produced by hair. Hence, avoid frequent brushing to your hair for lessening the amounts of oil in your hair.

Avoid frequent brushing

6. Vinegar With Lemon Juice

A change in your regular wash routine prevents excess oil from the hair. Just take some amount of lemon juice or vinegar and mix it with little amount of apple cider vinegar. Apply to your hair and take a shower. Vinegar works very well in eliminating any buildup whereas lemon juice drives dandruff away from your scalp.

Vinegar with Lemon Juice

7. Paper Towel

Using paper towel is one of the great quick tips for oily hair. When your scalp is becoming oily repeatedly then paper towel comes to your rescue. Just take a paper towel and rub your scalp. Surely, you will notice fantastic results. Rub your hair with paper towel for every one hour or two hours to have a great day.

Paper Towel