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8 Easy Yoga Eye Exercises To Do Everyday | Benefits Of Eye Yoga Exercises

If you’re spending too much time in front of the screen then these yoga eye exercises are extremely important for you to practice. They will not only relax your eyes but also strengthen your eye muscles.

Eyes are one of the most crucial organs of our body, and we need to take proper care of them regularly to ensure good vision and healthy eyes. Life without eyes is unimaginable to all of us.

And, spending a little time every day to care for your eyes by using yoga techniques can help you have good eye health.

So, are you wondering how yoga can help you take the right care of your eyes to have healthy eyes? Rest your worries by reading some of the most effective yoga techniques for clear vision and healthy eyes.

Yoga Eye Exercises


Blinking is one of the simplest yet effective yoga technique to refresh your eyes.

  • Sit erect and keep your both the eyes open
  • Now, start blinking your eyes fast
  • Blink your eyes continuously for at least 10 times
  • Close your eyes, relax, and focus on your breathing for about twenty seconds
  • Make sure you do this exercise 5 times every day.


Palming is a simple yoga exercise for eyes to relax your eye muscles and soothe your eyes.

  • You need to start with sitting erect with comfortably closed eyes
  • Take a deep breath, rub both of your palms against each other so that they become warm, and place your palms over the eyelids
  • You will feel the warmth being transmitted from your warm palms to your stressed eyes. You will your eyes get relaxed
  • Hold on till the heat from your is fully absorbed by your eyes
  • Finally, by keeping your eyes closed, take away your hands from your eyes
  • Repeat palming three times in one sitting

Focusing Vision On Nose Tip

Gazing at your nose tips for some time helps improve your vision.

  • Sit straight, raise your right arm with a closed fist in front of your nose such that your thumb points upwards with the tip of the thumb at your eye level
  • Now, focus on the tip of your thumb
  • Slowly, bend your arm and keeping your focus on the tip of the thumb bring the thumb tip at your nose tip
  • Hold your gaze on the nose tip for some seconds
  • Straighten your arm by keeping your gaze at the tip of thumb
  • Follow this exercise five times daily

Gazing Side To Side

  • Sit in a Staff Pose by stretching both the legs in the front of you
  • Raise your arms up, close both the fists, and let your thumbs point upward at your eye level
  • Now, focus your eyes straight at a point between your eyebrows at the eye level and breathe in
  • Now, shift your focus on the left thumb and breathe out
  • Again, set your focus straight at the point amid your eyebrows and breathe in
  • Now, slowly shift your focus on the right thumb and exhale
  • Gazing side to side helps your eyes relax and feel refreshed
  • Follow this yoga technique for eyes 15 times

Eye Rotation

**not the kind of eye rolls we’re talking about**

  • Sit erect and stretch your right hand in the front with the fist closed and thumb pointing the sky
  • Now, bring the tip of the thumb to your eye level and then move it up
  • Set your gaze on the tip of the thumb and circle your thumb by moving your entire hand in circular pattern in clockwise direction
  • As your thumb moves in a circle, your eyes will rotate accordingly in clockwise direction
  • Follow this exercise 5 times in clockwise direction and then 5 times in anti-clockwise direction
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Up And Down Eye Movements

Performing up and down eye movements is a yoga exercise that helps improve your vision significantly.

  • First sit straight comfortably.
  • Set your gaze straight in the front and then slowly look up as much as you can without moving your neck in the upward direction.
  • Hold your gaze upwards for 5 seconds
  • Now, slowly bring your gaze downwards as much as possible without moving your neck in the downward direction
  • Hold down your gaze for 5 seconds
  • Follow this 5 times daily

Front To Side Eye Movements

Another effective yoga exercises for eyes is to view from front to side.

  • You need to sit straight, raise your both the arms parallel to the ground with fists closed and thumbs pointing upwards
  • Your left hand will be in the left side and right hand in the right side
  • Now, set your focus straight at a point at your eye level in the front
  • Now, slowly move your focus to left and gaze the tip of your left thumb
  • Then, slowly bring your gaze again straight in your front
  • Now, slowly move your focus to right and gaze the tip of your right thumb
  • Then, bring your focus straight in your front
  • Following this exercise 10 times daily

Near And Far Viewing

  • Stand upright by your window facing out the window
  • Keep your both the hands by your sides and set focus on a focal point outside
  • Now, look out as far as you can out of the window at the horizon straight with the focal point
  • Hold your gaze at the distant vision for ten seconds
  • Now, slowing focus on your nose tip and hold your gaze at the tip of your nose for ten seconds
  • Follow this 10 times every day
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Now that you know these 8 best techniques to care for your eyes with yoga, make sure you follow these eye exercises daily without fail to have good vision always.

Eye Yoga Exercise: FAQs

What is the best yoga for eyes?

There are several eye yoga exercises that are beneficial for your eyes, that not only relax your eyes but also strengthen eye muscles. Palming is a great eye exercise to do when your eyes strained and pain. To do palming exercise, sit with your eyes closed and take a few breaths to relax. Then rub your palms together to create some warmth between your palms. Now place your palms on your eyelids. The warmth from your palms will relax the eye muscles.

Which are the 3 exercise for eyes?

The three important eye exercises include: palming, rapid blinking, and Eye rotation. Palming involves you rubbing your palms together to create warmth and then place your palms on your eyelids. This effectively relaxes your eye muscles. Blinking involves you to rapidly blink your eyes for a few seconds. Then, close your eye for a few seconds and focus on your breathing and repeat. Eye rotation involves you rotating your eyes to strengthen your eye muscles. Place your thumb in your eye level and move it circles. All you need to do is follow the tip of your thumb. Rotate your eyes in clockwise direction 5 times and then anti clockwise direction another 5 times.

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