Looking for what to wear with leggings in winter? Well, check out this styling guide that will help you wear leggings in winter comfortably and with different apparel. Read further to know more!

One of the most asked questions is, can you wear leggings in winter? Well, definitely you can!! Winter is coming! So should your leggings! 

Owning a pair of leggings can do you so much good in terms of style. It gives you a unique look and the freedom to pair it with your most favorites.

But what we don’t consider is the comfort it provides.

Wearing leggings during winter is by far the best out of all the seasons we have looked at. 

What to wear with leggings in winter?

You can wear leggings in winter with a blazer and camisole, trench coat, denim jacket, turtleneck, cardigan, and leather jacket. You can accessorize with rings, chains, and earrings. Carry a side bag for essentials. You can wear leggings in winter with boots, sneakers, loafers and sports shoes.

We love the options that come with styling your leggings. The warmth and the comfort it provides is basically all you need on a cold winter day. 

Even though it can be slightly hard to wake up from bed and style your outfit, there are a number of ways you can wear leggings and look super cool during the winter. 

So, hop on board and try out the best styles if you’re confused what to wear with leggings in winter, that will look good on you. 

Without further ado, let’s check out what to wear with leggings in winter, here!

What to Wear with Leggings in Winter: Summary

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What To Wear With Leggings In Winter

Modern Blazer + Camisole + Leggings 

So, what to wear with leggings in winter while going for formal meetings? Gear up with a blazer.

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A blazer is easily the sassiest style out there that you can try out without second guessing. 

We have gone for the lighter color because they give out the winter vibe. 

Cicy Bell Women’s Casual Blazer

can you wear leggings in winter

But when it comes to the comfort, we suggest you go for the extra large size since it can give you a very nice pairing with the leggings.

Do not worry about the cold kicking in because we have a solution for that. 

Air Curvey Basic Camisole 

shoes to wear with leggings

Since we have given you a mild color for the blazer, we know for a fact that a dark colored camisole is what should do the job of completing your winter look. Tucking your camisole in your leggings is the perfect solution for having it not slide up your belly every time you stand up! 

This is a great look to wear every time you have a meeting or a work lunch. It just oozes style and works out for the weather as well. 

And now for the interesting part. You can accessorize with amulets and bracelets and go a little boho on this since the colors are monotonous. 

For your feet, heels will look great! This is what to wear with leggings in winter, a perfect legging outfit for work!

Trench Coat + Leggings 

how to wear leggings to work
Source: Instagram@melaniepullanx

What to wear with leggings in winter when it’s snowing? Trench will be a great option!

Wearing a trench coat is one of the best options for winter. It gives you a lazy yet classy look.

Not only does it give you complete warmth and keeps you safe from the cold but allows you to rock the style altogether. 

The major thing that you need to look out for is the color you choose.

If you choose something dull, it can take a toll on your look because trench coats make up for 80% of your look. 

Amazon Essentials Women’s Relaxed-Fit Water-Resistant Trench Coat

outfits with leggings and boots

You can go for ankle length leggings when you are wearing trench coats, else it might look like it’s drowning you.

This is a great outfit if you’re wondering what to wear with leggings in winter!

Oh and on a side note, a Starbucks coffee cup wouldn’t be the worst with this warm look. 

Wear boots with this to top up the look and complete your winter look! 

Boots + Leggings 

black legging outfits winter
Source: Instagram@caro.itsme

Enough with tops and shirts, ankle boots are the ultimate style icon! These fuzzy boots work so well for a cold winter as it compliments the leggings.

You can go crazy with the length of your leggings since the ankle length boots are going to cover it up anyway. 

Besides, keeping your feet warm, it also provides you some comfort while walking.

206 Collective Women’s Arctic Winter Boot Rain

The wearers of these boots have mentioned that it gives you good ankle support and does not clamp up the leg in any way. 

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The fur on the boots look great on leggings and is comfortable on the highest level.

Boots and leggings outfit is the best for sure. No worries about what to wear with leggings in winter on foot now!

Denim Jacket + Turtleneck +  leggings 

Next up, what to wear with leggings in winter when you’re casually hanging out? Check this chic look.

A bedazzled oversized denim jacket is what you need to stay in style and allow yourself to be the best dressed on a cold winter day. 

An oversized denim jacket goes well with leggings because it amps up the look of the leggings and gives you extra coverage. 

The bedazzles can really make an evening outing really fancy and give you a really nice look! 

trends leggings,

A full-length turtle neck is a wise choice to wear under your denim jacket for the winter since denim jackets might not give you complete warmth.

No more confusion about what to wear with leggings in winter!

boots and leggings outfits

A white turtleneck is a wise choice to pair or you can also go with black. Either way we are sure that the turtleneck and the denim jacket is a sassy choice.

One of the warmest choice of tops to wear with leggings.

You would think it would limit your accessorising options but wearing multilayered chains will make you a great amp and allow you to look boss. 

Make sure you stick to one particular metal else it could make it look extra. You can pair this outfit with leggings and boots!

Cardigan + Handbag + Leggings 

leggings outfit ideas 2022
Source: Instagram@tricianibarger

If you’re feeling lazy and wondering what to wear with leggings in winter? Go for this cardigan.

A cardigan can seem like the most ordinary piece of clothing you can wear but when styled right, a cardigan can do you more good in terms of style. 

It is simple yet chic and gives you the right kind of style on a winter day. There is no doubt that cardigans keep you warm but how stylish can you get? 

I have it covered too! Accessorize minimally with a cardigan because if you went overboard it could get slightly weird with leggings.

boots and leggings outfits

We would say a pair of hoop earrings and a chain will do the trick. 

Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

tops to wear with leggings,

A handbag is the most luxurious addition to your comfortable winter look. It can make you look professional.

So if you are up for a work meeting, this is the perfect addition with your cardigan look. 

If you want to tone down the luxury look a bit, you can go with a tote bag. Hoop earrings would go well with this one too!

Such a cute outfit for “what to wear with leggings in winter”!

Leather Jacket + Leggings 

how to style leggings
Source: Instagram@alyssasmirnov

Wondering what to wear with leggings in winter for a grunge look? Here’s your style!

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And here’s the outfit we have been waiting to present you with! Leather jackets have without doubt been an easy choice for women who want to look stylish and cool at the same time. 

But during winters this leather jacket look comes as a saving grace and makes you look comfy and deadly as well! It’s made a trendy leggings outfit!

The design of this jacket is made in a way that brings your structure a different and unique look. 

Tanming Faux Leather Short Coat Jacket

what to wear with leggings in winter

With a leather jacket what can look good is a subtle pair of shoes so we suggest you don’t go overboard with the footwear and stick to something minimal. 

If you are not comfortable with the leather jacket being too short, you should go with the padded leggings which do not stick to your body too much.

Got your “what to wear with leggings in winter” outfit? 

what to wear with tights in winter
Source: Instagram@wonderstrive

FAQs Winter Leggings for Women

What shoes to wear with leggings in the winter? 

This is a question which has been in the minds of fashion lovers for a long time. During winter it is extremely important to keep your feet warm while also adding to your outfit game. 
So we have a bunch of options of what to wear with leggings in winter on foot, Check it out. 
Ankle boots
Leather boots
Lace shoes

Can you wear leggings in the snow? 

Now, there is a common misconception which spreads the word that all leggings are made up of a thin material. While that applies for most of the wearers, there are so many others who are made up of a thicker material. 
There are thicker leggings that can be worn to keep your legs warm during the winters and keeps your skin covered as well. These thick material leggings last long and are durable for the long run as well. 

How can you be warm and stylish with leggings? 

This depends on the material of the leggings. Make sure you have thicker leggings that can keep you completely warm and comfortable during winters. 
There are a bunch of different brands that offer this to women who are into thick leggings. These can be worn with short tops without being uncomfortable. 

Summary on How To Style Leggings in Winter

Winter can be a time that can keep you indoors and not want to go outside. But the best styles are pulled off this season if you’re wondering what to wear with leggings in winter. 

It is done with the various styles that have been put out there by influencers and celebrities.

So you can pair the leggings with the above mentioned outfits and accessories and find the best style. 

Hope this article- what to wear with leggings in winter helped you find a perfect outfit!

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