What to wear with a grey cardigan? How do you style a grey cardigan? Check out these grey cardigan outfit for women for some brilliant ideas!

If you’re confused about what to wear with a grey cardigan, check out this list of cute outfits with a grey cardigan and also some styling tips that will help you look the best. Read further to know more.

Grey cardigans might seem a little boring in the first go but trust me, once you style them properly, it looks awesome.

The color might seem a little dull and neutral but who said you can’t have fun with it. 

Recently, I found an old cardigan of my mom that she didn’t really like so I picked it up and began styling it with my clothes.

I managed to find so many outfits that I wore in the chilling evening and ended up receiving some of the best compliments.

What to wear with a grey cardigan?

You can pair a lot of different clothes with a grey cardigan for a sassy look. You can wear a dress, a skirt, jeans, trousers and a shirt in different styles. Colour combinations that look great are an all grey look, black, light pink, emerald, mint, and khaki green and white. Accessorize your look with hoops, earrings, rings, scarf, and necklaces. 

If you too have it and are looking for what to wear with a grey cardigan, this is your sign to get going with it and style it in the best way possible. 

The best part about cardigans is that it’s the best for spring, autumn as well as winter seasons which means you can wear it for most part of the year.

And, the best part about grey colour is that it’s neutral and goes along with so many other colours to make a perfect outfit. 

So, here’re some of the best grey cardigan outfits that you’d love. Below are some of the ideas for what to wear with a grey cardigan. 

What to wear with a grey cardigan: Summary

What to wear with a grey cardiganBest ForAvailable on
Drawstring Side Rib-knit Bodycon DressOutdoor wearShein
Verdusa Short Skater DressOutdoor wear, Party wear, Lounge wearAmazon
Traleubie Boho Boyfriend Knit Chunky CardiganOutdoor wear, Casual wearAmazon
White Pleated SkirtOutdoor wear, Party wearAliExpress
Summer Pencil SkirtParty wearAliExpress
Tie Front Rib-knit CardiganOutdoor wear, Casual wear, Party wearShein
Levi’s Women’s 721 High Rise Skinny JeansOutdoor wear, Casual wear, Party wearAmazon
Basic Brief V Neck CardiganCasual wear, Lounge wearAliExpress
Button Up Drop Shoulder BlouseOutdoor wear, Formal wear, Party wearShein
Lee Women’s Flex Motion Regular Fit Trouser PantFormal wear, Party wearAmazon

What To Wear With A Grey Cardigan

Dress + Grey Cardigan

what color to wear with a grey cardigan
Source: Instagram@sammyandsid

If you’re in a holiday mood and looking for what to wear with a grey cardigan, choosing a dress is the perfect option. Grey cardigan plus dress will provide you with warmth as well as keep you in the sass.

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If you’re wondering how to wear a cardigan with a dress and if that’s gonna be a weird combo, trust me, it’s not.

You’re going to look awesome. You can pair it with a-line, loose as well as skater dresses. Here are a few dresses you can choose to make a cute long grey cardigan outfit.

Drawstring Side Rib-knit Bodycon Dress

what to wear with a grey cardigan

This black bodycon rib-knit dress is beautiful and perfect that goes with a grey cardigan. This dress fits really well and has sizes from XS to 4XL. Choose your size according to the bust size. It’s 100% cotton and can be a perfect outfit when paired with a light grey cardigan. 

Verdusa Short Skater Dress

dark gray cardigan outfit ideas

This Verdusa short skater dress is lovely and the colour is super gorgeous- green. This dress is flowy and comfortable.

It’s great loungewear, party wear or casual wear. There are 5 sizes and the material is also pretty soft.

A perfect choice if you’re looking for what to wear with a grey cardigan.

grey cardigan outfit ideas,

If you’re looking for a long grey cardigan for your outfits, here it is. This cardigan will go well with your dresses and give you a feeling of cape because it’s long. *haha

This cardigan has a knitted pattern which gives a very sassy look. It’s a little baggy so I’d recommend you to go for a size down when buying this.

This grey cardigan is something that you should have as it’s more of a shrug with no buttons at all.

Skirt + Grey Cardigan

what to wear with dark grey cardigan
Source: Instagram@_bloomforhim

Skirts can make outfits with grey cardigans. Are you confused or finding it weird? Well, I will suggest some outfits on what to wear with a grey cardigan and that’ll definitely change what you think about it. 

Skirts with different styles like plaid skirts, pencil skirts or leather skirts, all of them look really trendy and sassy.

Who knew you can style an old grey cardigan with something as trendy as a skirt but let’s see some cool skirts below to pair with your grey sweater.

Women Pleated Skirt

grey cardigan outfit

This pleated skirt is the perfect answer to dress cute and go for if you’re confused about what to wear with a grey cardigan. It’s a mini skirt meant for early spring and made with comfortable acrylic material.

This skirt is in the JK lolita Japanese style that is extremely trendy these days. You can wear stockings inside if it’s a little too cold. You can wear a basic top and go for chunky shoes or sandals with this look.

Summer Pencil Skirt

long grey cardigan outfit

This extremely cute party wear skirt is a mid-calf pencil skirt. If you wanna go for skirts with grey cardigan, go for this. There’s a great range of sizes and it’s true to it. This pencil skirt is best worn with heels. It’s one of the most elegant cardigan outfits for work. 

Tie Front Rib-knit Cardigan

This cute front light grey rib-knit cardigan is super trendy these days. It’s cropped and open from the front with small draw strings to tie on top. It makes a perfect grey cardigan outfit with the skirts. 

You can go for tube slips inside or nothing at all and pair this cute ribbed knit cardigan with and I’m sure you will look really sassy. Go for heels or sandals with this look. Accessorise your look with hoops and a cute necklace. 

dark grey cardigan outfit

Jeans + Grey Cardigan

grey cardigan outfit womens
Source: Instagram@janesstall

Jeans are timeless and effortless, if you’re confused what to wear with a grey cardigan, jeans can be your no. 1 option.

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So, now whether you wanna make it a dark grey cardigan outfit or light, it’s up to you.

Here is an option for your grey cardigan outfit ideas. 

grey cardigan outfit womens

This jeans is from the very famous denim brand levis so you cannot go wrong with it.

These jeans are ripped and made with comfortable material good for travelling, parties, hangouts etc.

Pair this with one of your favourite grey cardigans and see how casual yet cool is your look.

Basic Brief V Neck  Knitted Cardigan

light grey cardigan outfit

This cardigan is all you need. It’s classic and can be paired with the jeans above. It’s made with soft viscose material and is also quite light. I’d recommend you to keep your look simple with this one. Go for sneakers at the bottom. 

Trousers + Grey Cardigan 

short grey cardigan outfit
Source: Instagram@ltk.europe

Are you confused about what to wear with grey cardigans in a formal meeting? Well, here is your answer and it’s trousers.

Well, not only in formal meetings, trousers go well with a grey cardigan. Trousers are elegant pants that are loved by everyone.

Lee Women’s Flex Motion Regular Fit Trouser Pant

cardigan outfits for work

These black Lee trousers regular fit wide in the bottom. It’s made with comfortable polyester material and doesn’t irritate your crotch area.

The pants fit on the waist and hips but don’t get tucked inside. 

These Lee pants are a perfect match if you’re confused about what to wear with a grey cardigan.

Shirt + Grey Cardigan

light grey cardigan outfit mens
Source: Instagram@lucieandleo

For a sassy outfit with collars sticking out of your cardigan, go for this  look.

Don’t be confused about what to wear with a grey cardigan, just pick a contrasting coloured shirt and make your statement look. 

This look is great for people going to college, office or also fits in for casual hangouts. 

Button Up Drop Shoulder Blouse

how to wear a cardigan with a dress

This button up shirt is pretty basic and smart. This shirt is of a baggy fit so I’d recommend you to go for a size or two lower. You can pick a light grey cardigan and pair it with black trousers for your look. Also, go for pump shoes to make it look formal.

what color to wear with a grey cardigan
Source: Instagram@the_tan_closet

What color to wear with a grey cardigan

If you’re having a hard time choosing a colour and can’t land on a particular colour, then I think I have something for you. Here’s what to wear with a grey cardigan: the colour edition. 

Going all grey: Going with the same colour bottoms might make your outfit look like a co-ord set, that’s pretty cool. Dressing in the same tone from head to toe will make you stand out and look extremely awesome.

what to wear with a dark grey cardigan
Source: Instagram@theshutupkid

However, it’s not necessary for you to just stick to a single shade of grey. You can play around with different shades on your clothing. When you do this, make sure to have  grey footwear and accessories also. 

Grey + Black: Black goes with every colour so definitely it goes great with grey. Keep the blakc dominant if you want a grunge look. You can keep it soft by adding more grey to your outfit or accessories. Get your elegant and conservative look here with black. 

what to wear with a light grey cardigan
Source: Instagram@martapalesova

Grey + White: As classic as it gets, neutral colours all look  great together. This colour will give you a solemn and calming look. It’s a perfect colour to go for parties, meetings and outdoors. 

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Grey + Pink: Going for pink undertones which aren’t too bright or eye-catching goes a long way with grey. If you’re confused about what to wear with a grey cardigan, go for a light pink top and you’re set. 

Grey + Green: You might have second thoughts about this look but wait before you have predispositions. Go for shades of green like emerald, khaki and mint before stepping in something too deep.

You can also go for camouflage look for the bottoms for a worthy outfit.

FAQs on Grey Cardigan Outfits For Women

How do you style a long GREY cardigan?

You can play with lots of style with a long grey cardigan. You can add different lengths to your layer and go for shorts and a tucked top. If you want a streamlined look, you can pick a pair of leather leggings. To add shape to a baggy cardigan, go for fitte top and jeans.

What colour pants go with a GREY cardigan?

For a colour ensemble, pick black pants to pair with your grey cardigan, it looks stylish and cool.

Which color should I go with light gray sweater?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as different people have different opinions. That being said, here are some general tips to help you choose colors that go well with light gray sweater:
Choose colors that are light and airy – Colors like beige, light blue, and pink are usually a good choice for light gray sweaters because they tend to be light and airy. They will also help to make the sweater look more upscale and sophisticated.
Avoid dark colors – Colors like black, navy blue, and brown tend to be too heavy and dark for light gray sweaters. Instead, opt for brighter colors that will help to make the sweater look lighter and more airy.
Choose neutrals – If you want to stick with basic colors, neutrals are a good option because they can work with any outfit. That being said, neutrals often don’t stand out as much as other colors, so keep that in mind when choosing them.
Hopefully, these tips will help you find the right color combo for your light gray sweater!

Summary on Grey Cardigan Outfits

Grey cardigan offers a diverse outfit style that we often miss out but this is one item everyone should have in their wardrobe.

You can play around with colour and outfits to pair the best grey cardigan outfit. 

Hope this article about what to wear with grey cardigan helped you pick your perfect and cute outfits for all occasions.

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What To Wear With A Grey Cardigan

Drawstring Side Rib-knit Bodycon Dress

Check out What To Wear With A Grey Cardigan, a stlyling guide for you to choose the best outfits with your grey cardigan. These outfits are really trendy and elegant. Do check out the Drawstring Side Rib-knit Bodycon Dress which is the best outfit to pair with grey cardigan. Read further to know more.

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