Are you looking for what to wear with leggings in the summer? Search no more, here are some perfect outfit recommendations that will make a great combo with summer leggings. Check out!

It’s leggings season which also means ‘hello summer’. 

Leggings have started to become a fashion statement all over the world and have brought to light a myriad of styles that can be hashed out by women of all shapes and sizes. 

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What to wear with leggings in the summer?

You can wear leggings in the summer with various options like oversized tee, crop top, camisole, long shirt, ribbed knit shirt, tank top or a bralette. You can style it with hoops, a cap and cool sunglasses. Wear sneakers, boots, loafers or high heels to style your summer look.

The best part about owning a pair of leggings is that you can literally wear them in any way that you would like. 

But our favorite style is when you get the camisoles and hats out to prep for the scorching heat. This way your skin is well protected from the rays and also you’re not suffocating in heat. 

In this article, I will take you through what to wear with leggings in the summer and how you can style it to rock this summer!

What To Wear With Leggings In The Summer

Oversized Tee + Leggings + Sneakers 

 what to wear with leggings in the summer

Ladies, back me on how comfy it is to sink in on a hot day! One of the top picks of what to wear with leggings in the summer, oversized top!

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what to wear with black leggings in summer
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If you are on TikTok or spending your time scrolling through reels you will be familiar with butt leggings. These are a comfortable yet sexy pair of tights that bring out a very appealing body structure. 

Pairing this with an oversized tee is definitely a visual blessing! This works well for any occasion and especially for a casual day out.

These are lightweight summer leggings that will not make you feel too hot. No more confusion about what to wear with leggings in the summer!

In addition to this you can also get yourself a pair of sneakers and complete the look. Flip flops work for grocery shopping and boot/sandal for a formal meeting. There you go! 

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Crop Top + Leggings 

summer leggings ideas

Whether it is for the gym or just something casual to wear on a day out with your girlfriends, this is the perfect combo to wear on a summer day.

This is the best idea if you’re wondering what to wear with leggings in the summer- crop top to wear with leggings!

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tops to wear with leggings
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I love that it just goes with the weather and allows you to embrace your body.

The other thing about it is that it allows you to be as flexible as possible with your body. Bending, jumping anything! 

I am all about crop tops that have a tight fit since it gives your body a good structure while also making sure it is convenient.

These thin leggings will help you get through the summers easily. I’m sure you know what to wear with leggings in the summer now!

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tops to wear with leggings

A pro tip – Wear it with sneakers that compliment the leggings and crop top look to bring it up a notch. And for the last bit. 

A nice pair of heels with this outfit is what should do the trick of making you look confident and sexy.

These pumps have color which will make up for the monotonous color your outfit has. 

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Camisole  + Leggings 

leggings outfit

Wearing camisoles are the ultimate on a hot summer day! I love how this is a great option to lounge and also wear it outside as well.

This again goes for casual outings and to the gym. It keeps your body well defined and structured. 

Go for the ones that have a slim fit so that it looks great on leggings. And with the length, I think it’s best if you have the camisole has some coverage behind so that it compliments the leggings as well. 

summer leggings outfits 2022
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If you’re wondering what to wear with leggings in the summer and you want them to be extremely comfortable, go for cami without a doubt!

What to wear with leggings in the summer? Cami for sure!

The ones that I have given you have some exciting colors including red, grey, black and white that are all neutral colors that go with any colored leggings. 

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Ribbed Knit Top + Leggings + Hoop Earrings 

leggings and boots outfit ideas

Ribbed knit tops are amazing to wear with anything but it especially looks great with leggings. 

The apricot color that this ribbed top has is what I think will look good and unique at the same time without it looking too loud. 

This is one of the cutest pick of what to wear with leggings in the summer, isn’t it?

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best leggings to wear with sweaters
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trainer leggings

This pair of ankle-length leggings are something that would go with knit tops and give you the perfect form when worn together. 

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long tops to wear with leggings

Wearing sandals or even sneakers with it would be super chic. If you are feeling a little occasional, you can accessorize it with hoop earrings.

The good thing about this combo is that it can be worn occasionally as well. What to wear with leggings in the summer when going out? A ribbed knit top with hoops is the answer!

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You want to know what can up the look? A pair of shades! This will give you the casual plus cool look. You can be sun protected.

No matter what to wear with leggings in the summer, you can always have your sunnies on!

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Long shirt + Leggings + Flip flops 

Long shirts look sexy on women, no matter what your body size is. This is one of the long tops to wear with leggings that you’d totally love. This should definitely be your pick if you’re confused about what to wear with leggings in the summer

Tunic tops may look airy and super casual but these are an amazing choice for during the summers. Tunic tops are always a good answer if the question is ‘what to wear with leggings in the summer?’

is it ok to wear leggings in the summer
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The one that I have for you is loose and long which might come as a rescue for those who don’t want to look too extra. This is basically for lounging but can look good for shopping as well. 

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summer leggings outfits

It looks even better when you wear it casually with leggings and a pair of flip-flops. It only ups the summer look.

You could be chilling in a cafe or grocery shopping and this will still look like the right outfit. 

Mauve flip flops are unique and look chic and casual at the same time. Oh and give your toenails a treat by choosing a nice nail paint. It looks super cool on my foot!

Pair these slippers with anything you pick on what to wear with leggings in the summer this season!

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Tank top  + Printed leggings + Cap 


Wearing a tank top can be the most casual outfit right. But with the right combination, tank tops would be something that you will be swearing by at the end of summer. 

breathable leggings

And with the printed leggings, it could look occasional and allow you to look a little more than just casual.

I love a good pair of printed leggings to boost your fashion game.

There is a great variety available now with the constant hype about it on Reels as these are breathable leggings and so comfortable for hot weather. 

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And for the cherry on top. Wearing a cap can look like the complete look for someone who is out in the sun all time. 

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Bralette + Leggings 

thin leggings

A bralette is a fantastic piece of lingerie that can be worn with a pair of leggings with ease during the summer. 

Not to mention how amazingly stylish this looks for a casual day out. Whether it is for a workout session or a drink with the girls, this pairing is super chic. 

I suggest you pairing contrasting colors. A white bralette with black leggings can be the best look for you any day. 

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what to wear with leggings in the summer
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A great add on would be a denim jacket to complete the look. I assure you that once this look is tried on there will be no going back. 

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FAQs on How To Style Leggings in Summer

Is leggings good for the summer? 

Yes, leggings are great to wear during hot weather since they are lightweight and do not allow for sweating on your thighs or the rest of your legs. 
The fabric of leggings is breathable and gives the wearer a certain sense of comfort which comes as a relief even to protect the skin from the sun. 
The styles I mentioned above are proof that they are extremely stylish and comfortable to be worn well during hot weather. 

What should you not wear with leggings?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as personal preferences will vary. However, some general guidelines that may be helpful include avoiding tight-fitting clothing that could show off your body in a negative way, and avoiding anything that is too exposing or uncomfortable.
Finally, remember to always be sensible when it comes to fashion – don’t go overboard with the trends or wear clothing that is too flashy or uncomfortable. You should also take care when choosing what type of clothing to wear – make sure it is appropriate for the location you are going and the time of day.

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How to wear a tunic dress with leggings?

A tunic dress is a stylish and comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn with leggings for an updated look. To wear the dress, start by putting on your leggings. Then, pull up the hem of the tunic so that it’s just above your knees. You can then tie it around your waist or let it hang loosely down your back. If you want to make the dress more fitted, you can tuck in any loose ends underneath the tunic or belt.
Alternatively, you could choose to leave the top part of the tunic loose and wear a blazer overtop to keep things cool during summer weather. And lastly, add some shoes and accessories to complete your outfit!

What shoes should you wear with leggings during summer? 

It is important to think of matching your clothes with the right shoes during the summer and give you the right look. 

Ankle boots 

Ankle boots go with ankle-length leggings! Not only is this comfortable to wear during the summer season it looks very stylish as well. 

Wearing leather ankle boots look amazingly well with leggings. 


Comfort means loafers! I love how comfy this is on your feet and how utterly stylish this looks when paired with a pair of leggings. 

This is a casual option for when you are going grocery shopping! 


This goes without saying but heels make anything look occasional or professional. I love how the different kinds of heels match the look that you choose to go for. 

I would recommend you wear this for your night outs and even for professional meetings! 

Laced sneakers 

I mean when I were talking about footwear being an integral part of fashion I had laced sneakers in mind! 

They are so easy to style with leggings as they look absolutely effortless with leggings. 

And since laced sneakers are lightweight and airy it is an amazing option to wear during the summer. 

Final Thoughts on Rocking Summer Leggings Look

Summers are definitely a great time to experiment with all those light clothes lying around in your wardrobe.

The lengths to how well you can style your outfits are endless and can be experimented with fearlessly given how amazing leggings are. 

It definitely is a saving grace to those of us women who spend half our lives deciding what to wear. 

So go ahead and nail these looks this summer!

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