Here’s what to wear with blue jeans women, if you’re confused and looking for outfit inspiration. Read further to know how to wear the blue jeans outfits, accessories and also shoes to pair with your outfits.

Blue jeans are everyone’s favourite. It’s classic yet never goes out of style. Blue jeans is one jeans colour that everyone has and if you don’t, you’re really missing out on the basics. 

It’s super versatile and goes well with most of the topwear. There are various kinds of blue jeans like straight-cut, boot-cut, ripped, skinny, high waisted and so on, there are a lot of them.

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What to wear with blue jeans women?

Blue jeans can be worn with various styles and top wears like plain tee, crop top, blazer and polo tee. You can also sport different looks like beachy vibes, spring flowers, an all-denim look, oversized top, check shirt, or a knit cardigan. Accessorize your look with sunglasses, necklaces, rings, and a cap, or a hat. You can rock your blue jeans with heels, sneakers, sports shoes, or boots depending on the look you choose.

It’s very important to keep in mind how you style your denim as not everything goes well with particular styles of blue denims. 

I love my blue denim, it’s one pair of jeans that I don’t wanna get rid of even when they’re old because they’re OG in the world of jeans. 

My friends are often confused about what to wear with blue jeans for women and I always keep suggesting them.

That’s how I got the idea to let y’all also know about the trendy styles that you can go with if you want to know what to wear with blue jeans for women.

So, without a further ado, let’s find out what to wear with blue jeans for women.

What To Wear With Blue Jeans Women: Summary

What To Wear With Blue Jeans WomenBest For Available on
Jescakoo White TopAll occasionsAmazon
Dark Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Skinny JeansOutdoor wear, Party wearShein
Streetwear Summer Crop TopOutdoor wear, Party wearAliExpress
Stonewash High-Rise Flare JeansOutdoor wear, Casual wearShein
Single Button Women BlazerFormal wearAliExpress
High Waisted Tie Waist Flare Leg JeansOutdoor wear, formal wearShien
Floerns Women’s crop top BeachwearAmazon
Zip Back Asymmetrical Hem Tube Denim TopOutdoor wear, Party wearShein
Dokotoo Womens V Neck TopCasual wear, Outdoor wearAmazon
SuyaDream Polo T-shirt Picnic wear, Casual wearAliExpress
Alaster Queen Women’s Open Front CardiganPicnic wear, Casual wear, Outdoor wearAmazon
Striped Notched Neckline TopCasual wear, Outdoor wearShein
Slogan Graphic Drop Shoulder Oversized TeeCasual wear Shein
Waitsun Oversized Check ShirtCasual wear, Outdoor wearAliExpress
V neck Korean style CardiganCasual wearAliExpress

What To Wear With Blue Jeans Women

Plain Tee + Blue Jeans (High Waist)

Plain tees, when paired with blues jeans on whatever kind becomes a basic combo.

It’s also a very safe option if you don’t know or are confused about what to wear with blue jeans for women.

You can go with any colour keeping in mind the shade of your denim.

blue jeans outfit ideas for women
Source: Instagram@natxcustomstyle

Jescakoo White Top 

what to wear with blue jeans women

This Jescakoo white top is so stylish with a front twist and round neck. You can pair it with any shade of your blue jeans. I prefer going for a darker shade as it creates a contrast. 

This top is made of soft material and is easy for summers as well as other seasons. It can be worn anywhere like parties, picnic, office, travel, or outdoor. It’s true to its size and comes in S to XXL sizes.

You can wear a cute necklace to outshine your look. Include cool sunglasses when you’re going out in the afternoon.

Dark Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Skinny Jeans

dark blue jeans matching shirt for ladies

These Navy blue jeans from Shein are perfect if you’re looking for plain jeans. These jeans are high waisted and super stretchy. It’s true to its size and extremely comfortable. I was surprised about it’s fit. 

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It’s ankle length and can be paired with many tops like printed, crop or bodycon. Consider washing this denim before you wear it. 

Hope you got this basic look for a quick style on what to wear with blue jeans for women. This is one of the very cute outfits with dark blue jeans.

Crop Top + Blue Jeans (Flared or Ripped)

Crop tops are summer essentials that look super cool and are in extreme fashion since the last 2-3 years.

The styles of the crop tops just keep getting better with each passing trend.

ripped jeans outfit ideas
Source: Instagram@toptierboutiqueshop

Crop tops and blue jeans will look perfect when paired with bell bottoms or slim-fit jeans.

Streetwear Summer Crop Top

cute outfits with dark blue jeans,

This one shoulder crop top is extremely pretty. It’s a black colour cotton top that’s ribbed and gives a streetwear vibe. It’s comfortable and meant for outdoor wear or party occasions. 

It comes in 4 sizes S to XL, it’s better to select the size according to your bust size. You can accessorise it with rings and hoops.

Wear a small necklace and tie your hair up or in a bun for the style to show.

Stonewash High-Rise Flare Jeans

what to wear with light blue jeans ladies,

For a light blue jeans outfit in summer, go for this bell flared jeans.

This bell-flared jeans from shein is perfect and goes well with the crop top if you’re confused about what to wear with blue jeans for women. 

crop top jeans outfit ideas
Source: Instagram@lottus.clothingstore

It comes in 3 sizes, is plain and made with cotton, polyester and spandex. It’s a little stretchy and comfortable. 

This is a perfect blue jeans outfit idea that you can rock in summer. You can wear high heels or sandals to give your jeans an elevated height. 

Blazer + Blue Jeans

Blazers give a formal look to your look. With a blazer, you can wear black t-shirt and blue jeans for females to keep your palette dark or you can also hop to a lighter inner wear.

Blazer look is perfect for parties, office as well as meetings.

Spring Blazer Women Solid 

black t-shirt and blue jeans female,

This spring blazer’s color is extremely appealing and looks fab with dark blue bell-bottom jeans.

If you’re looking for a dark blue jeans matching shirt for ladies to wear inside I’d suggest you go for a basic white top. 

how to style blue jeans
Source: Instagram@justyna_s__

This is a single button spandex material blazer that’s a comfortable and perfect formal and semi formal outfit. 

You can tie up your hair for a formal look. Wear hoops and a necklace for an elegant appearance. 

High Waisted Tie Waist Flare Leg Jeans

what color polo with blue jeans,

This has to be the best pants you’ll wear if you’re confused about what to wear with blue jeans and you’re looking for something formal.

It’s cute and has straps that can be tied into a bow. It’s comfortable and classy.

Wear boots beneath to complete your look.

Beach Look + Blue Jeans

You can also wear your blue jeans at the beach during the days when it’s not so hot and the light wind is blowing.

Pair your blue jeans with something airy and comfortable. Give it an extra dose of sass with a bucket hat and other accessories. 

Floerns Women’s crop top 

blue mom jeans outfit,

This crop top is surely the most beachy top that you can pair your blue mom jeans with.

This blue mom jeans outfit will be comfortable and relaxing. It’s made with soft polyester material and comes in 3 sizes.

This boho and beachy top can be a perfect cover for your bikini top. I’m sure you’re gonna receive so many complements for this top when you pair it with blue mom jeans.

If you’re confused about what to wear with blue jeans on a beach, here is your outfit idea.

Denim Top + Blue Jeans

Denim on denim has been a fashion fad for a very long time and continues to be a trend.

But this trend can be a little tricky. It’s best to go for a little different shades or a same shade of colours of the top and bottom to make a perfect match. 

Zip Back Asymmetrical Hem Tube Denim Top

blue jeans outfit winter,

This denim asymmetrical top is one of the best finds I’ve ever made on Shein. It’s really pretty and you’d definitely look gorgeous in this all denim look. 

It’s made of cotton, poly and spandex material and feels soft on skin. The tube top gives your neck a bold look so make sure to wear a necklace or choker with it. 

You can pair this with your slim fit ankle-length denim of the same shade or a shade lighter to this.

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So, what to wear with blue jeans for women? This denim look can surely be an awesome answer.

Spring Flowers + Blue Jeans

Go for a floral vibe that matches with the season. Floral prints are timeless and would be lovely if you pair it with dark blue jeans.

It’d be such a cute outfit with dark blue jeans.

Match a sling or shoulder bag to complete your look with gorgeous accessories.

Dokotoo Womens V Neck Top

what shoes to wear with light blue jeans,

This v neck wrap tank top is definitely the most trendy top for summers and spring.

The v neck gives extra room for accessorizing with a necklace and choker. It’s comfortable and airy and might go a little loose so consider going for a size smaller. 

It’s a cute top that should be paired with dark blue ripped jeans or a straight fit. Go for something that fits well rather than a loose denim for a smart look. 

Polo Tee + Blue Jeans

Polo tee and blue jeans are a classic sporty combo that’s great for picnic as well as casual wear.

You can add up sneakers or canvas to make it more on the sporty side. Add a sports cap to finish your look.

SuyaDream Polo T-shirt 

If you’re wondering what colour polo with blue jeans would look good then I’d probably suggest you to go for a neutral colour like black or white.

This black t-shirt and blue jeans for females is a combo worth wearing. 

This SuyaDream polo T-shirt is extremely comfortable and looks sporty. It’s made with jersey material and comes in 4 sizes from L to XXXL, check the size chart and get yours accordingly. 

No confusion anymore about what to wear with blue jeans to a picnic!

Maternity Outfit + Blue Jeans

Even during maternity, you would want to wear blue jeans with something comfortable and airy.

It’s so cool that these days maternity jeans are different and comfortable with a soft stretchable cloth instead of tight buttons.

Alaster Queen Women’s Open Front Cardigan

light blue jeans outfit summer,

You can get this long cardigan to pair with your comfortable blue jeans with a slip inside.

It’s a perfect outfit for an outing if you’re confused about what to wear with blue jeans in pregnancy. 

This long cardigan is extremely airy and doesn’t cause itching as it’s made with soft material.

Go for sizes above large to make it easy for you. You can pair this look with cream ankle boots or sandals, whatever you like!

Blue Top + Blue Jeans

As much as black on black is a trend , blue on blue is also a cool and trendy look.

It’s that colour that goes well with its own colour when paired in different shades. Get a blue on blue look for all seasons here and rock your look.

Striped Notched Neckline Top

are light blue jeans in style,

This striped notch blue top is extremely cute and would go so well with washed blue jeans and also a navy blue pair of jeans.

The white in the top will give blue the exact space to outshine itself. 

This top is extremely comfortable and airy. The classy neckline will give you an eye-catching look if you wear a small necklace. Also, go for sandals in this look to keep it lowkey. 

what do i wear with blue jeans
Source: Instagram@ootdjeans

The top is a regular fit and true to its size. Definitely recommend this top for you to make a perfect blue on blue outfit!

Oversized Top + Blue Jeans

Don’t know what to wear with blue Jeans? Want to keep it casual? Ah! Here is your go to look.

Pick a relaxing oversized tee that will give you an effortless yet fashionable look. No one can ever go wrong with an oversized tee, honestly. 

Slogan Graphic Drop Shoulder Oversized Tee

denim outfit

This is one of the cutest oversized tees. The colour is so pretty and you’d look so cute in this.

Get ready for some extremely heartwarming compliments that you’re gonna receive after you wear this top.

It fits true to its size but since it’s an oversized top, check the size guide before getting it.

You can pair your look with a cute bucket hat and chunky shoes for a bad girl vibe. 

You can tuck in this top and wear a cute belt or keep it tuck out, as you prefer it. I also sometimes wear a full-sleeve turtle neck to enhance my style when it’s slightly cold outside.

jeans outfit inpso
Source: Instagram@celvixline

Check Shirt + Blue Jeans 

Check shirt has been a trendy piece of cloth in fashion for a very long time. If you see old pictures of your grandparents you’ll definitely be able to spot at least one of them wearing a check shirt. 

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Check shirt can be paired with blue jeans to create many different styles.

You can button up and tuck in the shirt for a common relaxed style or go sassy by wearing it on top of a solid colour t- shirt. As you like it. 

Waitsun Oversized Check Shirt

what to wear with blue jeans womens,

This check shirt is perfect for you to wear outdoors. If you’re confused about what to wear with blue jeans, include this in your lookbook as it’s classic and makes a savvy combo.

This Waitsun Oversized Check Shirt has a very cool style of its own. It’s made with soft cotton material and goes in whichever style you’d want to wear it. 

Go for a size smaller if you want it to be fit for you, however, you will have to take a look at the size chart before wearing it. 

This look is cool to be worn with sneakers or crocs. Since this is a tom boy look, avoid wearing too girly necklaces.

You can go for a grunge look as well. Pair it with your dark blue denim for a better look.

You can wear a cap to give yourself a different stylish look.

Knit Cardigan + Blue Jeans

On chilly evenings, knit cardigans are the best option to wear. Pair blue jeans of any shade, preferably skinny ripped jeans to bring out the boss lady look in you.

The cardigan look with blue jeans is my go to on a cold day.

jeans outfit ideas
Source: Instagram@womensclothesdiscover__

Knit cardigan, blue jeans and boots are the style to die for. It looks sassy and smart with a great level of comfort.

Pick a light shade of cardigan and pair it with a darker shade of jeans for an off-duty yet fashionable look.

V neck Korean style Cardigan

shoes with blue jeans

This cardigan is extremely cute with sheeps printed on a blue background. It’s super cosy and comfortable. The cardigan is perfect for a light cold morning or evening.

If you wanna wear it on an extremely cold day, you can go for a turtle neck skivvy of white colour inside.

This cardigan can be paired with both straight cut blue jeans or skinny fit jeans. You can either go for washed blue colour jeans or dark blue, depending on the availability. 

Pair this with your boots or sneakers to keep your feet warm during the season. Also a white beanie will look really good with it. 

Don’t forget to carry a sling alongside to complete your look. So, I hope you got the answer of what to wear with blue jeans on a chilly evening. 

Shoes to wear with Blue Jeans

There are various shoes that would look super cool with blue jeans. Here are some options if you’re confused what to wear with blue jeans:

Sneakers: Sneakers are the timeless type of shoes. It can be worn anywhere and with anything. I’d suggest you go for white sneakers when you’re wearing dark blue jeans and black colour sneakers when you’re wearing light shades of blue jeans.

Boots: Boots create a statement look and give you a boss lady look. Carrying boots in your look remarks as sassy and fashionable. Unleash your fashionista pairing it with blue jeans. Go for ankle boots for hot days and knee-length boots on colder days.

Heels: Heels are an elegant and girly involvement. If you’re styling your look with pretty crop tops, floral tops or blazers for formal meetings, heels are the best option. 

Chunky Shoes: Chunky shoes are the shoes that are so trendy these days. These shoes have thick soles and look super classy. Go for these shoes if you’re styling yourself with streetwear. 

Flip Flops: Flip flop looks effortless and comfortable. Though it’s much more to do with comfort than fashion, flip flops are not bad for a casual hangout or visit to a friend. 

What Colour goes with light blue jeans women?

There are various colours that go well with light blue jeans. You can pair your light blue jeans with bright colours like white, grey or off-white and/or dark colours like wine red or maroon.

Can you wear black shoes with blue jeans?

Yes, black shoes with blue jeans are effortless and stylish. It’s a classic combination to give yourself an elegant and modern look.

What shoes to wear with light blue jeans?

Shoes that are in contrast with the color of your jeans look. You can go for boots, sneakers, heels or sandals according to the look you’re sporting. 

These trendy styles will definitely fetch you loads of compliments from your friends or acquaintances. So go and show off your blue denim outfits. 

Hope this article on what to wear with blue jeans helped you pick a perfect outfit for yourself!

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