Many young women have been bravely shunning traditional gender norms and embracing the appeal of cutting their hair into a “boyish” style. From Rihanna to Kristen Stewart, more and more female celebrities are inspiring young women to take the plunge and escape the beauty standards that have been traditionally imposed on them.

Those who opt for a “boyish” cut usually experience a newfound sense of freedom, feeling liberated from the shackles of traditional beauty standards. With this newfound rebelliousness, comes the question of what it is about this gender expression that appeals to young women.

So in this article, we have discussed the appeal of girls cutting their hair short and boyish. We’ve also included other information about what’s the meaning when girls cut their hair short, the psychology behind cutting hair, and more.

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What does it mean when a girl cuts her hair short?

Girls cutting ttheir hair short can signify a transformation of self-expression, liberation from societal expectations, and a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment.

For many women, cutting off their hair is often seen as a declaration of independence from beauty standards that have been engrained in society for generations.

Short hair for women was once seen as an unconventional and even controversial look, but attitudes have changed over time, now accepted as a legitimate representation of a woman’s femininity and style.

And by cutting their hair short and opting for a boyish style, many women are actively rejecting the gender stereotypes of how they are expected to look and instead choose something more original and unique.

Why do girls cut their hair in a mental breakdown?

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Cutting hair during a mental breakdown is indicative of a need to break away from the norms associated with gender roles.

Young girls are often met with societal pressures to look and act “ladylike”, an idea that may no longer appeal to them during this time.

Instead of wearing their natural, long hair, some girls find it more liberating to cut it short – for many, it allows them to feel as though they are completely removing themselves from traditional female roles and expectations.

In addition, hair serves as a way to express one’s identity and take control of what was lost during a mental breakdown.

And as one’s identity may become jumbled and confused, cutting hair can be seen as a powerful way to reclaim their individualism.

Why do girls cut their hair to cope?

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The ‘boyish’ hairstyle is often associated with strength and boldness—ideals that many girls aspire to.

It allows them to feel liberated and in control, especially when they’re going through hard times where they don’t have as much control as they’d like over their situations.

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It’s a symbol of their strength and courage when the rest of their life might feel tumultuous.

On top of this, it feels like a fresh start. It can help with confidence and self-expression, which is particularly important when girls are struggling with feelings of uncertainty.

Plus, it’s an outward sign of their commitment to self-care, which can be a motivating force for making other positive changes in their lives.

Ultimately, it can be a valuable part of a healthy healing journey, allowing girls to make a statement to the world that they are determined to thrive and succeed.

Is haircut anxiety a thing?

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The haircut anxiety comes from the potential outcomes; will people like it? Will it still be attractive? Will I regret it?

These are all common anxieties that come with making such a drastic styling switch. It can be hard to ignore the societal expectations of long hair as the long established “ideal,” but the decision shouldn’t come without thought and an honest assessment of your unique appearance.

Every woman’s hair is different and there’s no one size fits all answer when choosing the right cut. What looks amazing on one person might not be the same on another.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your comfort level and assessing whether the potential risks of the cut will actually be worth it in the long run.

Everyone should feel free to play around with their hair and try new trends, but be sure to go into it with a realistic outlook, free of anxiety.

What is the saying about when a woman cuts her hair?

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There is a saying that goes something along the lines of, “When a woman cuts her hair, she is about to change her life”.

This suggests that when a woman takes the plunge and cuts her hair short, it can signify a shift in her outlook, her energy, and her entire life.

It has been theorized that the appeal of girls cutting their hair short and boyish can be linked to making a transformative statement; breaking away from traditional femininity and embracing an alternative look that is both daring and exciting.

On some level, it is perhaps a way to liberate oneself from the mundane expectations of society, experimenting with an identity or appearance that might be seen as avant-garde or unusual.

Ultimately, it is an outlet of artistic self-expression that can be incredibly empowering.

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What is the psychology behind cutting hair?

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On the surface level, a drastic haircut can be a way to express oneself in a very public way – a symbolic reflecting of a larger internal change, such as a newfound courage, strength, and independence.

The action of physically cutting off one’s hair is essentially a physical representation of cutting off unhealthy attachments and growing.

For women especially, it can be a way to reject the traditional notions of femininity and reject the idea of being bound to conventional beauty standards.

Psychologically, a short and “boyish” haircut can serve as a source of empowerment, allowing one to take control of what feels like an uncontrollable or vulnerable part of oneself.

Shedding unneeded hair is sometimes thought to symbolize shedding unneeded parts of one’s identity, such as opinionated from the outside world or negative emotions from the inside.

It’s also a way of taking control over one’s self-image, deciding for oneself what “beauty” looks like without societal pressure.

Regardless of whether it’s a change in identity, a way to feel a newfound sense of freedom, or simply a way to express oneself, cutting one’s hair short and “boyish” is an act that has deep symbolic meaning.

What are the benefits of short hair?

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For starters, short hair is incredibly versatile. From short layers, a blunt bob to a more edgy pixie cut, the possibilities are endless.

Plus, those with shorter styles don’t have to worry about styling the same way day in, day out. Short hair is low-maintenance, especially if you’re trying to make it through a tough week without washing.

You’ll spend less time in your bathroom and more time outside! As well as convenience, a shorter look can also refresh and accentuate facial features.

With sleek cuts framing your face, you’ll draw attention to the beautiful shapes and curves that make you unique. Not to mention the confidence burst you get from taking the plunge and going for something new; it’s a great way of creating a more authentic version of yourself.

All in all, short hair can reduce the amount of heat, styling and product that you use to perfect your look.

Why do girls cut their hair when they’re upset?

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When life becomes overwhelming, many girls reach for the scissors as a way to take control of their circumstances. Cutting their hair short and embracing a “boyish” look can be the manifestation of a desire to emerge, phoenix-like, from the ashes of personal distress.

It’s a coping mechanism that acts as an outward symbol of inner transformation. When facing intense emotional pain, a woman may be driven to take action as if to provide closure and a feeling of physical and psychological release.

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The appeal of girls cutting their hair short and “boyish” is more than just physical. By embracing a more masculine look with shorter hair and sometimes more androgynous clothing, girls may be trying to break away from any stereotypes of what is deemed feminine.

It’s a reflection of their weakened emotional and mental states, a cry for help when the pressure too much too bear. In some cases, cutting their hair represents the start of a new chapter in their lives where they no longer feel they need to conform in order to be accepted. In short, it’s a sign of resilience and gutsiness.

And girls cutting their hair short and “boyish” may also be a symbolic response to the trauma they’re experiencing, as they take a scissors to the old version of themselves and create a new one true to themselves.


In conclusion, the appeal of girls cutting their hair short and in a ‘boyish’ fashion is a unique statement that they make as they embrace gender norms.

For some, it is an act of liberation, a break away from the constraints of society, or just an opportunity to try something new with their look.

With such a daring and daring haircut, these women take the time and effort to express themselves in their own unique way, while simultaneously pushing boundaries and redefining gender norms.

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