Are you looking for what to wear with mom jeans? Check out some cool fashionable pairs you can pull out if you own a pair of mom jeans. Read further for more details.

Mom jeans were a trend in the 90s and are back in fashion after quite some time. However, in the history of denim jeans, this is the most comfortable and versatile pair of jeans that goes well with almost everything. 

What to wear with mom jeans?

  • Black outfits like boots and leather jacket
  • Mom jeans with crop top 
  • Mom jeans with white sneakers 
  • Mom jeans with bodysuit
  • Mom jeans with knit sweater
  • Mom jeans with blazer
  • Mom jeans with tank top
  • Mom jeans with animal prints

Yes, mom jeans are back in style!

Whether you give it a chic look or a gangster style, you can always include mom jeans.

I’ve used my mom jeans to make so many amazing outfits without letting people know that I’m just repeating that one pair of jeans *shhh*

Also, I’m a huge fan of the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Rachel is my fashion guru.

If you’ve been watching this show, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how cool Rachel looks in her mom’s jeans. 

Are mom jeans unflattering
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So here I have summed up the best looks on what to wear with mom jeans below from comfortable, casual and homely look to chic, stylish and fashion nova look.

Without further ado, let’s start styling your ‘what to wear with mom jeans’ look!

What To Wear With Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans with Boots and Leather Jacket

tops to wear with mom jeans
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This black outfit look paired with leather jacket and boots gives out gothy, rebellious yet a sophisticated vibe. Have some fun with your mom jeans and style it this way, it is great for the office as well as casual look. 

Women’s Lace Up Combat Boot

What To Wear With Mom Jeans

If you’re confused about what boots to wear with mom jeans then you should definitely go with these combat lace-ups. This is because the lace-up gives a very classy look and it is also ankle-high. Don’t worry, these boots will solve your ‘what to wear with mom jeans’ issues!

The best part about this is, though it has a classy look of lace-up, it also has a zipper for easy access. You should definitely get this pair as it can be perfect for mom jeans winter outfit ideas when paired with a leather jacket. 

Bellivera Women’s Faux Leather Jacket

how to wear mom jeans in winter

This Jacket is something you should own if you’re confused how to wear mom jeans in winters as this leather jacket will go perfectly with it. The asymmetrical zip closure gives a very classy look. 

You can create some fun with this jacket by keeping the zip open or closed, however you like it. You’re sorted for your goth look on what to wear with mom jeans if you get this jacket. 

Mom Jeans with Crop Top 

what to wear with mom jeans summer
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Crop top and mom jeans go together like nothing else. It’s mostly a hit rather than a miss. I love crop tops with mom jeans because it is effortless yet trendy. However, if you’re worried about showing skin then you can opt for an ultra high waist mom jeans. 

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The jeans should ideally sit on your hips, if not then you’re likely to feel uncomfortable. You can go for a very casual look with pretty hoops and a small statement side bag to complete the look. 

Distressed Ripped Crop T-Shirt

crop top and mom jeans

This crop top is one of the perfect mom jeans outfit ideas for summer. It is distressed and gives it a much cooler look. This crop top paired with mom jeans can be your #ootd for a quick hangout with friends. 

Mom Jeans with White Sneakers

what shoes to wear with mom jeans
Source: Instagram@chery.hijab

Mom jeans and white sneakers are a never-failing idea. It is best to wear white on top as well for a cooler look. Roll up your mom jeans and wear low cut socks beneath your shoes to complete your look. 

PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker

mom jeans and white sneakers

These are my personal favorite shoes. It is so comfortable and goes well with mom jeans. It’s a casual athletic sneakers that everyone should own. It’s a little high on maintenance because of its colour. 

Mom Jeans with Bodysuit

high-waisted mom jeans outfit ideas
Source: Instagram@boutiquecasualdiva

If you’re wondering how is bodysuit a good idea for mom jeans #ootd, the answer is pretty simple. It doesn’t get messy and tucks itself out. It is rather a neat dress up style that reflects confidence.

Bodysuits are extremely comfortable and add a seamless look. It is my favourite outfit paired with mom jeans. What a classy look! You can add a stylish bag and high heels for a party look.

WDIRARA Bodysuit

mom jeans outfit ideas

This bodysuit is ultra chic for its sleeves, I’m really in love with it. The mesh sleeves with polka dots add real deal to the slimming and bodycon top. The square neck is super cool as you can wear a cute locket that will show perfectly.

You can pair this bodysuit and your mom jeans with black sneakers or black heels, both of it will reflect a different vibe. With heels it’s more classy and party vibes whereas with sneakers, its more sporty and casual. 

Mom Jeans with Knit Sweater

How to wear Mom jeans petite
Source: Instagram@fiercepetite

Knit sweaters would make a really cool winter outfit if you’re confused what to wear with mom jeans during the cold. Try keeping the sweater simple (mostly of single colour) with knit designs for a cute look. 

Asskdan Knit Cardigan Sweater Top

mom jeans winter outfit ideas

This Knit Cardigan Sweater is so cool and would look super stylish and would be one of the top on the list- mom jeans winter outfits. The V neck looks super trendy with those huge buttons. 

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The knit design is simple yet classy. Wear this sweater cardigan by tucking in your jeans and buckle up with a black belt. If you don’t want to tuck in you can also go for half tuck or all out, the choice is all yours!

Mom Jeans with Blazer

How to style mom jeans curvy
Source: Instagram@kasia.kazimierska.kloc

Mom jeans with a blazer looks extremely sophisticated and it feels like the 90s. It is good for office and formal meetings with a little hit of casualty.

The blazer look is the best if you’re pairing it with formal shoes like bellies and changing your hairdo.

Try keeping it simple when you’re pairing your mom jeans with a blazer. Do not overdress. Wear shades only if you’d be out in the sun.

Hybrid & Company Blazer

Mom jeans outfits

This blazer from Hybrid & Company is a class apart. The front open blazer looks really amazing when worn with shirts or semi-formal tops. It is quite versatile as it is not only meant for formal occasions but semi-formal events and parties as well. 

The quality of this blazer is pretty good. I’ve been wearing this blazer for a very long time and it’s still the same in terms of looks, just love it. 

Mom Jeans with Tank Tops

best mom jeans for big thighs
Source: Instagram@loriseveridt

It’s summer and we really don’t feel like layering up with clothes because it’s super hot, right? 

 Don’t worry about what to wear with mom jeans during hot days. Rock your summer days with a classic all time chill and airy tank tops that looks sporty and cool. You can rock it with ripped jeans to add a slight statement.

Hanes Women’s Cotton Tank

how to wear mom jeans in winter

This light summer-colour cotton tank is the best for hot days. It doesn’t cling to the body and shapes your curves. It has no tags so that it doesn’t itch you. Wear it when you’re hanging out with your friends or out for strolling in a mall. 

Mom Jeans with Animal Print

tops to wear with mom jeans
Source: Instagram@vera.dshop

Now that you know mom jeans look extremely sassy with most of the things you pair it with, you still gotta ask yourselves, what to wear with mom jeans? This is because if the style goes wrong, it doesn’t necessarily look good always. 

Anyway, some animal prints look like cheetahs, tigers look good while zebra prints don’t look as cool. Try going for someone from the cat family. *wink* This is because of the illusion of prints.

Blooming Jelly Womens Leopard Print Tops

shoes to wear with mom jeans

This leopard print top is really cool and goes well with mom style jeans. Don’t be confused what to wear with mom jeans if you love animal prints, like me! It is a classic short sleeve top with round neckline that makes it really cute.

FAQs about how to style mom jeans 2022

Do mom jeans look good on big thighs?

Mom jeans were initially meant for mothers in  the 80s and the 90s. They used to wear a regular fit with a high waist to attain hourglass shape and pear shapes too. Usually, women with big thighs who have big hips prefer it. 

How do you choose mom jeans?

The only thing you need to take care while buying a mom jeans is to see if it fits perfectly on your waist. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose on your waistline.

How can I wear my mom jeans if I have a belly?

If you’re looking to wear your mom jeans but have a belly, there are several ways that you can do this. One way is to buy them slightly large so that they fit snugly around your waist and hips. Another option is to get creative and make your own version of mom jeans by sewing or crocheting them yourself. And finally, you could try wearing high-waisted pants or skirts in order to elongate the legs and give the illusion of a smaller stomach.
No matter what approach you choose, be sure to take measures for comfort sake – especially if these jeans will be worn frequently throughout the day. For example, invest in some comfortable shoes that accommodate wider feet or thick socks when temperatures start dropping outside!

Final Thoughts on High-waisted Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

Mom jeans were an old trend that’s coming back and seriously it is one of the best inventions in the clothing industry.

I really would love it if this fashion is here to stay forever for the comfort it provides. 

Hope this article- what to wear with mom jeans helped you pair your mom denim the best way!

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