What To Wear When Running In The Cold | 8 Essentials Apparels

Looking for what to wear when running in the cold? Read further to know and find the perfect and cosy outfits that you can wear while running in the freezing cold season. 

Summers are always hot and humid and you’d often feel too lethargic to take a quick run but winters, on the other hand, are perfect for running. If you’re an athlete, you probably know how fun it is to take a quick run in a cooler climate. 

What to wear when running in the cold?

Keep it 20 degrees lighter while layering up for your winter run. Here are some of the essentials you’d need.

  • Running Tights
  • Base Layer
  • Running Gloves
  • Hat or Headband
  • Running Jacket
  • Running Socks
  • Neck Warmer
  • Running Shoes

It might be a task to jump out of the bed to run in the cold but it’s always worth it. It can be a little tricky to decide what to wear when running in the cold so I have this guide to help you out with the best possible outfits. 

I always layer myself with lots of running essentials like thermal tops, tanks, cap, gloves etc to keep myself warm. This way, I am able to take longer runs and maintain my inner body temperature. 

My general tip is that one must always dress 20 degrees warmer than the current temperature. For example, if it’s 0 degrees outside , dress like it’s 20 because the body temperature will rise once you start sprinting. 

Another general tip is that move in the direction of the wind, if you do so your body’s heat will be maintained.

Let’s move on to some general questions and then what to wear when running in the cold.

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What To Wear When Running In The Cold

Running Tights

Compression Pants for Yoga Running 

how to dress to run in

This is one of the most comfortable pants and one of the best options of what to wear when running in the cold season. In fact, running tights are not only for winters but all seasons. 

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They can be paired with tank tops or long sleeves t-shirts. It’s heat capturing tights that will soak in the heat produced by your body and regulate the body temperature.

Tights that are moisture-wicking with comfortable seams are the best options like this one. These compression pants are my personal favourite and I wear them for all my activities like running, yoga, cycling etc. 

The fabric of these compression pants is breathable and provides max stretching mobility. It is not see-through so don’t worry about feeling too exposed. This running tights also provides mussel support. 

Base Layer

Merino.tech Merino Wool Base Layer 

running 5k in cold weather

Always use wool or poly blend base layer shirts depending upon the climate of your area. The climate shouldn’t matter enough for you to always choose a moisture-wicking base layer. Avoid cotton.

Let me tell you, This long sleeve tech shirt for running is an essential if you’re confused about what to wear when running in the cold weather. It is odour resistant and moisture-wicking with great absorbing powers. It feels soft and comfortable. 

You also don’t have to take a lot of care for this base layer as it is easy to wash. Base layer like this one is ideal as cold weather requires something woollen, soft and also comfortable. 

Running Gloves 

Aegend Upgraded Lightweight Running Gloves

should i wear a jacket while running

Aegend Upgraded Lightweight Running Gloves is an amazing product and should be on your top list of what to wear when running in the cold season. Gloves are essential to cover up your freezing hands during winters. 

These gloves are lightweight, durable, breathable, moisture resistant and have anti-static functions. You can also use your phone quite conveniently when the gloves are on. The gloves have a non slip design with silicone on the palm region. 

These gloves are a must-have for winter runs. I’ve been using it for so long and don’t feel like switching into anything apart from this. It protects me from cold and doesn’t make my hands feel too congested.

Hat or Headband

TrailHeads Race Day Performance Running Hat

temperature for running

Wearing a running hat or headband will help you keep cool by drawing away from the perspiration by evaporating the sweat. Their fabric also helps the athlete to cool down and provides a level of breathability. 

I always wear a headband so that my sweat is controlled and it also looks super cool. I’d definitely recommend this gear for running as it keeps the gusting wind away.

Running Jacket

Women’s Packable Windbreaker Jacket

running in the cold benefits

Have you had this question in your mind- should I wear a jacket while running? Well, if it’s a windbreaker jacket then definitely yes. 

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Running Jackets are really essential to layer up yourself while running in chilly weather. If your body heats up too fast, you can always remove it since it has a chain. You can remove it and  tie on your back. The jacket backs down very small.

This packable windbreaker jacket is great because it’s lightweight and durable. The running jacket is also waterproof for light rain. The soft and adjustable nature of this jacket will make you fall in love with it. 

I love wearing this for my run because it is  comfortable and protects me from heavy wind. It also looks very stylish. This running jacket has a high visibility with reflective elements so it’s safe to wear at night. 

Running Socks

Merino Athletic Running Sock

Gear for running

These running socks should definitely be on what to wear when running in the cold list. It is woolen-blend unisex socks that doesn’t cause itching. It is moisture-wicking and great for both summers and winters. 

I’ve been using Merino running socks and I do not wish to switch to any other brand because of the brand’s comfort, anti-blister and moisture-repelling properties. 

It also prevents odour which usually is prevalent due to sweat. This product is by far my best buy from Amazon and I keep ordering the same pair when the last one is worn out. 

Neck Warmer

Neck Gaiter Warmer

What To Wear When Running In The Cold

Neck Gaiter Warmer is one of the best essentials to have when you’re running in the cold. This neck warmer works as a mask and bandana as well. It’s made up of premium thermal and soft fabric that doesn’t cause itching. 

I often wear a neck warmer when it’s freezing cold to protect my throat from catching cold. It can be worn when fishing, cycling, mountaineering etc. The warmer isn’t suffocating and allows one to breathe properly. 

I love this neck warmer as it is multipurpose and feels super soft. I get cold allergies very easily so it works as a protective shield against it. 

Running Shoes

Aniywn Women’s Running Shoes

should i wear a jacket while running

Aniywn is the best running shoes that are non-slip and lightweight. It is the best running shoes because of its weight that feels like feathers on foot while running. You can adjust your laces according to how rigid you want your knot while running.

These shoes are also washable so don’t worry if it gets dirty during your run. I have never slipped during my run after wearing these shoes which is probably the best part because I’m a clumsy person.

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These shoes are a must-have for athletes. It can also be used for walking or worn with casual outfits to look cool.

Is Running in the Cold Dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous as long as you know what to wear when running in the cold. Once you start the run your body heats up fast which is why you should dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer. 

If you layer properly, it’ll be good for regulating your body temperature and prevent you from cold-related issues. Since there’s no temperature for running, run on all seasons to stay fit. Running in the cold have benefits that is good for your body.

After the run, you’ll cool down in no time.So take off your sweat-laden clothes after the run and change into dry clothes as soon as you finish.

How to stay warm running in the cold?

You can stay warm by knowing what to wear when running in the cold. Protect yourself with layers of clothes 20 degrees more than the actual climate and prefer dark colour clothing. Warm up indoors and then head out. 

Cover your exposed skin, drink enough water and breath through your nose to stay warm in winters.

Cold Weather Running Essentials

Dress comfortably when you’re out for fitness during winters. Wear a base layer of thermals that will protect you. You can then go on layering jackets or long sleeves t-shirts on top which are easy to strip off when your body has heated up. 

Tips for Running When It’s Cold

  • Dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than the actual climate
  • Layer up with base wear and top it with a layer of a running jacket
  • Warm-up indoors before the run
  • Be Flexible with mileage and your pace
  • Change quickly post your run

Stock Up Your Essentials

These are some items that you should have on your list of what to wear when running in the cold to protect yourself from the harsh climate as well enjoy your run. Hope now you know how to dress to run in winters for a run. So, are you ready for running 5k in cold weather.

Have a happy winter season!

What To Wear When Running In The Cold

If you’re wondering what to wear when running in the cold then here’s a curated list of apparels that you should wear when you’re out for your winter run. Do check out the Compression Pants for Yoga Running which is the best out of the list. Read further to know more.

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